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List of all user-created chat rooms #606
email cam chat chat room [public] created by youngjuggs
A room where people can line up web cam shows with eachother
iamsyikin chat room [public] created by syikin85
for my friend, locally or not. just chat about anything :)
date meet people chat room [public] created by zenmann
for people who want to meet new friends and girl/boyfriends
Lesbian age 40 plus chat room [public] created by shortcake69696969
Adult room for females loving females for mature age 40 plus
KayKayKay chat room [private] created by kaykaykay1234
Private Chat with those i decide to do the chat with! plus ease of use, the whole IM thing is disastrously tiring and time consuming!
medical questions chat room [public] created by Katt90
ask whatever questions and get advice from other people
Homestuck...YAY chat room [public] created by Emilyloveseverything
for Homestuck people or anyone that wants to Join :3
RolePlay for my friends chat room [private] created by alyssakj
lets have fun at roleplaying friends will only be added
Role Play Friends Only chat room [public] created by alyssakj
me and my friends role play only
Redneck 16 chat room [public] created by R3DN3CK
just an country boy who wants to talk to country girls
wedgie chat chat room [public] created by austinduer12
choose someone to be ur wedgie slave if they accept u can dare them with any wedgie wedgies only no sexual things
Proanorexia chat room [public] created by Hatebeingfat12
A total support to be skinny we are here for each other with tips and chats
HETALIA AND OTHER ANIME -YAOI ALLOWED- chat room [public] created by justkatkit
honhonhon! welcome to our anime chat thing if you enter be warned because there might be some yaoi fun times weehehehehehe e V e
LGBT MOGAI Support chat room [public] created by SilverDrake
This is for people who want to know about the LGBT+ and MOGAI+ community or who just want to talk about their orientation and gender. This room is not about anything adult so please don't try to bring it here, anyone of any age can come here but i will not hesitate to kick you out. Please be respectful and mature about conversation here
Christian4me chat room [private] created by tj45
Love to talk to you about your beliefs
TEENSCHATSY chat room [public] created by toxyanna
This is a chat for teens to hang out. NO ADULTS! NO RULES! Come on in and enjoy the wonders of Teens chat Also must be ages 14-20
13-19teens chat room [public] created by skiesthelimit
this is a room for teens to unwind after a long day of school. And well hang out.
Dense Forest chat room [private] created by SomeSnivy
Snivy.... Sni... Snivy sni snivy!
slave mistress or master chat room [public] created by supamama1000
i will be anyone's slave and you can be too! join and find a mistress or master.
My roomj chat room [private] created by xMolpadia
For just me and my friends~ KlydeFremore and moonlight2
ladyred2013 chat room [private] created by ladyred2013
looking for love,serious guy here not allowed fake and scammers here
Sexy fun chat........... chat room [public] created by ViPnashita
Who want to do sexy chat with , i need sex partner for sexy talk and do something http://www.nashitakapoor.biz visit here for my details
26m looking for some late night pic swapping chat room [public] created by steeleman420
Looking for some action late night ,pic swap and dirty talk
26m looking for some nowlate night pic swapping chat room [public] created by steeleman420
Looking for some action late night ,pic swap and dirty talk
Ladies who use strapons chat room [public] created by Straponme69
Any lady looking to fulfill a strapon fetish. Meet your sub here.
Teen chattttt chat room [public] created by dawn3296
Fun teen chat with me and others
Older guys like your girls chat site chat room [public] created by bernardoellison
a room for young girls to chat freely with older guys. for teen girls that like older men and like to talk to them and what ever else. For young girls from 10 to 16, come enjoy fun chats with older guys who want you.
xanax and benzo chat chat room [public] created by carlo21gambino
interested in maybe xan bars nor pins lets chat
Uae Room for everyone chat room [public] created by abelo999
people living in uae can come and chat here and make new friends!
