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List of all user-created chat rooms #629
abuissam chat room [private] created by abuissam
iam a man from jordan i like a relationship with alady from 40to60yold
Comicbook Dorks chat room [public] created by ArchimageMagik
Where nerds/geeks are welcome! DC fan or Marvel fan...You're still welcome. No fights just discussions!
Transexual1 chat room [public] created by Willowroth
This chat room is food transexual people only!
ageplay2 chat room [public] created by DaddyHands
Come enjoy sensual talk about taboo desires.
sexpets2 chat room [private] created by cuddleyTeenHorse
my room for my f@ck toys and i to have some fun
offlimits chat room [private] created by latigra08
my solitary space>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
csetatttt chat room [private] created by sexypearls
anyone can come this a room for everyone just enjoy guyzzzzzzzzz
happy man chat room [public] created by roshdihin
living in happiness with people worldwide
turn it up chat room [public] created by Ariana124
Bored so chat with me chat room [public] created by Davel0l
Just come in I guess, because I am bored.
anorexiaPRO. chat room [private] created by iwannabethinn
a chat room of encourge ment to help one another loose weight. set weight goals. help us to get to where our bodys are suppost to be. skin and bones they say.
pop chat Room chat room [public] created by Jillain
You can talk about anything you want. rules no threading no telling people to kill theirself
4Lesbians chat room [public] created by xXLesbianGirl123Xx
Lesbians Only. NO GUYS YOU HEAR ME!!!!!!
flutter chat room [public] created by flutterbat
if u like me tell i let u have me
problum chat chat room [public] created by kezybear
for anyone who has an issue then need advice on, or maybe you just need someone to talk to. .
find your THE ONE chat room [public] created by skinnyindc
this chat room is about hooking up. NOT TALKING ABOUT STUPID SHIT.
Mental Institution chat room [private] created by xPenancex
The place where Robbie was admitted soon after the "Marvel Civil War."
random whatever chat room [public] created by xxKatxxX
talk about anything and everything, it doesn't matter.
friends2413 chat room [private] created by jacobflick
friends hi jioduhugyfrdtfyguhiujoiihguyftydrfytguyihujiuhiguyft
guys that are 17 chat room [public] created by country802
guys that are 17 they have to be at least 16 or 17 hot single guys
idk2.0 chat room [public] created by johnathonleach
idksacsssdafsdsgvwdsdadsg d f fff f ff f ff f f ff f f
Glesga chat room [public] created by Shanbob25
If you're bored and come from Glasgow then why not see if other like-minded bored Glaswegians are on here aswell.
super hackers chat room [public] created by hackmaster1260
for all the hackers to share there codes with others to make us all better at what we do
the bad word club chat room [public] created by Swendswag
in this chat room you get to say bad words
the bad club chat room [public] created by Swendswag
in this chat room you get to say bad words
Animal roleplaying chat room [public] created by shadowhawk666
animal roleplaying of different species to a common storyline which is created as we go much( as in syle of some anime shows as talking animals)
sex room for sex ppl chat room [public] created by meagan101
bi girls and stright guys welcome
DC vs Marvel chat room [public] created by Kimbsy
DC vs MARVEL and why DC is better,more realistic, than Disney/Marvel but FOX Marvel are good!
Chicago adult singles chat room [public] created by Pediatrician11
Single adults who lives in Chicago
thinspiration 2.0 chat room [public] created by LacyQueen
share some tips for losing weight.. in a healty way..
Post porn pics chat room [public] created by southernboy3567
post porn links!!! have fun and 18+ pics only
porn pics chat room 2 chat room [private] created by southernboy3567
post links to have fun to 18+ pics only
Cooler Kids chat room [public] created by Alerius
People here a cooler than normal
3136229 chat room [public] created by sky3136229
where you can talk dirty and send phone numbers to sext
NSA sex in arlington chat room [public] created by glaziermike90
Anyone looking for NSA sex In arlington consensual
the special chat chat room [public] created by BloodyEmoDeath
this chat is for the people that have special minds
french learners chat room [public] created by AkuraF
this chatroom is for people that are american and want to learn french
Nerdy teen chat chat room [public] created by Morgan10225
I am 13 and I love chatting and I am a nerd!
