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List of all user-created chat rooms #67
The Other side of the Pillow chat room [public] created by HyperADHDBoy
Im random, this is my chat room, go ahead,whatever.
Myspacerss chat room [public] created by LaVitaBella
If you have a myspace come in here and chat!
760 chat room [public] created by alvaradoc
girls and guys come talk and have some wild fun
Fading memories chat room [private] created by RahelLycain
In one simple gust of wind, his entire world was stolen away.
whoever wants in chat room [public] created by peteypiranha
this is the general chatroom its anything you want so.....
Doctor who and Torchwood chat room [public] created by NicoleHarkness
This is a chat room for anyone who loves or likes doctor who and torchwood
JUGGALO FAMILY chat room [public] created by ninjaforlife
all juggalos and juggaletts from around the globe to get right! ninja!
Just Talk Dirty chat room [public] created by MarkMiles
Do whatever the hell you want
Martial Mixed arts chat room [public] created by sxetor
MMA, Vale todo, wrestling, lucha libre, kick boxing, boxing, BJJ...
greek chat room [public] created by peacegirl76
if u are greek please come and join
hott and naughty chat room [public] created by mitchy541
extremely explicit. all dirty details and fantasy's welcome hope to hear form some of your freaks out there
rollu chat room [private] created by rollu
wisconsin bi gay latin chat chat room [public] created by jairooo
conosco bis y gays en todo wisconsin
HUGG chat room [public] created by sexybbxx
webca chat room [public] created by jameshn
hi every beautiful girls . i want to make friend with you...
get freaky and dont be scared to chat room [public] created by yungbyrd1
for ladies who wanna chat wit me only
OMG FUN FUN CHAT 555 chat room [private] created by cerinity
u like korea chat room [public] created by rmerajoon
for those who like Korea and want to makes friends with Koreans
weirclob chat room [private] created by supperlove4mii
i am a business woman ,,, import and exporter... i wanna meet business people who understand , honest
traveler chat room [public] created by mohfl2000
searching for the country that i can live in harmony and peace with no war
Twilight Roleplay chat room [public] created by BellaMarieCullen
We roleplay about Twilight the series: books and movies. However, I am the only Bella and there can only be one of each character.
heart chat room [public] created by nakhoda2011
just coming for love, that is all
brother sister love chat room [public] created by stevesasser
brothers and sisters who love each other in every way
Cd Ts gay and fem guys in miami fl chat room [public] created by dasie21
any cd,ts gay or fem guys in miami or any were that want to chat come in and let talk
Chinese in Gibraltar chat room [public] created by Kamatz
Chinese who are currently resides in Gibraltar or workign in Gibraltar. Topic is about how to get a work permit/ residency and daily life in Gibraltar.
guys for gays chat room [public] created by jaijueti
guys who wants gay cam2cam on webcam
EmmaWatson and FuzzGirls chat room chat room [public] created by EmmaWatson09
where we can chat and have fun!
cutegirl chat room [public] created by oldmayhem
find with cute girls in this websites, only cute beautiful girls allowed
hook up for 12 year olds chat room [public] created by micklovin
eny one how want to get hooked up wiyh a girl or boy you just have to be 12 years old
Gay Uncensored chat room [public] created by RobberDanny
A room to let go and say what you want
Roleplay101 chat room [public] created by KBaby420
this room is for anyone who wants to get down and dirty. online only. No cams no yahoo no msn no nothing.
Just Chill Out chat room [public] created by Luckyduckylucas
just com here and talk about anything, Anyone can come in, no rules, really dont care what u guys say its just a room so you can talk and chill.
lesbian finding love chat room [public] created by icegirl69
All lesbian welcome have fun-wellcome to use this room BUT any chatters who post their email addresses or external links or insulting other chatters is strictly prohibited and any chatters that break the rules will get ban by our moderators
ME awsome chat room [public] created by rosesse
hi,what's this is so kew; :):):):):):):):):):):):):))::)):):))P))P)P)P)P)P)P)P))P)P)P))P)P)P)P)P)P)P)PP)P)P)P)P)
Fight chat chat room [public] created by iAmJah
to give and get fighting tips. anyone welcome. will be kicked if misusing the chat room
Adult Baby chat room [public] created by poopsamy
For lovers of nappy / diaper wearing / using.
Cultist chatroom chat room [public] created by Deathclok
I dont know about you but im gettin sick of these weirdtown weirdos F***ing up my chat so this is a room for said crazys
canibus club chat room [public] created by derick14
we talk about weed all day and how much we love it
13-20 chat room [public] created by Nadeeyasirenita
This Room is only For people who want to Find Friend or love.Thanks..Hope u all enjoy joining this room..
