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List of all user-created chat rooms #651
benzo chat chat room [public] created by Parke26
for all people suffering from benzo withdrwal symptoms
Lookin to find old friends chat room [public] created by v0e2g0
I have a pic on my profile of some guys and myself from around 1978...They were all from NFLD and I from the Ottawa Valley...I would like to see how they all are doing...I believe one was Dave whom I worked with at Merchanys Cold Storage in Calgary...the name of him could be wrong but the nickname he had for me I don't forget...he called mr Tokie....lol any info terbear2@shaw.ca
Bi Girls come play with kinky Couple chat room [public] created by tattedcubancpl
Bi Girls only....NO GUYS!!! Looking for fun flirtatious conversation or pic trading with bout it girls. Just fun no creeps
scottish peeps chat room [public] created by jdawg75
scottish banter for all those from sunny scotland so stop by for a wee blether
gay chat room02 chat room [public] created by bradders01
anyone looking for a boy to fall in love here here it is
naughty.. chat room [public] created by wacktazz2
lets have some fun. over 16s only and only if you are hor.y
pro ana.need friends here.im new. chat room [public] created by Alirgreen
teens with anorexia...need friends?
my chat 2 chat room [private] created by jd1531
just about us two only nothing more mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
trill chat room [public] created by jamonka88
13 and older teens who need to place to netflix and chill
Lanis private chat chat room [private] created by JosephineBarber
sala uno chat room [private] created by levrino
chat para latinos y argentinos,especialmente de todos los rincones carajooo
Jr.Accounting Bookkeeping Occupational Interview chat room [public] created by DaniLee85
Conducting Informational Interview for Accounting Bookkeeping Payroll Admin jobs. Looking to ask about 10 questions for both employees and employers in the field
hindi love chat chat room [private] created by ram19902016
indian hot chat all indian girl chat here with all openinan here and solve all type problem
sex manila chat room [public] created by enzosupisticado
sex talk lang :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
HipsterChat chat room [public] created by beehonni
you can share ideas ,life,flirt, debate whatsoeva
shyboy1975 chat room [public] created by OldFartSHYBi75lol
Hate on the autistic loser, he's so autistic and whacked in the head he thinks he's the prince of wales the idiot will die a blind man. He will think that means he can't see with his eyes. do you get what I mean?
a field chat room [public] created by worktravelbless
ok so what's up talk to me let's get this straight
Ex pats chat room [public] created by snowman138
I am from the Uk and working in Monrovia. I want some new friemnds? Anybody from anywhere who wants to be my friend.
Laceys Lounge chat room [private] created by justachatguyomaha
our chat room. or dream room. Hugs!
Tampa girls chat room [public] created by AngelBunny6
This is the room to find people near you that want to have some fun. Don't be shy and don't be afraid to show your naughty side. But also make some friends and see lives by you.
Cipher Puzzel chat room [public] created by StegTheDeer
Cipher along with binary appeared in 4chan /b/ the other week, wondering if anything came from it or if anyone found out what cipher algorithm it is.
Cipher Encryption chat room [public] created by StegTheDeer
Here to talk about Cipher. Kind of wrapping my head around a Puzzle that appeared on 4chan.org. Avocado encrypts into 'JJvfsTkN*Ud', but i have no clue what encryption technique is used to reach that result. One anon said it was Caesar Cipher, however, Caesar cypher doesnt elongate the word's length during encryption.
OregonFriends chat room [public] created by UpinSmokeXx
Looking to make new friends in Oregon
wii u chat web sex chat room [public] created by wiiuguy
a group for people to quickly exchange wii u ids and have a web sex session via wii u chat
jd room chat room [private] created by jd1531
being alone ...........................................................................................................................................................................
Conversation101 chat room [public] created by Keeva17
To converse without being objectified to sexual or verbal harassment.. This chat is to actually get to know someone for who they are..
14-17 bisexual- lesbian chat room [public] created by Youngduff
Make friends chat as long as you want find people that u know u can look toward to meeting one day
The Chill Chat Room chat room [public] created by Tbone9Pro
Laid back, Friendly Conversation, Whatever!