want some flirt chat room [public] created by prettyash24
any gender, but its better for a guys who loves to get some fun
RONS chat room [private] created by RONMAPP
just for students chat room [public] created by 1hey1
Sex chat.Friendship.Love.Sex and just Sex/
MiekaandDaddy chat room [private] created by daddieslittlegirl2
For me and my daddy im hs little slut
Katz chat room [private] created by JAMESKATZ123
my name is james i from denmark i am looking for relationship
Five Night At Freddys chat room [public] created by ChicaFazbear
for those who wants to rp in Freddy Fazbears pizzeria
Cristine for hookup chat room [public] created by cristineroberts11
hooku things in here. so if your interested let go chat here
Devil May Cry RolePlay chat room [public] created by DevilMayCry4fan
hi and welcome all dmc people (example : nero dante trish and etc) please come in and roleplay no spamming or trolling please
Me and my sexy yay gal chat room [public] created by choseusernamename
Chatting for couples and u can use bad words
paoayya chat room [public] created by papayya143
For enjoy and happiness along with my lovely new friends
Hailey and ryan chat room [private] created by Hail3yb123
ya me and ryan r gonna chat and ya thts all lollolololololololololollolololo
HAILEY AND RYAN YO chat room [private] created by Hail3yb123
jkfghalurteiqruh lkjg adlkfjghakldhlajg lkfghldkjf
jakeisAawesome chat room [public] created by ilovejakeiscool
come to my party room only girls
conversationalist chat room [private] created by davezyxw
please tell me, so what's on your mind today
Fun and Awesome chat room [public] created by KayKay26
This is chat room is for anyone to host
Galaxy chatroom chat room [private] created by saikat100
this is good for all of them. please use this chat room .I am waiting for you.
Sister wife chat room [private] created by daddieslittlegirl2
to chat with 2 specific people
sybersex chat room [public] created by vitez85
any hot girl,lady text me i waiting
teacher chatroom chat room [public] created by nawami
talk about teaching experiences
freinds olny chat room [public] created by moonlights2
no prev's , please and stay true to your profile , they will be no liars in this room, and it is mostly a rp(role play) chat room
South-Germany chat room [public] created by germanysouth
Look for friendship in Germany from Romania.
USED SEXY PANTIES chat room [public] created by kittykatbaa
old M4M chat room [public] created by zmarc60
old timers chatting getting to know each other etc
lesy chat room [private] created by Aliysa
All about the rainbow colors and am looking for a girl to really talk to
Northern Va gays chat room [public] created by wyatt13
Find people near you to talk with.
autolonogy chat room [public] created by Daoney256
A room for people interested in science,history,animals,facts and technology.The room name is formed
texting 111111 chat room [public] created by chrisbrooks
roleplays-roleplays everywhere chat room [public] created by sexykira98
Find people to have a roleplay with or one big roleplay
sohbet chat room [public] created by Sohbetci
Dostlugun Sohbetin Mekanina Hosgeldiniz
North East Fla chat room [public] created by ladypanther74
For anyone that lives in Florida.
North Carolina Threesome chat room [public] created by meyoumyhouse69
Chat room for threesome possibilities in North Carolina
googlechat chat room [private] created by Sohbetci
Dostlugun Sohbetin Tek Adresine Hosgeldiniz
anyone under 16 only chat room [public] created by saradeerman123
this chat room is for anyone under 16 only whos trying to find a bf or gf
Furry Uncut chat room [public] created by MeinLittleBlitzkrieg
This is a chatroom for an alternative to the original Furry Chat. We allow far more in this chatroom. If you feel there is abuse against other members, send the creator of this room an IM.
Random Crappy And Stupid chat room [public] created by marshallstolk
cam2cam2cam chat room [public] created by rocketpower31
meeting new peeps on here brand new to chat hr
Lets talk anout sex 12321 chat room [public] created by Fraser12321
Talk about sex issjjaajajsjxnwmammdkekdjdjsjwsjdjdjdj
fun role play with friends chat room [private] created by alyssakj
me and my friends roleplay for fun
Inspiring to be THIN chat room [public] created by Thin22
Chat room for anyone who wants to lose weight like I do!
dirty strait chat chat room [public] created by colind1212
dirty chat for girlssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Pro Ana butterflies chat room [public] created by Perfection008
This is for all anorexics young and old new and pro everyone this is a place for help
Chum30 chat room [public] created by Chum30
Clean Room- Just having fun Adult Chat times.