BRONDONG chat room [public] created by haidarpratama
poor chat room [private] created by jaysanker
hai girls i am here.....pl.come and chat
I Like Them Tall chat room [public] created by ilikethemtall
Are you taller than average or admire tall people? The sky's the limit here.
IAM READY chat room [public] created by ready143
bicurious men 10001 chat room [public] created by Shane10001
A place where men can chat about what they like and don"t with other men.
just want griends chat room [public] created by jasmine804
Just want a friend but cant find a chat room that you dont get asked for a nude or to go out with someone well now thereis a room that u dont have to worry about that its just for meeting new friends
Hyper chat room chat room [public] created by tasha2017
A place to talk and be hyper! Get to know someone and be yourself!
Orlando Florida Kid chat room [public] created by Bmacd69
For ppl interested and in the orlando florida area
Sex slave and BDSM chat room chat room [public] created by ObediantSubmissive
come in and indulge in some of your biggest fantasies.
Sexting and nudes chat room [public] created by 8inchMan69
Talk dirty and kik people and me
anyone bi chat room [public] created by JuliaRoseG
if they're are any bisexual girls looking for a girlfriend then I guess that's me
slaves and masters98 chat room [public] created by blackcat98
for all kinds of things you would like to try or do
degrade me please master chat room [private] created by blackcat98
do you really need more master i need you so badly
love making n porn room chat room [public] created by anniemck
where u can talk nasty n live free
roleplay IM room chat room [public] created by ambertypingusername
this room is for meeting roleplayers to IM not in the reguler cha
Rusye05 chat room [public] created by udhy05
Having Fun Too the fullest and the last drop counts.!!
ppls chat room [public] created by BlondieBabe2213
anyone can join. only for people 13 and over please. no kids on here
love003 chat room [private] created by sami003
Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.
just friends new friend chat room [private] created by cuddlebugsexy33
loves to hag out and loves to talk and caring for another
playful now chat room [public] created by mostplayful
playful ladies. let's see who is more playful
molly2011 chat room [public] created by jamao2711
Someone who loves you, during a fight, he would apologize to the uncontrolled (continuously) even if you are innocent and later he will send a message to you: "Honey, actually it is your fault and you yourself already know".
just chilln chat room [public] created by 123til
Dating room and fun room chat room [public] created by angelolover123
Date and meet up,fun and lets love each other!
RymeDomain chat room [public] created by RuffRabbitNoiz
Welcome to Ryme, Code Name Sly Blue
Counseling-for-all-24-7 chat room [public] created by counselorsession
If you are facing any career related, emotional problem, lack of confidence, public speaking , self affirmation, relationship problem, love problem. You are welcome here, we will provide you guaranteed resolve!!!!
BANDS. chat room [public] created by SkinnyOrDEAD
Love bands such as Black Veil Brides, Suicide Silence, Three Days Grace, Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, My Chemical Romance AND MANY MORE? ? This is the chat for you.
korea arab exange culture chat room [public] created by walidosidmehadja
nice and easy conversation and enjoyiong our time
java programming2 chat room [public] created by joejoe10
java for beginners anyone that loves chatting and fun
sexosex chat room [public] created by mathansree
only sex chat only sex chat only sex chat only sex chat only sex chat
kinky chat chat room [public] created by donimac
where you can meet people who just wana be naughty and have fun
happy friends chatroom chat room [public] created by randel109
this is a room for friends only if you're nasty im kicking you out of the group
s e x night chat room [public] created by tarun13tarun
i am a boy. any girl can join me
Sanctuary of Sui chat room [public] created by SUiBHNE
*In mountains untouched by the ravages of time overviewing a crystal clear lake there lays a set of massive stone doors almost invisible against the mountain standing in front of these doors is a dragon his eyes fixed on you warm and welcoming but at the same time weary:Hello and welcome to my home. I am glad to admit you to stay for awhile i'm sure there'll be something to hold yor interests if you need any help you need only seek me out.