Curiously bi curious females fantasy chat room [public] created by Awesomenessly
Curiously bi curious females fantasy eating strap ons gingerly ffm threesome
Lonely Teens 13-15 chat room [public] created by xcodiex
Lonely? Well, you are welcome here!
FRIENDSHIP LOVE AND MUSICAL chat room [public] created by Chienmae
It is where we can find our best match and true love
MusicRuler chat room [public] created by Musichatter
all about music stuff what you like about music is in here
Girl and one guy chat chat room [public] created by BenLon16
Any girls just wanna chat this is where to be, also i'm here
10 to 13 chatzz chat room [public] created by XxBamitzSallyxX
Mangat chat room [private] created by mangat2016
I am here for make new honest friends
12 year old and up only chat room [public] created by pandi5443
I'm bored and want to talk to someone :P
horny10101 chat room [public] created by boy10101
for the hornyest of the horny sex talk is what we look for here
SEEKING PAYPIGS AND PAYPAL TRIBUTES chat room [public] created by TeenGoddess
emo boy looking 4 a gf chat room [public] created by nathanboss
k9 lover chat room [public] created by zoeytaylor
i love dogs with big wet dicks
necked pichers chat room [public] created by nathanboss
girl used and abused chat room [public] created by Girl18foru
Young girl gangbang dirty men use me
For Pregnant Teens chat room [public] created by BridgettLadybug
This is a room for new pregnant teens to share information and inspiration.
Vickey and Nautika chat chat room [private] created by KawaiiPastelKitty
chat for awesome people chat room [public] created by Natasharai
For awesome people; the topics are unlimited, as long as you don't talk about sexual acts or curse.
If you wanna date chat room [public] created by Sissycole11
If you wanna find someone to date come here
young boy4olderman chat room [public] created by bertho60
know each other, young like older man
BLEA 729 chat room [private] created by Chung7294
BLEA study group and info board
Singles needed chat room [public] created by StealthyWolf
For any singles (singles relax, don't share content)
sarahj16 chat room [private] created by sarahj16
this is my room for me and my friends
Anthony padilla lovers chat room [public] created by maddypadilla
to support smosh and to show love to anthony padilla and ian hecox
swingers party sutton chat room [private] created by Dorian198585
Swingers Party Sex orgy love bbw Female male couple less gay tits pussi throat bigger no rules licking
sissymanila chat room [public] created by mikemike3
a place to meet ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
yaoi boys chat room chat room [public] created by GaleYang
This room is for gay boys who like yaoi. RP is welcomed!
Deka chat room chat room [public] created by dekaron
Миний нээсэн чатад тавтай морилно уу!
baby chat for teen or younger babys chat room [public] created by colemcbee
for teen or younger girls and boy that act like babys
Looking for a older guy chat room [public] created by Steph11111
I would like to find a guy in which is older than 29 and want to get to know a 19 yr old girl
Lord Herobrine chat room [public] created by 4ng3la
No inappropriate behaviour or spamming and mean jokes or else kicked out If u do mean things and on your 3rd warning u get 1 more warning and BOOM BANNED you may make some nice friends ENJOY PEOPLE REMINDER: Caps = allowed :)
sunrise is better than sunset chat room [public] created by YonaSYS
I'm waiting for you a cup of coffee in my hands sitting on the porch one small cat in my lap watching the sunrise ...
warmguy chat room [public] created by hornnyyyguy
wanna get warm? , come in my blanket ! :)
mzansi natural life chat room [public] created by 4five
These for open minded african sexual explore
cute chtroom chat room [public] created by candeycanes
it is for people who like cute things
Khusus cw sange chat room [public] created by facesa
CW sange Join sini ,Jakarta barat
GL Chat chat room [public] created by faithgirl2002
For all GL's. (Robin Jones Gunn) :)
dating105 chat room [public] created by Tanyaradzwa105
boy and girls in different countries must meet
Female Dog Lovers chat room [public] created by restles2468
This is a room for females who are interested/curious about K9 love.I'm very experienced and can help you get started. Give me a buzz if you are interested.