An Ashy Shack In Vvardenfell. chat room [public] created by RrydichinDisguise
This is Sotha Sil's little place. Don't mess it up plz
kks chat chat room [public] created by kkrocks9393
this chat is for anyone who is awesome! like me
Lesbians in Malaysia chat room [public] created by Lessni
GekkouShikigamiDance chat room [public] created by chaoticbrat
a new group of peopel who are on chat hour and imvu
room.for.horny.older.men.50.plus chat room [public] created by tnt4two69er
dirty.talk.for.60plus.horny.men chat room [public] created by tnt4two69er
Tamil Lovers chat room [public] created by iloveindiangirl
மீசை முத்தம் என்றால் பெண்ணே! நான் உனக்குத் தருவது. மீசை இல்லாத முத்தம் என்றால் நீ எனக்குத் தருவது. தண்ணீர் முத்தம் என்றால் அன்பே தடயமில்லாமல் இடுவது தரையின் முத்தம் என்றால் கொஞ்சம் தடயத்தோடு விடுவது. கட்டில் மேலே பத்துக் கட்டளை கட்டளைப்படியே செய்வாயா? என்னை மெதுவாய் துடிக்கவிடு எச்சில் மாற்றி உண்டுவிடு உடையை மெல்ல உதறிவிடு உன்னை எனக்கு உடுத்திவிடு சிவந்த பாகம் வெளுக்கவிடு கறுத்த பாகம் சிவக்கவிடு எந்தன் உயிரை உறிஞ்சிவிடு உந்தன் உயிரால் நிரப்பிவிடு. கட்டில் மேலே பத்துக்கட்டளை கட்டுப்பட்டு நடப்பாயா? நயனம் இரண்டும் மூடிவிடு நான்கு புலன்கள் திறந்துவிடு கூறைப் புடவை களைந்துவிடு கூந்தல் சேலை உடுத்திவிடு என்னைக் கொஞ்சம் ஆளவிடு எதிர்
PERVERT chat room [public] created by RATTLER31
Room of nowhere chat room [private] created by Potheadcannabis
Spank-A-Chatter chat room [public] created by TewiOne
Talk, Roleplay, Or Make Friends!!
SSBBW lovers chat chat room [public] created by HOTHUGGYBEAR
make freinds with gorgeous curvy women
sex talk with gold chat room [public] created by wantstocum
anal. oil, rimjob, fukin pusyy
RUDE1 chat room [public] created by triu
Talk dirty to mee chat room [public] created by rachelcreams
Make me horny and ill send nudes as we speak :)
beast sex chat room [public] created by beastass4u
any sex here and everything
Amelia Roleplay chat room [private] created by amelia33les
a place to enjoy a little naughty fun hehe
Amelia Roleplay Fun chat room [public] created by amelia33les
fun and naughty roleplay hehe, just for me
Bellingham Washington chat room [public] created by jj1960
A place for local people to get to know each other and possibly meet .
Nahasan3 chat room [public] created by nahasan3
hey girls .............r u ready for fast chating
coming out bi girls chat room [public] created by Sophia1998
anyone up to chat? I really like talking to people lol
nude swap chat room [public] created by soccergirl1357
for anyone who wants to swap nudes
owen1969 chat room [private] created by robleonn
hello how are you i do like music very much
Dias Fighting Room chat room [public] created by DiasFlacX
This room is for fights and duels only.
MixedBeauties.. chat room [public] created by NadiiaRAWR
This chatroom is for mixed guys and girls only! Hope you all have fun. MWAH!
dutch shemale search chat room [public] created by extermenate
for shemales who wants shemale chats
michael jacksin fans chat room [public] created by blanketmckinnie
Real fans who love mj and wants to talk about him
depression help no morons chat room [public] created by star1737
Come here if you need help. No people looking for sex!!!!