ASL chat room [public] created by DATBAEJASDOE
full of fun with me chat room [public] created by krishnakrishna10013
this room is only for all of my friends who wants fun with me
just loveeeeee chat room [public] created by wiis
hjhkjlk kjkkh nbguhj kjlk kjlm klllml
singles chat for straights chat room [public] created by Young1Khalifa
Girls and boys no gays or lesbians or bi just straight and you can date if you want I don't care lets just have fun
any furries can rp furrys only chat room [public] created by BlackShadowFang
I dont care if your male or female just if you want to you can rp with me.
any female furries can rp with me chat room [public] created by BlackShadowFang
dont care what age you can rp in this room
Daddy andMasters play room chat room [public] created by masterndaddyvampwolf
a place for girls of all ages to have good sexual chats and where all you girls can leave me your scype n yahoo names only perverted girls alowed
princess46 chat room [private] created by princess46
men ages30- 55 that lives in newfoundland
Games Movies and Music chat room [public] created by Gamingnerd12
Anyone can come talk about anything but sexual and no hating/bullying aloud
horny sex sexting chat chat room [public] created by karmylama
lets talk about sex and sext each other if your horny
Wicked Phantom CREW chat room [public] created by WickedPhantom34
if u want to join this Crew i m me and will chat if u are a serious person that is into well i'll tell u when ever u like to chat Thank U.
chatiii chat room [public] created by mannahmarie
gwapa and pinoys . hahahahaha GRAPHIC ARTIST
analroom chat room [private] created by zenna9
anal is anal everywhere super anal analal
Booty Lovers chat room [public] created by BigBoootyLover
The place is for all booty lovers, who feel booty is life
smoke shesh chat room [public] created by charlieneedslove
for anybody that's all about that 420 blazing life style bruh
smoke-sesh chat room [public] created by charlieneedslove
for anybody that is about dat 420 just blaze it life style yo
just for cam chat room [private] created by uwantfun
sex chat or sex cam or skype msn yahoo no nold bars talk and watch on cam
KICK chat room [public] created by Pain786
suck it deep chat room [public] created by hotanready69
any thing gos any just have fun ladys guys young old
jenalyn0905 chat room [public] created by jenalyn0936698
looking for serious love and relationship
Minnesota dateing chat room [public] created by zimme101
anyone from Minnesota can come
safe chat room [public] created by jaysanker
hai come and chat u r safe.......hai safe chatting....
gara11 chat room [private] created by apple57
lovable and simple and can be trusted
JenmariSilver chat room [private] created by silverpogi
pogi eto lang dapatfdsfsdfsdfsdfsdfsd
22222 chat room [public] created by shekharallways
adult chat room for girls........................
The coolest kids on earth. chat room [public] created by Kendra1102
We do not bully others, we are nice to see them
Blonde 4 fun chat chat room [public] created by kimmikdc
let's chat about life, or whatever you would like to chat about
pro-ana-buddies chat room [public] created by sami170
pro ana chat, to share tips and tricks and found a buddy.
frendss chat chat room [public] created by Coolstylishboy98
Hiiiii frendss this my new chat room frendly chat so would u like to add ur own frends in this chat room....
sexting 5 chat room [public] created by lon4576
flirty talk dirty (if can send pics)
Silky Wet chat room [public] created by MadameSweets25
lets have fun and talk dirty. for the group or personal. i want to talk about 50 shades of lesbian.
yiff yiff yiff chat room [public] created by BlueTheFoxx
hehehe lets do this big boys~ ;)
dating room for straight singles chat room [public] created by Thegoldenbullet21
Come find a date with others in this new room and have fun. No illegal things or you will be banned permanently.Try not to about sexual stuff.
pinoy for fun chat room [private] created by guruex
only for open minded pinoy and pinay who want some fun
pinoy and pinay for fun chat room [public] created by guruex
for pinoy and pinay would want to have some fun
gud n spicy chat chat room [public] created by santhosh12189
girls who need gud n spicy chat join group
Football Frenzy chat room [private] created by FootyFun
Does anyone want to talk about Aussie Rules Footy?
vijayawada guys chat room [public] created by lakyraj
looking for 27+ guys in vijayawada
ElectronicidmambientChatroom chat room [public] created by Huerco7Sm
melomano chat with selective tastes in genres such as electronic, IDM, ambient, avang garde, experimental, techno, among others. this space is only to expose our musical tastes. other purposes and are conscientiously. It is not a chat with pornography.