i am seeking sub slave chat room [public] created by MadameAllyna
Who can be my property.. if you wish to be my slave.leave your e mail address and expect few details
Looking for spliff chat room [public] created by xMatxxx
Looking for spliff contact at the chat
CD Sissy Slave chat room [public] created by CDTiffany
CD Sissy Slave looking for owner
youngwomen4oldermen chat room [public] created by mrmassage19604u2
a place for young women who love older men to meet and chat
conto chat room [private] created by slashingskin
this chat is only for two for writing things
contoana chat room [private] created by anasonhadora
this chat is for two only for writing things
Vijay143 chat room [public] created by vijay1947
MalaysiaSeks chat room [public] created by Hafiz35
bagi mereka yang mencari teman untuk bersuka ria. bagi mereka yang mencari teman untuk bersuka ria. bagi mereka yang mencari teman untuk bersuka ria. bagi mereka yang mencari teman untuk bersuka ria
BIG sextings chat room [public] created by ammyoberoi
basically for those who need to find a girl so desperate at least two times a day :) ;)
weebcam only chat room [public] created by Felix192837465
use weebcamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Fresh Chat room chat room [public] created by KamranHaider00
Hii This chat room For All chathour member join this and became friend butt plzzz no dirty talk thanks ♡♡
kimer12 chat room [public] created by kimer12
i'm looking for relationship and friendship
Untold Domain chat room [public] created by NamelessGod
A place that does not exist. A place forgotten by existence itself.
MisterHatesBarandGrill chat room [public] created by MisterHate34
Open to Ladies only that have profile pics
Teen Littles -Babies- chat room [public] created by babysammy1105
its for people who love to be little again and be with people like them
video games by wolfman22oak chat room [public] created by wolfman22oak
we talk about lots have fun wooooooooooooooooooo!
11 year olds single chat room [public] created by anna2468
meet and chat with other you like
sexua gays chat room [public] created by jayoung55
this is for gays who are looking for sexual things
Akward is Always OKay chat room [public] created by LittleLilac
Im really akward and shy when meeting new people so here is a chat for everyone else that has the same problem :3
True love search chat room [public] created by riya2500
Am searching for a true love who will be with me forever.
patiences friends chat room chat room [public] created by patiencerog
for friends to hangout and spend time with each other
naughty shy chat chat room [public] created by inging1
a place to relax and have fun a place to relax and have fun a place to relax and have fun a place to relax and have fun a place to relax and have fun a place to relax and have fun a place to relax and have fun
From 12 till 14 years old gays chat room [public] created by CarlMaystone
Just chatting make more friends
Sexchat69 chat room [public] created by Aryan1954
Come n let's sex chat to enjoy n more fun
talk about me chat chat room [public] created by elise1232
talk about anything you want about me
lilslipp chat room [private] created by lilslipp
come mess with me and have alot of fun with me
skype m chat room [public] created by lilslipp
if you wanna skype me i have a big black dvck so lets have fun
Natural healing chat room [public] created by KathMc
People who believe in natural healings
Hellow everyone chat room [public] created by 15mDamien
my hub chat room [public] created by lynnaxx
my life,funny things, every one was aloowed but only one can see me naked'''
fdjhfldhflh chat room [public] created by JasonP2589
big and a lot of people kdjdfsfklndfjkskldj
My little Pony friends chat room [public] created by Princessfoxy7
No clopfics cloppers aloud! Let's have a nice chat with the host, me, Princess Foxy!
Kaciis chat room [private] created by Kaciix
A room to chat to friends in peace.
lez looking 4 relationship chat room [public] created by darkshadow111
can find the right gf if u want
XOXOXOXOX chat room [public] created by karthikDELHi
saloongirl chat room [public] created by saloongirl
I think the name says it all! come on in and join me!
show and make me you slave girls chat room [public] created by funfosh75
I'm new here and would love for a beautiful woman to be my boss or have fun!
mistresscfgyghjv chat room [public] created by joey4u2c
vjhkjblnkmldfhsfjchamoun. qJ17 YEAR OLD FUK
dirty talk adult chat room [public] created by funfosh75
frustrated females who need to let it out. I will be you pet slave and you can make me do things kin nky!!!!!
preeti chat room [public] created by sk94
i am so sexy i want any lady..................................................................................................................................
feelinweird chat room [public] created by Lola1232
hey guys ^^ say anything you want in here
Strip game on cam chat room [public] created by johnabraham122333
lets play a strip game! ill dress up and strip one by one and jerk in the end..straight , gay, lesbian ,bi,trans all allowed
help me to suicide chat room [public] created by zoeytaylor
help me to kill myself for you
Science and Philosophy chat room [public] created by RyukaQhrien
Discuss branches & stuff, scientific method etc.