Find a BF orGF chat room [public] created by HaileyGirl
where u find a boyfriend or girlfriend online
love 07 chat room [public] created by antoloh
yang mau berkenalan sama aku.. monggo..
Dissociative Identity Disorder chat room [public] created by asbelgarcia2015
For people with DID or people with loved ones who have DID
girls only 12-13 chat room [public] created by blanketmckinnie
For girls to talk girl stuff and emotions
Friendly People Onlyzzz chat room [private] created by AdamKumar1
Chat room for us only. Kami semua baik hahahahhaa
single teens looking for someone chat room [public] created by rjohnsjr
Of you're a single teen of any kind you can try to find your sole mate on here
playroom for kittens chat room [private] created by CuddleKitty
nya nya playroom for kittens, not sexual you perverts!
funnnnnnnnnnn chat room [public] created by jake28288888
just looking for fun chat and just have a good time
umorenbilly chat room chat room [public] created by umorenbilly
helo friends around the world i wish to know you all and make a friends
im single take me plse chat room [public] created by Chris14504
Io Moon of Jupiter chat room [public] created by jo5hua7662
A place for deep conversation. All are welcome. Look at this as the place where insomniacs come to mingle.
kingas chat room [public] created by ronidingo
friending a black girl is what i want
sexual taboos chat room [public] created by bkdrbabe27
just what it says. sex not openly spoken of
friends only and me chat room [private] created by blanketmckinnie
For me and my friends only To talk chill watever
JustSex4Fun chat room [public] created by Devo5411
Lets have some Internet sex/ have fun/ Don't tell on us Hehe/
times chat room [public] created by stevewhite
find yourself in a worldwide condition,meet ,socialise and share ideas and not to forget find each other///
indian us hindi telugu adult chat room [public] created by rockerdotshakeatsky
any one wish hererererereeeeeeeeeeeeeegtfhjdhdhdfhdfghdfhdfgh
hey all girl and boys change to iniian us audult c chat room [public] created by rockerdotshakeatsky
hey all girl and boys change to iniian_us_audult chat roomhey all girl and boys change to iniian_us_audult chat roomhey all girl and boys change to iniian_us_audult chat room
Sexx sexxx xxess xxess chat room [public] created by dwayne360
Depressed and Stressed chat room [public] created by lydiajbaker
If your having problems, message me. I understand :)
BlkwomenWhtmen chat room [public] created by JayRoberts50
Black women for white men and vice versa
Civil Engineering chat room [public] created by civil116
Discussion about civil engineering, geotechnical and offshore engineering,masters and PhDs
Beatle Maniacs chat room [public] created by thebeatlesaremydrug
This chat room is welcome to anyone who like The Beatles. All BeatleManiacs welcome!! 😃
Randomness197 chat room [public] created by turtles101
say what you want you can cuss idc
pirapu chat room [public] created by pirasanthan
Hi my dears how are you how is going
pirasanthan chat room [private] created by pirasanthan
Hijjjjjjjsjehduendud due heh en die ended dengue email she deb
jitkum chat room [public] created by jitkum
come to me .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Metalheads Chat chat room [public] created by Rockergirl0124
Anyone who enjoys listening to or playing metal music come chat!
American dream guy 4 Asian girl chat room [public] created by Tallkelly
This is for Asian women who are looking for available American men who want to meet asian women. Love and romance
Nude Convo chat room [public] created by Cool0Cat0WH
For sending nudes and porn of anykind
troubledrelatives chat room [private] created by superjessica
looking for people with transgender relatives, want to know how to help them
Chat all day and night chat room [public] created by GregoryJones777
Chat with people to make more friends and maybe forever long relationships. Talk about anything and nothing offensive or I will ban you. Have fun and maybe make friends.