FOR TRUE LOVE chat room [public] created by zarah4u1
for those seeking for true love
Tomodachi Life chat room [private] created by FootyFun
Does anyone want to talk about Tomodachi Life?
Need a good f. chat room [private] created by bifila
my loveroom chat room [public] created by attisso
l amour est une bonne chose pour la sante et plour la vie alors je ve ke vs soyer en forme et je vs aime
friendly teen chat room chat room [public] created by fallenlovee
Friendly chat, that means no pervs. Don't spam, you'll get banned.
4774 chat room [private] created by jaysanker
this room very safe private room come....
halt and check chat room [public] created by Lotfi12
just halt and check this room can be yours as well , so welcome.
hairlovers chat room [public] created by hairfanatic
talk about hair..long hair..related things
poznanska znajomosc chat room [private] created by monisia28
ludzi ktorzy sa zainteresowani poznaniem ludzi z poznania.
Masha chat room [public] created by Katarina1995
To talk to friends and people who want to talk to me.
namir847 chat room [private] created by namir847
hi any girls from hyderabad wanna to be my friend
Bouncy and Rob chat room [private] created by Robert3483
Meme Discussion chat room [public] created by Mausermann
Pepe's not dead, he was never alive.
villos chat room [public] created by tonhs
Jack Bauer chat room [private] created by Jwrv
I really like music video and music DVD's I love girls are at 5"11" as me I love games and computers a little of school art gym min foods chilling out by myself cined
Everydays life chat room [public] created by Cosame
if you would like to chat everything about your daily life, please come in
Sub looking for godest chat room [public] created by draven703
Room for subs to meet their masters
Aklovechat chat room [public] created by Avinash886555
Everybody do love here and make a lovely friends....ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
tweaked and spun chat room [public] created by tweakedup
Anything that makes you horny baby!
stone room chat room [public] created by mroutahere
USA refugee, finding out what life is like for stoners in your nation. I dream of a one way ticket out of this country. I just found out that weed is legal since 2013 in your country; is this true?
G-spots chat room [public] created by ladiesluvme2
Cyber fun for us to ask anything you like and no drama
emo chat room for 13-18 year olds only chat room [public] created by emochristin
This is for where emo people can come and chat make friends or become more then friends
Gy Men chat room [public] created by BiGuy54
Guys who love it all, and love cock
G-spot 1 chat room [public] created by ladiesluvme2
Whatever isnt drama on your mind " whateverG-Spot #1.. stays here" "
Sugar daddy and sugar baby chat chat room [public] created by flowergirl01
Only people 18 and over. Meet your sugar daddy/baby today! :)
cyprus and greece chat room [public] created by michosree
sizitiseis me ellines kai kiprious.Gnorimies !!!
Brisbane Business Chat chat room [public] created by TheNewEraBrisbane
Only motivated people willing to learn about the new Era of making money part time and still working a job. Risk Free. Working a job 40 hours a week for the same result for 40 years is out dated and doesn't work any more. Join to learn about an amazing opportunity to escape the rat race and spend more time with family and friends!
break my heart chat room [private] created by tejas007
love is the god gift.its feet is god heart touch ..................
karenschillroom chat room [public] created by Karen1986
exactly what the room name says:)
naked sexy girl sux it chat room [public] created by summwun
Giving head nude hottie sucs a sick like none other
sex chat with girls for fun chat room [public] created by goodboylk
wanna girls to sex chat ,,,,, girls pls visit
The Fabulous Spiders chat room [private] created by DemonWithSpectacles
This is a chatroom for my Fabulous spiders to join. This is where we can talk, rolelay, and above all do just about anything.