DOM-v-sub chat room [public] created by HotFirefighter
if u are real Dom or sub or wanna be ,,join us
dumbpeoplenotalowed chat room [private] created by sexyone198
no dumb or mean people not allowed
MONCTONN chat room [public] created by mark2333
Gayboys12 chat room [public] created by Hotboy5050
A chat room for young homosexual boys to chat
Marty n Seaside Room chat room [public] created by MartyP1966
Please lets get to know each other
Bands Bands and more bandsss chat room [public] created by reynahope14
People who love bands c: come join this chat to talk about all the amazing bands in the wooorrrrrlllllddddd!!!
Realm of Roleplay chat room [private] created by ShiraSnow
First off, If you would like to join in the Realm of Roleplay, please IM the admin or the mods for permission to enter. Respect the Realm of Roleplay admins for the decisions they make. Excessive offenders will be exempt from the warn/ban rule and will be banned at the Realm of Roleplay admins discretion. All admins of the Realm of Roleplay reserve the right to ban someone if they feel it is necessary. Offensive, rude and unwanted behavior may cause you to get banned from this chat room without warning. The following Topics should be avoided and can result in being banned from the Realm of Roleplay: Explicit sexual/pornographic talk, targetting/harassment towards other chatters, racist comments and remarks. For issues that can not be resolved amongst the parties involved, please consult an admin. It is highly encouraged to provide screen captures of such incidents. Your name will be kept confidential in all behavior reports. Spamming, flooding, rudeness, name calling, harassing or threatening other chatters and rude or disruptive comments/actions WILL NOT be tolerated. Debates / arguments are okay, as long as they don't cause chaos, degrade others, or profanity directed at others. It will be up to the Realm of Roleplay admins to determine when an argument has gone beyond that point then all parties involved will be warned/banned. If you are banned and continue to find ways in around the ban, this will result in further bans being placed and possible extension of ban time. When being corrected by the Realm of Roleplay admin(s), please do not argue with them in Main Chat. You may request to IM them about it, however arguing in main chat is disruptive and causes a small situation to become a major one. When another chatter is being corrected by an admin, please DO NOT GET INVOLVED unless asked by said admin(s). Allow them to do their job.
Just fine chat room [private] created by Clb1976
Looking for a sexy little thing to rock my world been married to long now need hot ass to teach me some shit
9 year old girls chat room [public] created by GraceRock
Only9 year old girls are aloud and no swearing
looking for phone play chat room [public] created by usccforplay
anyone want to play on the phone
hot sexting chat room [public] created by Horrrrnyas
hot sex texting . I am a horny as f
awesome awesome awesome chat room [private] created by Viking6078
awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome
Fk on Gmod music chat room [private] created by k0no
adadadadadadadadadasdfghjkl;' ';lkjhgfddfghjkl;lkjhgfdfghjkl;lkjhgfddfghjkl;';lkjhgffghjkl;';lkjhgffghjkl;';lkjhg
mi familia chat room [private] created by XxlunnanekoxX
cause this is familia and i love you guys very much :D
Unlimited Roleplay chat room [public] created by smutwriter
A chat to find people to role play here and to arrange meet ups on other sites.
just sexy chat chat room [public] created by Sexybee44
looking for hot steam chat per innocent and fun just hot fun chat
emmanuel chat room chat room [public] created by Eman4
anything blablabalablaalabalbal
groupSeXXX chat room [public] created by FSeXXX
Welcome to everyone....anytime
dating 13-15 chat room [public] created by bry679
just a chat room for people who are single only 13-15 no prev or nasty stuff if you see it block it and let me know
GroupFunX chat room [public] created by FSeXXX
welcome for alltype of fun......anytime
bowling green ky and citys or counties around here chat room [public] created by bgkygirl1994
this is for every one that is in bowling green ky or around or close to bowling green ky but really any one can join
to all my friends chat room [private] created by bgkygirl1994
this one is to all my friends that are only on my friends list
spanking lovers chat room [public] created by subboy00
if u like to spank or spanked come on its ur home
paypiggys chat room [public] created by mistressCicee
im the girl you want to spend all your hard earned money on. if you thin you got what it takes, join me. (;
Antigua Hookup chat room [public] created by Danzdd
This room is for people located in Antigua who want to whatsapp, chat and hook up with each other..