Shadow-the-hedgehog-talk0 chat room [public] created by shadowthehedgehogfan
Hi there people this chat room is for my little pony loves or sonic and others lover's. Here are some rules. Please keep private stuff to yourself. Also be nice to everyone. If someone is bothering you then block them. Any way I want everyone to enjoy this talk room so please be appropriate and safe. Peace everypony and mobian!
Role Play -No Restrictions- chat room [public] created by Shildoid
A place for any kind of RP! (No interrupting others unless asked and confirmed to be allowed to join.)
Exotic RP chat room [public] created by Battoken
Something for those with a vast imagination. simple or not. :3
Insanity Court. chat room [public] created by ForthAngel
*You would walk in through an abandoned doorway, into a large dark open land, Surrounding it would be the ocean, blood red. Through your mind you can create anything. With your heart, you can release your deepest desires. With your hands, let the blood run dry.
Yaoi roleplay no one lines chat room [public] created by DreamingNightmares
Open rp SEME needed SEME can be a cheetah werecat or a spoted leopard werecat....as long as its a big cat) 00.01% of the worlds population are werecats. Most are regular house cats but some exceptions are big cats. Those are pretty rare around here. I'm a house cat. Takashi or taka for short sat in his owners house.the meows softly and she picked him up. He was now abandoned. He had been abandoned so may time..but the last time he just up and left. He worked as a constructor for an acting company. He would show up for auditions and watched them while building props behind the scenes. He yawned and sat there as (y/c) approached him. (Y/c) is an regular person who got lucky and got the part in a movie. "What do you want." He mumbled as he built the set. He had been suspected by (y/c ) for being a werecat. He had also been sleeping around with random people just to fulfill his own needs. His current landlord/friend had told him to be more careful but he didn't listen.
Single or taken dirty chat chat room [public] created by Timtim1414
Dirty minded people boys or girls single single but taken is ok
Choco- Chat chat room [public] created by magentalove2
Hang out, hook up, and just chat with friends and people your age!
dark personality chat chat room [public] created by ORACLE77
come one and all to the room where if you like the dark side of the spiritual world
Sid room chat room [private] created by SiD17101990
come and lets chats & enjoy.hhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
sex chat for kathmandu chat room [public] created by Devdada
only chat for sex and about sex
frenz telugu chat room [public] created by ammuu20
Welcome to all the telugu speaking friends. Thank you
CupCakeCorner chat room [private] created by CupCake66
A place for me to sit and chat.
Private Dj chat room [private] created by DhrubaJ
Love and love that is what is required
SEX IS FUN TARA chat room [public] created by annebonita
Forced role play chat room [public] created by hooliganstl4W
For those who like to forced sex role play, ruff role play, and other hardcore plays.
thi chat room [public] created by Shakthi99
friend xx who love to make friends and also to make some fun... in xxxxx ways
SERENE chat room [public] created by 4051028
SkinnyRoseLove chat room [private] created by NiniTheSkinnyRose
Here you can trust us. Everyone will be strong here. Ana is your friend, just like me.
come and get me baby1 chat room [public] created by natzswift15
i will make you blow chat me now if you are intrested
pups house chat room [public] created by XXXWOLFPUPXXX
so much fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
indonesian sex room extream chat room [public] created by luckyman2990
just only man and girl indonesian
EslixWings Room chat room [public] created by EslixWings
Hello people! This room is for anything except Perv's, Spammers, and disrespectful people. If you are either don't even think about entering this room or you will get banned. Thanks for you time!
Skinny00 chat room [public] created by Buterfly14
We all want to be skinny. I need someone, to take care of myself, so i will get skinny. is someone ana?