guy for gal anything goes chat room [public] created by loveguyforyougirls
guy seeking girl for anything goes chat
green bay wisconsin chat room [public] created by donn218
people in green bay looking to chat with others
Penguins chat room [public] created by PenguinsGiRLYY
just to be random and meet people who actually wanna talk
thinspoLife chat room [public] created by mybutterflyaway
find your true friend, ana here...and feel the bones
countrygirlsingle chat room [public] created by countrygirlsingle12
loves to chat with boys I am really 12 I love to chat with people I love boy that are 13 14 15 I don't like boy that is 16 and up I you are 16 and up don't get on this chat I will not date u and if u are 16 and up leave me alone
funny11 chat room [public] created by laavanya
fsdfvdfd gfg gfdg dgdfg dgv ssgf fgfss fdfdsfsdf d df sd fdfdsf s dsf df dsf d
Pecinta xXx chat room [public] created by Konsultan
Bebas Berfantasi, Bebas Bersensasi, Bebas Berhalusinasi, Tetapi Tetap Menghargai
TSR chat room [public] created by pao119
This is a chat room for suicidal people. We protect and help each other...
learn about islam chat room [public] created by islameansubmission
welcome to a peaceful room asalam alaikum peace be unto you holy quran 28:56 (Indeed, [O Muhammad], you do not guide whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He is most knowing of the [rightly] guided.)
Talk about sec chat room [public] created by Herm109
Talk about sex and send sexy pictures of wanted
Rise of the Guardians Regroup chat room [public] created by KingofNightmares
This is for all the RotG lovers who would like to talk to the Boogeyman himself (me). Or any of those pipsqueak Guardians could also chat on here I suppose. I personally would prefer fans, but then again anyone will do.
K-Poppers 4 Ever chat room [public] created by 123noona
Meet your fellow kpoppers! My favorite is SHINee! What's yours? PLEASE NO GROSS THINGS AND NO SADNESS! EVERYONE BE HAPPY!
People are strange chat room [public] created by Meanee
a tribute to the Doors song, but for people who like weird stuff, anything pretty much. Talk about anything
THRIVE with Bri chat room [public] created by ThriveNation
I am creating this chat to connect with people who are interested in creating a free customer account with me to be eligable to earn free products and be entered in my personal giveaways as well as those looking to make a lifestyle change and make some real residual income! **IF YOU ARE CRUDE IN ANY WAY YOU WILL BE KICKED OUT!**
Asian Girls for White Guys chat room [public] created by mark00069
For Asian girls who like White Guys who like Asian Girls.
my sexy legs chat room [public] created by missyglossy
my sexy legs in pantyhose and 5in stiletos
Youtuber chat chat room [public] created by SkylerVaught
Are you a youtuber? Do you want to be? Then chat here for ideas and socializing
any girls love group sex chat room [private] created by shemalehot
any girls who interested in group sex chat can come and chat here
Ping chat room [private] created by Jinping
Hi i am from china ,live in Hainan island ,it is a big island located in south china,nice to meet you friends
HottieS 4 A chat chat room [public] created by Hollyerin98
HOTTIES CHAT HERE!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
roleplay i guess chat room [public] created by MaharieMu
For peeps who like roleplay Don't hate me....MAHARIEMU IS SCARED
Chatroom for real people chat room [public] created by JoshisHighOnLife
No trolls please, or sex chat. friendly chat..nothing serious. just vibein on life and enjoying the peacefull time that ISIS is bringing xD lol *sarcasm*
Amazballs chat room [public] created by Sweetyheart26
This is going to be a fun room were people can just be them selfs
Sugar Daddies in the Metro detroit MI AREA chat room [public] created by Tearirracrown
this is a room where sugar daddies and sugar babes can meet and chat.
adult chat room............ chat room [private] created by 2127
for fun and enjoy........................................................
kcmo420 chat room [public] created by kcmo420
Stoner and all other chill people
Sexy chatters and sexy camers chat room [public] created by Elikinz
Sexy chatting for sexy chatters of all ages and genders!