Cookeville Sex chat room [public] created by ken42030
place to have fun and get together for sex
hardballers chat room [public] created by thuglifenp
to talk to each other through the life of the internet sjldhvljasljgnlj ;awldvlgj;sdhvokj;lsh lsjafvjls NLKJ SBDvKLJ
porn bondage chat room [public] created by kenziebad18
hi join if need a slut 18 love it
kenzie chat room [private] created by kenziebad18
hkdsjfhkjdjslfiuidsjflkjlkjlskdjf stay out
naughty rp chat room [public] created by shadowfoxy
if u want to be naughty go ahead.
Lazy xD chat room [public] created by 0o0EmmaH0o0
Come and talk to other lazy people who just don't want to move xD
Daves rOOM111 chat room [public] created by slam999
k drama addicts chat room [public] created by starshy321
what's your best, what's your worst? let's talk k draaaaama
gaybeastsex chat room [public] created by jjlovell
People that are into animal sex.
Vamp Fans chat room [public] created by VampLoverXoXo
Where we can all express our love for vamp without anyone having any negative thoughts about it. If you say anything negative then just leave!
anyone whant to date a 12 year old chat room [public] created by leviricho
Im 12 and im looking for a girlfriend
llamas chat room [public] created by ladyididnt
if im on wrong site let me know not just ask for favours
bigkeys chat room [public] created by bigkeys
am looking for a rich sugar mummy to hook up with so i satisfy her as she provides to my needs
Tarun143 chat room [public] created by tarun1895
I need a hot aunties,,,,,,,,this is my first time,,,,I m pure top bisexual smart boy,,,,
Watchers Chat Room chat room [public] created by Raorah
This a place of secret Extra-Ordinary Growth,Progression and Success.A place where you Practise Doing what your Conscience tells you is right.A Place of Big Thinkers Specialist in Creating Positive,Forward looking Optimistic Pictures and Visualizes?
Annie Queen Lovers chat room [public] created by Anniequeen
hi guys my name is annie im from london and i want to chat with you so tell me what you want
you choose chat room [public] created by oktmusic
Talk about whatever you would like
marymillers friends only chat room [public] created by marymillerrocks
mullins johns creek kimper pikevill elcron city and people i have on face book only
Chat Hour HQ chat room [public] created by YourBoyAlex
Every user is invited. Keep it Clean and fun.
Make Money Online - ADULTS ONLY chat room [public] created by ayumipiedotcom
Come chat and share hints and tips. Visit Ayumipie's special expert realm. ADULTS ONLY 18+
looking for single clean boys chat room [public] created by Julia2002
any boys single and are clean im looking for someone to talk to and mabey have a relationship with.
HellsingChat chat room [public] created by deathandstones
A Girls place chat room [public] created by YourBoyAlex
All girls welcome and enjoy Have fun stay as long as you want
no ones perfect chat room [public] created by perfectNOPE101
no description to explain this chat room its free to your choice on what to talk about
hot guy teens chat room [public] created by KaylaM0328
for guys that are single and are looking for girls 18 and lower
Actual Anime Chat Room chat room [public] created by saramarieshara
I will not put a description.........................................................................................................................
bbc come see chat room [public] created by jamiacandic
everyone welcome join my room at http://jamiacandic.cammodels.com
Milfy chat room [public] created by 1212sa
Sexy milfs very welcome fuvk me big time
Iran chat love chat room [public] created by rozegaretanha
مکانی برای با هم بودن بی ادبی برابر بلاک خواهشا رعایت کنید
SINGAPOREANS101 chat room [public] created by akisex146
Taboooo chat chat room [public] created by johnhanson470
Young, chat about your fantasies with young.................................
pokemon geeks chat room [public] created by musicalgamer10
i love pokemon so i consiter me a geek if you love poekemon join to chat about pokemon names and more than pokemon fun chats to
Doctor Who Fan Club chat room [public] created by TheDoctor25
This room is for Doctor Who fans ONLY.