Talk about whatever room chat room [public] created by BigCave
I'm here to listen, if you got a problem, or a life story
State of Idaho want to hang out chat room [public] created by LyssaBear02
If you're in Idaho, I want to sneak out tonight, I'm in Nampa, hmu (:
Tamil lesbians chat room [public] created by banumathi91
only lesbian girls please others don't disturb us
nudist lovers chat room [public] created by otto18
for those who enjoy being naked in front of others
Washambenbranso chat room chat room [public] created by Washambenbranso
Always here when you need me, nothing can stop me from being here for you
Washam chat room chat room [public] created by Washambenbranso
Always here when you need me, nothing can stop me from being here for you
Gamer Haven chat room [public] created by ASCMAC
Chat room for all gamers and everything gaming. Everyone welcome :)
frndship mumbai gir chat room [public] created by rahullove76
fun loving and dating for girls
frndship mumbai girl chat room [public] created by rahullove76
pls mumbai girl make frndship with me
gay yong chat room [public] created by dom12NM
Gay bi boys come on Skype ask for it fun for all
andhra telugu chat chat room [public] created by harikaks
mass chat any one can come for sex chat
only for 16 year olds chat room [public] created by belle15
it nice and cool no bad words or else i kick out you
just chat with me chat room [private] created by belle15
no bad words pls or else i kick you out
Thinspiration and ProAna chat room [public] created by sage0cigarettes
thinspo, pro ana, tips, community, friends, no harassment allowed
The real realm of roleplay chat room [public] created by DiasFlacX
Yeah, don't really need to say a lot but yeah I'm me, pups my wife and like my old room I don't want fighting, sex, drama, and most of all no hitting on me or my wife that's all for now till I state other wise. *Tossed toast into a black hole*
friends of city chat room [private] created by shankarciv
Women who is above 30 and below 40 can chatted here
Puppets World of RP chat room [public] created by xPuppet
No sex in puplic. No fighting unless its an actual fight, (or play fight) No drama like he said she said. No attempts to fight me cause I'll kick you other than that unless said otherwise have fun.
ReinNine chat room [public] created by chaoticbrat
A place in the darkest depths of the universe where time and space masters command lesser demons
sugarmumy chat room [public] created by afroafroafro
sugarmumy around a world .......be ready to travel ...to discover africa
Cannabis smokers chat room [public] created by Mariefour20
For fellow reefers who want to chat cannabis topics.
negros occidental chatmates chat room [public] created by rabby1160
fro those who live in negros occidental come and join
FunInBucharest chat room [public] created by coolhead1984
Anyone interested to have fun with me in bucharest. Please join
Sexy chatxxxxxx chat room [public] created by Atpatp
I like more friends and get more fun
PAID WEBCAM SEX 24F chat room [public] created by paidcam
james407cute chat room [public] created by carzy1234
hey what u doing today. i am doing nothing today
just talkkkk chat room [public] created by Lilron300
just talk have fun in talkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Abbyand Garys furry chat chat room [public] created by AbbyandGary
lets chat furrys get to know each other have some fun come on in
shekharcbt chat room [public] created by shekharcbt
This is a friendly chat room for anyone to host
RELAX CAFFE chat room [public] created by JednaSandra
BIO chat room [private] created by biooib
HELLO THERE ! just close your eyse :D
fart for me chat room [public] created by bootsiefartinyomom
plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
SEX RP for hotties chat room [private] created by Sheliathebi
Only people who r hot can join this ;)
roleplay for fun clean chat room [public] created by alyssakj
role play for fun but keep clean
Hi hope chat room [private] created by Jakieboy12
Hi just wanting to talk to yeah...............
married and friskey chat room [public] created by celticguy44
married people looking for chat or more bisexuals welcome
humiliate her chat room [public] created by domguy001
place for female subs to do dares and humiliating acts.
jobs in lutz fl chat room [public] created by myrecruiting
if you are looking for a job chat me
Butch and Lesbians only chat room [public] created by SavannaSmiles
The room is for Butch and lesbians and friendly talk no dirty chat or MEN or cursing allowed.
williansm chat room [public] created by williansm
gosto de mulheres mm mmmmmuuito gts e qegostao de sexo
Dudes want to talk chat room [public] created by ThatEMOskater
For emos wanting to chat just come in and chat i guess
Emo Dudes want to talk chat room [public] created by ThatEMOskater
For emos wanting to chat just come in and chat i guess
come here baby chat room [public] created by sexymeganramos
come here and let's talk about love and relationship
Rap chat room chat room [public] created by Gianelli
A place to share lyrics and rap battle!