ZAWAJ chat room [public] created by mchach6ii
zawaj el halal for married please be serious "Brothers and sisters
Secret DATE chat room [public] created by sanandera
Share feeling as FRIEND Lets Make Chatz
You Cant Fight The Homestuck chat room [public] created by EridiaAmpora413
to all my fellow homestucks...wwelcome
GayorBi chat room [public] created by sexyBvGimbi2
are you gay or bi join ! join if you are in UK and Join defiantly if you live in wales
Not Stuck Up chat room [public] created by EternityAwaits
This room was created by me, a person commonly banned for humor. You can do anything you wish. If you're ever banned, IM me, I'll get you back. This room is for everyone to do everything.
furry fun play room chat room [public] created by cuddleyTeenHorse
furry fun play room is a place for furrys to have fun and mess around rules! no being @ssholes no telling others that your going to kill them no spamming if you break an rules you will be questioned and banned
ED-Depression-Anything. chat room [public] created by justmeliving
If you need someone to talk to this is the place.
kittytalk chat room [private] created by sexkittenxp
its just do talk or what ever so I don't get overwelmed
teef chat room [public] created by sahinkkk
lets go feet boob putty go go go
fet chat room [public] created by sahinkkk
lets go feet boob putty go go go
Marriage and Love chat room [public] created by mood12
Find your love! Find your another half of your body
do me plz chat room [public] created by sexkittenxp
looking for some fun with older guys and any chicks can have one big orgy
Anime Chat of Awesomeness chat room [public] created by AnimeLover234
come here for anyone who likes anime...BUT NO HENTAI!!!
itspartytime chat room [public] created by dinbat12
Lets Chat ..................................................:)
gay girls XD chat room [public] created by beautifulxdevil
For all gay girls who are tired of the guys messaging you XD
coolness land chat room [public] created by 123vman
where cool people chat.everyone come and chat in coolness
Kids13- chat room [public] created by MilesRush
Want a girlfriend or Something Like that this is the room
rama chat room [private] created by ramasusila17
homestuck 101 chat room [public] created by karkittyx
join if u are into homestuck mew meow mew mew mew mew homestuck rulez mew mew meow mew meow o shit
skype name emshowx chat room [public] created by xshowww
Sex chat. People who want find virt sex
Phil chat room [private] created by psapearson
Chat with Paula! *****************************************
emilypink chat room [private] created by EmilyPink
Im not sure. Lets just see? hmmmmm
a different world chat room [private] created by ShimMe
discussion in getting along with other people
It a world of tension chat room [private] created by ShimMe
talking about the sstress of life and its releif
my bros chat room [private] created by Jordanmacd90
idk idc ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
yo12 chat room [private] created by Jordanmacd90
Exchage skye and yahoo ID chat room [public] created by Axxxxx2015
In this chat we can exchange Skype and Yahoo ID to do cam chat if you like
Colourful Rainbows chat room [private] created by Raisin123
MY room is lovely.It will be awesome fun exiting nice comfy warm welcoming,beautiful,inviting,sweet,happy,wonderful and smart.It will almost be like ice cream and fruit pops.So lovely.Totally Awesome!
INSPIRATIONAL chat room [public] created by neviel
Anyone who loved and therefore, serve. People who do their ordinary duty extraordinarily well and to the persons of CHARACTER and COMPETENCE.
DallasTexas75181 chat room [public] created by Bisexual773
People who are gay, etc and that is from this area!
Wiccan Supernatural chat room [public] created by wiccaniliana
people who want to talk or just do whatever is welcome. the name doesn't necessarily mean you have to be Wiccan. please nothing sexual or anything like that. you will be banned.
Politics chat room chat room [public] created by DarkVersion
Discuss hot topics, in the political sense of course ;)
Random idea room chat room [public] created by Luckmine318
so i am new and i deiced that i need ideas for youtube vids and other things like making new friends and talking so any one over 8 years old can use this chat room Rules: No Spamming its crazy 2. no CAPS unless using a sentence 3. no dating there will be kids online 4. if arguing with owner is in action u will be banned 5. no chatting about illegil things u will be banned 6. Have fun on this chat room!