Naturally F-cked chat room [private] created by lzuruKira
When all else fails....f-ck em.
home alone chat room [public] created by lolashley559bi21
hot curiouse an bi girls an hot guys like wanna join
Divine Stupidity chat room [private] created by lzuruKira
kerala chat chat room [public] created by nidhinpassion
wana chathgyjgyugfytffddfhgfjhgjhghghg
Spanish speakers chat room [private] created by Sexiimammi004263
People who speak spanish can go here
unbadboy chat room [public] created by minlovethu
all people love.but good all things is love,too
Juggalo and Juggalette family chat room [public] created by Dragonfire24
If your down for life come and chat
home alone romance chat room [public] created by bigboyluke
For everyone looking for a dirty chat room to trade pictures and have some fun
in cest chat room [public] created by dogger75
REAL STORIES AOUT REAL FAMILY mine is with me and my aunt all true no fakes
Ana Mia lifetyle chat room [public] created by tiffi46
just wanted to make a room for people dealing with ana and mia mainly but any i just want people to meet others that also have secrets and just stick together and let out everything on your mind.
my chatroom31 chat room [public] created by augernathalie
Im a sweet girl who specializes in sweet and charming hospitality. I have natural long hair, captivating eyes and a smile that lights up the room.I like going out and meeting new wat u waiting for hit me tru my YM: augernathalie lol...jk
Bloodlust chat room [private] created by SadisticAddiction
Exiled from Heaven, banished from Hell. Chaos and destruction forever follow the Angel who fell.
westwind111 chat room [private] created by animaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I really want to see muse in concert some day
animaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa chat room [public] created by animaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Hot bombs chat room [public] created by exoticsam
this is a room full of chat .... koool gals n' guys....
bi or lesbians chat room [public] created by Vickz12
any bi or lesbian girls wanna chat? :)
skype or msn cam2cam chat room [public] created by idram81
adult chat. do you have a cam? do you want to meet people from all the world?
muffin chat room [public] created by PrinceZeth
it is open to all so we must enjoy chatting to have a great orgasm hehe
ppl form libye chat room [public] created by bigkelvin7
just want to chat with ppl form libye
kakysule chat room [public] created by kakysule
we welcome world wide friends to chat with no discriminatory
s x t i me chat room [public] created by sexybbxx
double beds come and chat to diffrent people in these rooms
hiya chat room [private] created by sexybbxx
double beds come and chat to diffrent people in these rooms
hiya how are you all chat room [private] created by sexybbxx
double beds come and chat to diffrent people in these rooms
Mauritus chat room [public] created by nas12108
chat fun and anything
cyber intercors chat room [public] created by renzz1205
a room for any one who wants to have cyber intercors
My friends and me chat room [private] created by BabakOrujov
Salam dostlar! Xosh gelmisiniz! Feel you at home:-)) Hi buddies! Welcome! Wishing you a very happy life filled with all the things you enjoy the most.
Idaho Players chat room [public] created by Outlaw91964
Any1 interested in meeting other Idahoans for fun on cam, chat, or for hook-up
romatic chat room [public] created by wacko85
any one who want to know what a relationship all about
Favorite twilight charcter chat room [public] created by KaTeLyNn101
um.....u tlk about ur favorite twilight person and y u lyk them....???????????????????????????????????????
Great Blacks chat room [public] created by ELRoi
Meet with great black guys for the best of fun
Serious Sports - SS chat room [public] created by heartshunter
Hard Sport, Marshal Arts, Single Sport Games (no--> Football - Basketball - Volleyball - Handball and so) {For Professional Athletes}
hyderabad girls chat room [public] created by hyderhussain2003
hey this 23y male from hyderabad any female from hyderabad plz pm me only decent females plzzzz
money making chat room [public] created by ventom
who is interested in making money here
Randy room chat room [public] created by JayRandy
LETS FOOK! allllrightttt gigity gigity
sx babi chat room [public] created by sexybbxx
come to us and find out what comes
SINGLES welcome123 chat room [public] created by beezeze1
FREE CHAT42141 chat room [public] created by beezeze1
FREE CHAT DUH COME HERE NOW LOL JK XD.........................................