My House come in chat room [public] created by blondy333
here lives passion and love a wife that needs lots of loving
Transgender Dysphoria chat room [public] created by MichaelaJamieWay
Chat creator:MichaelaJamieWay. A place for transgenders to hang out and chat, and get to know one another. Rules:First and foremost you have a block button use it aside from that. No spamming, sex seeking,any time of sexual assault jokes. Treat others the way you'd like to be treated, we are all human. I'm lookin' for mods, so if you think you'd like to be a mod, whirl me an IM, yeah?
scottsdale chat chat room [public] created by smoothy367
anyone from around az or scottsdale
Shiras Den chat room [public] created by ShiraSnow
My cozy house. Ask for permission to enter!
Evermore Manor chat room [public] created by LordEvermore
Welcome to my home. This house has been in my family for generations.
KiK nudes chat room [public] created by Thumbsup27
this is were guy and girls come to trade and have fun sexting
sams fun club for cool chicks chat room [public] created by samrather
sam rathers fun club for cool chicks
11 to 12 year old bf or gf chat room [public] created by coolgirliscool
this is a chat room for 11 to 12 year olds who want to get out there and talk with some more 11 or 12 year olds no sex talk at all
Rodeo chat room [public] created by BullRiderChic
Just a room where rodeo guys and gals can meet, share stories or make new connections. Please no harassing or you will be kicked out.
teens and pre-teens only chat room chat room [public] created by Remi22BRUH
no adults. this is where us teens and pre-teens meet. nothing too sexual or pervy tho.
KANNADATELUGUTAMILTEAM chat room [public] created by bangalorewaves
daddy has a room chat room [private] created by daddy14
for missarah today from daddy14
Imaginareum chat room [public] created by LordEvermore
Inspired by Nightwish's Imaginareum, roleplay is encouraged but remember not to cause too much chaos.
White Knight chat room [private] created by LordEvermore
Injustice is everywhere. Injustice will not be ignored.
Round Table chat room [private] created by LordEvermore
Inspired by King Arthur's round table, This chat is made only for certain individuals
Tavern chat room [public] created by LordEvermore
Parched? Come in for a drink or two!
Evermore Tavern chat room [public] created by LordEvermore
Parched? Come in for a drink or two!
Sweet treats chat room [public] created by shelliabunny23
if you like treats and like talking to people come to my chatroom
Frriendly chat chat room [public] created by shelliabunny23
looking for a friend come to my chatroom and absouluetly no bad words
muffins chat room [public] created by themuffinblob
i like muffins... date me. just kidding you guys are probably hoes anyways.
oj chat room [public] created by Ojeaburu
I like making freind and relationship always than
crazy roleplayers chat room [public] created by fireshardMoon
just a few insane roleplayers. that's it.
i need a girl friend girls come chat room [public] created by camtheman7676
awesome love dnjknkjcjwcnkjckwjnkjcwnjwcnkjcnwkjncwkjwc
My apartment building chat room [private] created by irishjacob
This is were I live. have a seat, grab a drink and relax. bedroom there, bathroom there, kitchen here, living room here, armory over there. nothing special. I have a TV, radio, and lap top. that should pretty much cover everything. if you are reading this just IM me and I will open the door for you. make yourself at home and enjoy my place.
roleplay porn bondage hogtied the compnys chat room [public] created by kenziebad18
join I will pull dido night so do don't get caught I don't want my mom know my bf gave me it
to cool to be you chat room [public] created by MBEA
hello welcome to my chat room I would like to start saying my name is mbea and yeah s any question ask me or somebody in the chat room thank u , and you for coming
Angie room chat room [private] created by anna0810
Private room for friends that I have made here
Boredom talks chat room [public] created by KittyKatty323
Just me being bored and wanting to chat
Bakunawa chat room [private] created by shewolfe214
Only for my rp partners. Ones who are cool and are amazing.
littlebodybigheart chat room [private] created by Axdromeda
I just made this random thing.................................................................................................