Findom and Paypig Chat Room chat room [public] created by GoddessMya
Use this chat room to find others into findom, and to find paypigs
the lovey dovey chat room [private] created by alexlovesmusic134
come here to be free to find love
Minecraft youtubers chat chat room [public] created by mcgamer16
You don't need to be a youtuber but you need minecraft!
eating disorders 2 chat room [public] created by prettynikki26
people with eating disorders can seek advice from others and feel comfortable about talking it.
awesome room for dating and making friends chat room [public] created by dericksuan
the guy/girl that banned me dont join this CHAT ROOM!!!
MINECRAFT GAMERZ chat room [public] created by dericksuan
Minecraft is our game,our glory and our destiny!!! This is all about Minecraft
Nicks Room chat room [public] created by banksn123
Room right now so I have never heard of it real quick and easy way out of them now and then the name of them to send me a picture
CIBERALIEN chat room [public] created by ciberalien
telugu sexyyyyy sex chat room [public] created by DiMBU
This is only for girls who are nt satisfying with sex ,having a sexxxxy chat role plying , lets chat and have funn wth ur partners guys
ExoticaLove chat room [public] created by ExoticaLove
Exotica Love is me! Playing is my game!
darling city chat room [public] created by truelover777
friends are the best part of my life..so frnds are the real darlings...make new darlings
touch2615 chat room [private] created by touch2615
hi there, it would be great if we could be friend.
alfinfather chat room chat room [public] created by rusman2015
here for we are chat, dont lets its
Pokemon Fans XY chat room [public] created by Loiltas
A place Pokemon X & Y fans can roleplay as their favourite Pokemon.
GANGBANG ROOM chat room [public] created by Cutelilkitty767
iEgseihbfpeihbrihbvepihzbpinxjn pun; ;om]p]fn[brb[rnb[ojn[bonknmoijbkmnc[I [iyb]pkn=0h
wpg booty call chat room [public] created by carpenterbuilder
Wanna have some meaningless sex tonight
wpg booty action now chat room [public] created by carpenterbuilder
Wanna have some meaningless sex tonight.!7.9.9+06
teens.rule.forever.in.life.and.death.for.angels chat room [public] created by aunicka
I will love to meet new people so please come in and don't be shy
SingleMOMS chat room [public] created by Eilana420
"Respect" is very easy to write but it could be tough to have
Policewomen fuking chat room [public] created by sanjaysurya00
Comeon policewomen, public nd policemen want f*ck u brutally
Women Only Chat Age 30 and up chat room [public] created by LadyBvlgari
Hang out chat .. make friends.. meet someone new.. Houston, Tx .. Lesbian chat room Please NO males
minecraft server for evreyone chat room [public] created by magichoney
join this server and chat mc.aas.net
Drinkers chat room [public] created by jxd2012
A room for those that wish to drink together
SUBMISSIVE ONLY chat room [public] created by wildtopguy
All guys who are very submissive during sex, you can enter here.. common! JOIN US!
SubForSub - YouTube chat room [public] created by BlazeHawk
This Is a SubForSub Chat Room for YouTube Channel's! Enjoy :)
LOVE ME LOONG YOU chat room [public] created by Glend1100
all sex room chat room [public] created by daddy4u692
sex chat only about fun and dirty talk
walang bastos sa taong open minded chat room [public] created by roseann454
free to chat bawal ang kj HAAAAAHAHAHAH nasasyo n lang qng panu kayo mag kakaintindihan *BAWAL ANG AWAY DAPAT MAG MAHALAN
blackpeoplerule chat room [public] created by floopscoop1
im black!! are you?...and im good at everything..are you?..nice skinnny fingers in ya mouth
Horror Movies EXTREME chat room [public] created by misshayley11
Talk about horror movies, your fears. Don't hate or discriminate.
Boofus Chat chat room [public] created by Boofus
Ask your questions about life in the US. I'll ask mine about Ireland. We'll figure it out and have some fun. Looking for friends in my ancestral homeland. I'm an O'Neal.