Gangs Chose chat room [public] created by Blood4lifehomie
all gangs talk yell fight all ov dat
Gangster in usa chat room [public] created by Blood4lifehomie
all gangs talk yell fight all ov dat
sxc chat room [public] created by barnsey180
anyone up 4 some fun join ;) sssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Gays Unite chat room [public] created by razorsunrize
self explainitory this is a room for all gay lez bi and trans people to come together and chat in a relaxing non bashing enviroment
E.S.T.L. CHATTER chat room [public] created by Kesha20
a cool room to relax to come to and talk to your friends. A place where you can come if you need help. A room for any and everybody to come.
Make money online for free chat room [public] created by MOney1005
learn how to make money online
me and emogirl chat room [public] created by emorose13213
hot girls only chat room [public] created by bmxbikerboy763
only hot girls pretty much says it so ya join this
Twilightzone cool kids only chat room [public] created by hotty6
allowed to talk about anything they want
romaniagirls chat room [public] created by markelian
beautifule girls and boys come here and enjoy us
Epic Stories. chat room [public] created by Lizzieg
Skateboard, Rock N Roll, Liq, 4chan and over 10,000 smiles.
Philosophy Politics Rock chat room [public] created by Lizzieg
a philosophical political enlightening chat
Enter chat room [public] created by Lizzieg
a philosophical political enlightening chat
Smells Like Teen Spirit chat room [public] created by Lizzieg
An enlightening, intellectual, Philisophical, Political chat
So tired of being lonely chat room [private] created by xSadone
Baby why don't you stay.......
snowy chat room [private] created by steng24
for me and my fellow frens all the outsiders wont be allowed to join this chat room.
Arabic101 chat room [public] created by salem75
arabs and non arabs users can join it for free
bams chat room chat room [public] created by ti4n08
for every one who want to chat with me if yu're able to speak english
all juggalettes and juggalos chat room [public] created by mzdarkjuggalette
i want all homies and fam to come to my new chat room. NO HATERS!!
MICRONESIAN chat room [public] created by sasami
calcutta crazy chat room [public] created by errorandfact
all calcutta people are welcome here to find friends or to waste time...watever
the real thing chat room [public] created by austianwoman
only real people should enter that chat Room because real people do real things
kwaito chat room [public] created by kapiyet
we can chat at this room.all you you are wellcome and make friends at this room.i am okahandja nice town to be.
Slash chat room [public] created by Slash97
Slash from Velvet Revolver room.
LA chat room [public] created by Slash97
Los Angeles chat, because Los Angeles is the best state.:) Come in, pls!:)
Cam2Cam-room chat room [public] created by arpeli
Room for those, who like to have some fun with eachother via webcams!!
frindship chat room [public] created by petrina01
to met with use frind in life. be kind people, i dont want distubence .ilike uyou all people.
jahangir chat room [private] created by mdjahangirali
hello im jahangir ali from hyderabad wana my friend
place chat chat room [private] created by vtgcti
used for more information about place in world
francass777 chat room [private] created by francass
4 Marriage and longlasting relationship
teens uk chat room [public] created by ryanmunday
for any age up to 18 if u live in surry then use this room
chat room for girls chat room [public] created by bohemia23
this chat room for those girls which r hot and want some action and this chat room is for those girls which r above 18 and less then 25
xxx sweet lady chat room [public] created by hadji1
boys and girls together funded up
maurituis chat room [public] created by karan31eyes
it is a chat room where maurirtians will feel at home
teens only room chat room [public] created by animecrazy
chat with other teens (only teens ;) )
for ages of 12- 13 chat room [public] created by gobby1997
if over 13 dont go on it! i hate it when older people go on chat rooms when they are not suppose to! ggggrrrr! just be 12 or 13! please. :)
Latin Females only chat room [public] created by WhiteDevil79
Country Boy looking for a Latin Lover in Chi-town. just moved here and i dont have any friends :(
EMO GIRLZ chat room [public] created by XXXlostemoXXX
just talk to gilz like u... well i hav to use 30 im goin to just type wat im thinkin...lets hope tht was enough
Rprprprprprprprp chat room [public] created by tohruXkyo
anyone like rps?....well come on in
single or not chat room [public] created by prichardd
Where users get to debate about the goods and bads of being single
IDK randomness chat room [public] created by XxMusicfreakxX14
random! lol :)) :P :P :P :P :P :P : P: P: P : P :P :P :P : P :P :P :P :P : P :P :P :P : P :P :P :P :P :P : P :P
Wolfs only chat room [public] created by VapWolf200
arabroom chat room [private] created by poplsh
hey every arab im faris elayan from egypt if you want bee my friend accpt now
xxx love dreams chat room [public] created by ayoub1991
wen you wanat to do samthing , you say no ...........wats gon on now M. .G
bi-curious girls chat room [public] created by sexieyez29
girls looking for something fun...lesbians guys
Boys looking 4 girls chat room [public] created by samyjoe
boys and girls can come and hook up i allow anything
Laras room chat room [private] created by LaritzaBr
If I invited you,please enter here to talk with me!