want ti hang now chat room [public] created by justin84
i wanna talk to girls about hangin at a park right now
Mike Room 101 chat room [public] created by bluemikef
Hi, I'm Mike, 29, English but living in Melbourne. Looking for a girl to talk to and hang out in Melbourne. Please come say hi :)
Sensual play chat room [private] created by Sammy17yr
to buildup slowly - taking our time
MALAYALAM ADULT CHAT chat room [public] created by sagarelias
Maldive chat room [public] created by fazsam
anyone interested in discussing Maldivian people
BoysWhoPlzDads chat room [public] created by domdad4trainingboy
Adult Chat! Dads looking for all types of boys.
UrWife001 chat room [public] created by UrWife001
I am a pretty simple person who likes to have fun and offers the same to her companion. I do tend to be a little shy in the early going but with right person it goes away pretty quickly,I am caring, romantic,honest, no game of bs kind of woman.
Just a chat room for kids chat room [public] created by joshuaccollins
Nobody needs to join if they dont want to just join if you want
Random chat room. chat room [public] created by joshuaccollins
It turns i can make one but i did figure it out so join if you want but anyway
Joshs chat room chat room [public] created by joshuaccollins
Made this so i could talk to people
Jay chat chat room [public] created by lovejay1105
when we talk we talk and we have fun and be nice and sometimes bitchy
bilik hony chat room [private] created by honylicious
Open! Respect! Privacy! adult only
david112 chat room [private] created by asabove
my name is david im here for a date today with jen
romantic chat sexuel chat room [public] created by s62025
lovingsexy brave blondecut hot loves to have sex
Welmar chat room [public] created by welmar0999
.I love restaurant,camping,snuggling by a campfire & making love under the stars,or in the confines of a cosy tent setting. Either way its a very sensual way to spend a great weekend.My other interest include swimming, reading novels,writting poems, cooking, movies, riding, boating & fishing in the Gulf. I like the simple things in life.What's important is being true to who you are & not being afraid to show it. I value Humanitarian works and charity and this is the reason why I have dedicated myself into it.I have a strong faith in God and would want someone with the same belief.Someone that can be a comfort to me & wouldn't be afraid to learn on me for the same. Honesty is very important.I'm looking for someone that is not afraid to show open affection. I'm a little bit shy and I need someone that is easy to talk to until we get better aquainted. I want someone that is positive and loves life, looks on the bright side.I'm loyal and honest. Most of all I want to have a partner thats just that,a partner. I'm looking for a man thats as good a friend as they are a lover.That combination along with honesty & a strong faith in God go along way in a successful relationship.I'm not a woman of unlimited worldly means,but I am true to the core. A true friend & faithful to the man that shares my values. Family, friends, faith & a strong desire to satisfy my man both physically & emotionally.
dead on the inside chat room [private] created by happylittlepill
if you're an odd type of person, then come ay hi. TEENS ONLY!!!
ya mums room chat room [private] created by polymo0rph
yo mumma says hi - wat 30 characters? max?
Rubberglove chat room [public] created by Elviraglove
Nice long or normal rubber/latex glove fetish stories and role play and everything els that concerns rubber or latex gloves.
Turnt chat room [public] created by alex965
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. No spamming..
dare440 chat room [public] created by kittycat240
CTI Encryptor Decrypror required chat room [public] created by sf335
only AES 256 bit messages allowed.
Sweet USA chat room [public] created by GetLaid34
No offensive language...or u will be banned! I'm just seeking for friendly chat...
Rev Up Those Fryers chat room [public] created by Blieshtift
For friends of blie :33 you must be a friend or acquaintance of blie or his close friends
myroom2003 chat room [public] created by chauncey2002
for people twelve and down ppsdvkfjfjawukgqw;hfwkldo'aifyo;asijiqso goidj9pvhsdopweru9hgoi[wehweg[gil;opnlpkmdfljnefeioeeiojptrpt[kotorelgt
CheIsea Teens chat room [public] created by cheiseateens
Hi! i don't really know what to write here but i just hope we can get to know eachother and may create an enviroment full of confidence and happiness!
8lack8all chat room [public] created by 8lack8all
Looking for openminded girl ready to spontanious freaky fun
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