Promote Social Network chat room [public] created by viospeed
http://promote.social-networking.me ~indonesia jakarta raya~
women who want there hair washed chat room [public] created by Hairwasher
Male who loves washing womens hair,invites women with that fetish to join him
The Quileute Wolfpack chat room [private] created by Andrew1299
{This pack is for all types of werewolves/werefoxes WE R A PACK WE MUST STICK TOGETHER FOREVER AND ALWAYS WE MUST B THERE FOR EACH OTHER CALL THE PACK IF U EVER NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TOO WE R ALL HERE TO LISTEN WE R A FAMILY} Alpha male-Daniel Wolfgang (Inugami) Alpha female-Savannah Jasmine Poole (Pyscho) Beta male-Joseph Wyman Beta female-Ren Hatake Omega male-Brodie Harris (Frost Fire) Omega female-Monica Rae Baxley (Asuna) Deltas-Jordan Marie Cake (Cupcake),Andrew English & Lele Baker All I ask is please be respectful,no fighting,blocking admins,whining or fluffies if u break the rules these r the consequences Strike 1 warning Strike 2 lose your powers Strike 3 blocked from the group {details of the pack ranks there're jobs r down below} Alpha male: His job is to guide, teach, and protect his pack. He is the largest and strongest wolf of the pack. Alpha female: Her job is to assist the Alpha male in guiding, teaching, and protecting the pack. She also keeps the Alpha male in line and lets him know when to back down. Beta male: His job is to maintain order and discipline within the pack. Beta female: Her job is to assist the Beta male in maintaining order and discipline within the pack. She also organizes hunting groups, and decides when to fight another pack. Omega male: His job is to protect the pack at all costs, risking his own life. He's always on alert for danger. Omega female: Her job is to protect the pups, the young, the weak, the sick, the elders, and the injured. She protects those who can not protect themselves. Scout(s): Their job is to run the parameter of the pack's territory, mostly at night. They alert the Alphas when they suspect danger nearby. They also serve as a messanger for pack-to-pack communication. Pup(s): The younger wolves (not necessarily a young human age) that stay away from danger and stay with the Alphas at all times. They rely on the rest of the pack for survival. Delta(s): Their job is to hunt and fight for the pack. They are the strongest wolves in the pack, next to the Alphas. Elder(s): They are the wisest wolves in the pack. They are usually the oldesy wolves in the pack as well (not necessarily an old human age). They help the alphas with decisions, and they help teach and discipline the pups. They give all pack members advice.
sensible chat now chat room [public] created by youngman40
just looking for casual chat, come on in
ana-depression chat room [public] created by ihatemylife199902
come and talk about mental health but no hate please...
The Hideout chat room [private] created by xSpectre
This is where Spectre trains, lives and pretty much everything.
Goatchat chat room [public] created by HotGoatGirl
goats goats goats and other stuff
Hot NSA Cyber Sex chat room [public] created by metalphoenix6969
anything goes.... ladies highly encouraged....c2c.....trade pics and videos......
SuicideRoomX chat room [public] created by SuicideX
anyone who needs to talk... anyone like me who wants to end it.... dont go
lesbian NO GUYS chat room [public] created by cuterthanyou9506
only girls no old people only teens that are lesbians there are no rules you can do anything only NO OLD PEOPLE OR GUYS
PhoneXXX Sex chat room [public] created by Shawty1000
Join have fun, get naughty. Love love love phone sex 😘😘😘
Youtube Fandom chat room [public] created by Bandinternetlover
just talk about your favorite youtubers
Hela Hoba Egyptian Style chat room [public] created by HD1Khalifa
شات مصراوى 100% شات للمصريين وبس ممنوع أى كائنات تانية
Bible Convo Chat chat room [public] created by Hollyerin98
DISCUSSING Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13years chat room [public] created by faaith13g
hey lol 30 characters :) lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
Eat Prey Fck chat room [public] created by tourguide88
Get up, stand up, don't give up to fight!
WedgiesRUs chat room [public] created by wedgieguy
The place where wedgies are for everyone.
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