Bell Arena chat room [public] created by BellsOfSummer
The Arena of the Symphony, the crumbling walls and broken stands filled with the tales of disastrous fights, bloody spars, and gory worthy death matches. Despite the constant abuse, it still stands, almost as if held by some mysterious force that refused to allow it to fall just yet, the area a secure place for the Bells to fight and spar to their pleasure. Known to switch around occasionally, check in with the Arena Referee for an update of what setting the picky Arena has taken this time around. Varying from forests, to deserts, to the middle of Los Angeles, this Arena grants a variety of places for an epic battle to call home.
private chatting with me chat room [private] created by nikkiflint
guys who like to know me,have interest knowing me.
Ana thinspiration 123 chat room [public] created by DyingToBeThin311
Just a chat room where we can give tips
coming to malaysia chat room [public] created by sarahbereily
hello, im going to malaysia. please if anyone has any suggestion.
seeking sex partner chat room [public] created by 65534
To meet the people who interest in sex and want to date.
for becoming besties chat room [public] created by imadecentgirl
feel free for entering this room.i wanna make friends...if u want u can enter
horny hour17 chat room [public] created by Turnmeon17
girls join and make us horny and we do what they want
European Chat Room chat room [public] created by JanaNovakova4
for anyone interested in Europe
lovekisschat chat room [public] created by rahullove76
any indian girl chat with me freely topic of love
GirlsOnlyInTeenArea chat room [public] created by CantTouch321
I want a girl that would send me hot things that I would love!!!
Palmers chat room [public] created by palmer01
must be 18 years old and have a normal conversion.
Sub 4 Sub chat room [public] created by killionaire420
this is a chatroom for people who are sharing their youtube accounts.
m18 super bored hmu chat room [public] created by killionaire420
just relaxing lookin for someone chill to talk to
Lebanese room chat room [public] created by Leox778899
Dedicated for Lebanese people in order to chat and find a mate, friend and maybe a wife or husband
khmerr chat room [public] created by titanic138
hi come here and chat wat ever u like
just for friendships chat room [public] created by julya021190
to meet new friends and spend time when get bored
32m tx sissy looking for bf chat room [public] created by txmale1234
32m sissy want to be is looking for a dom bf
French pro ana chat room [public] created by Minceur98
pour les pro ana, et les débutantes
AJMAN FREE SPACE chat room [public] created by ktk16379
cari cewe indo chat room [public] created by irwan99
cari cewe indo buat tambah temen di dunia chat aja klo bisa di dunia real
ethio chat chat room [private] created by ethiopi
anyone who is interested in meeting interesting people
Kuroshitsuji-Black Butler chat room [public] created by GrellSutcliff98
Black Butler fandom unite! This is a room for otakus yay!
ANYTHING YOU WANT FANTASY chat room [public] created by HAWAiiKAY0522
this for people who wants to chat and turn the room into their own
Assassin Initation chat room chat room [private] created by SilentxBlade
Where recruits are made into Assassins.
Free Shrugs chat room [public] created by BaneRamone
I'm da Bane from batman and I'm sending free shrugs or hugs :D
One Of Us Will Die chat room [public] created by 0bitoUchiha
Keep going until your opponent stops breathing.
questions anyone chat room [public] created by spokesman
Feel free to ask me a question. serious ones or funny ones
Krystal-Monroe Residence chat room [private] created by CaydenKrystal1449
PRIVATE The residence of the Krystal-Monroe family.
RandomnessssssssssssssAhhhh chat room [public] created by bella2002richards
Talk about anything you want. Kayyyyyy.... Byeee
Bell Truth or Dare chat room [public] created by BellsOfBlades
Screams could be heard from within this room as the terribly gruesome dares were handed out, and equally bad truths were thought up. If you dare to set foot in here, be prepared for hell.
pari chat room [public] created by Diwaani
Water Sports Chat chat room [public] created by pookyloo42
For those who don't mind getting a little wet.
le mariage chat room [public] created by diablosimo
only for ppl who wanna get married
mm style chat room [private] created by zcheng
mm style33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
gay chat for teens 13-16 chat room [public] created by hoats
for gay or bi teens looking to get a date or a new friend
gay chat for teens 13-16.... chat room [public] created by hoats
for gay kids 13 14 years old no old people just teens
Monarchist Furry chat room [public] created by RrydichinDisguise
This is an enlightened Monarchy. A better place.
Girls Period chat room [public] created by MeepmeepXD
Here you can find some help or just general chatting about your period. BOY ARE NOT ALLOWED. If you are a boy, please leave or do not comment.
Let er rip just what ya just read . In here ya jus chat room [public] created by MacDilligaf
Leterrip that a just the way it is and the rip is the shit
hey girls to chat room [public] created by joeygbritt
So I can meet girls from daytona
InterestedNHerbalife chat room [public] created by Lauren4Herbalife
If you'd like help and are serious about achieving your nutritional goals come talk with me!! :)
WeightLossHelp chat room [public] created by Lauren4Herbalife
If you're serious about achieving your goals this is the chat for you!
SEX and HORNY people chat room [public] created by Neo11328
A place were we can be horny and experience sexual nature without the people who shun it. Roleplay, talk about your sex life, fetishes, ANYTHING! Gays/ Lesbians/ and bisexuals welcome, If you have a problem with this then please leave. NO slandering, bashing, or bullying of any kind---YOU WILL BE REPORTED!!! PM: Neo11328 with concerns or questions. Neo11328 is room creator, He monitors room. Rules are Simple... 1) NO BASHING OF ANY KIND 2) ages 15-42 only 3) NO HOMOPHOBIC S 4) Be Yourself
where almost anything goes chat room [public] created by tnt4two69er
Where nasty and kinky talk is hot if u dont like sex talk stay out
COLORADO CHAT 101 chat room [public] created by AiNEV
For users located in the area and/or state of CO.
700 chat room [public] created by prince2243
jorweirugsjvfv80dzc9vxchsmuodamswdmvjf chakefadmycmc9ypv8dsvnf86tojiygf7efwfh
older women that wears tights and younlng boy chat room [public] created by tights2345
olderwonem who wears tights or pantyhose for young lad with tights / panthose and feet fetish
toppest room chat room [public] created by malehere30
male here 30 from india, chennai
me and life chat room [private] created by biwonder2
....just talking about my private life
Private Waiting Room chat room [private] created by KellyTSPT
Where I sit to get IMs and not deal with retards and trolls in the public rooms.
Java.Chess chat room [public] created by jimManousos
Help my with my java chess.. only with function NO objects
Gs place chat room [private] created by Gee50
A place to talk about things the rest of world doesn't understand and shames you for.
Wishing Well 99 chat room [public] created by Littlebody
Well, you come here, and wish for some fun, pleassure, things like that, I try to give it!
Totally Ours 99 chat room [private] created by Littlebody
This is just for one person adn me!
For geo124 and I chat room [private] created by Littlebody
private chat room for him and i
30 M SYDNEY ATHLETIC FOR NSA chat room [public] created by AusShaun
looking for a girlfriend or a boyfriend chat room [public] created by zlc420
Single can chat an get to know each other
Blades Boredom Room chat room [private] created by BellsOfBlades
I pretty much come here whenever I'm bored, whenever I feel shit, etc etc, to randomly hit stuff.
naruto roleplay2015 chat room [public] created by naughtygirlstudent
it is for all naruto fans and people who love to roleplay naruto like me
84aries chat room [private] created by dirtylilminx
RANJAN chat room [public] created by PRAMODRANJAN
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