Talk till you drop chat room [public] created by jbmaniac234
Hey this is where guys, girls, or anybody come and interact with eachother. You talk about cool stuff. And I'll play match maker.
alexandria va chat room [public] created by jimmy1533
for girl and girllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Fractured Promises chat room [private] created by ForsakenDestiny
Even the strongest willed can be led astray.
cute and hot chat chat room [public] created by kawaiiemmie
talk to well......cute and hot people XP
kawaii love chat room [public] created by kawaiiemmie
for mostly people who are interested in japan,but generally for everyone
HACKERS CRIB chat room [public] created by temple2goddess666
Foot Fetish11 chat room [public] created by jen9987
anyone who loves feet, toes, soles of woman!
Fjdgfkwjgkdbjg chat room [public] created by JuliaTan
Nothing just chat and chat and chat .
naughty room and webcam chat room [public] created by SamCorbett
Girls and boys welcome u hv 2 hv webcams 2
joey chat room [public] created by joeboy2006
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jesary1s room chat room [public] created by jesary
i need female and i need serious relationship
aberdeen chat chat room [public] created by coopy
fit like min ken cme join the fun min
shadoooo chat room [public] created by shado77
love room hoobes joke every thing
cougar women chat room [public] created by toni89
this room is for older n younger people to get to know each other and explore
ashlens chat room chat room [public] created by ashlenx16
come and injoy hnaging out and haveing so much fun with me
16-18 chatroom chat room [public] created by mahmoud213
this room is for the teens that 16-18 old only
buffalo ny chat room [public] created by tknsn
all people frm buffalo or who ever visit
lookin for new ppl chat room [public] created by Tanto87
Just got back from in the prosece of moving.trying to get my life back in order.
enterprize world chat room [public] created by enterprizeworld
Became a menber right now,and join us to share any ideas it may be usefull to our group. Anyone is Welcome to group,even your friends. Enterprizeworld help recognizes the challenges that face our world, and believes in the people and organizations working to solve them. Our vision is to create new loyalty transactions, focused people, and significantly more donations to social, economic and humanitarian causes by becoming a hub network in the developing global loyalty-world industry. more...
gayt chat room [private] created by gayj09
for gaybuddies and phone numbers
New in London and open-mind people chat room [public] created by straigthbi85
Are you new in london? You need to meet friends? People with open mind? without prejudice? GO IN!! Come on!
ForLesbiansOnlyThisIsOur chat room [public] created by TheHeartLessOne
this is a chat where gay women can express themselves
am single and searching chat room [public] created by mike0009
for those who are single and searching...
Katy Tx Dating chat room [public] created by HorsesEatBabies
da beatdown room chat room [public] created by getmoney8732
for any women dat aint on no bullshit
sweet 18 guyz and chicks chat room [public] created by baaba
just teenagers from around the world to talk about life.
viper2683 chat room [public] created by Viper2683
this room is for chatters of any kind and you will be monitered
only ksa khobar chat room [public] created by ninoksa
relation ships blablablablabalablabal kjtgntiorkmbf
Woh want C2C chat room [public] created by Sweetkid
all boys and girls they wanna c2c talk here^^
Umm my room chat room [public] created by Rickypg12
anybody that wants to tlk about nething come here i guess
horneychatroom chat room [public] created by size22C
for horney girls and guys that want to talk dirty and there is no cencoring on anthing people sent out
ALL AFRICA chat room [public] created by primal4life
SANTA TERASE OFFICAL CHAT chat room [public] created by Arctic2365
For all the clicks,end every body who wants to meet new people at ST.
SANTA TERESA CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by Arctic2365
For all the students at Santa Teresa high School.
melissajorgensonsroom chat room [public] created by melissajorgenson
come to my room if u wanna know me :)
bakugan chat chat room [public] created by funkyboy1175
brawlers come chat in this cool cat room made for brawlerssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss just like you!
Hazels-Dark Room chat room [private] created by HazelRevira
Come on in and sit a spell, but do watch your step, the last stop is hell.
girls flurting wif boyz chat room [public] created by ROSiE641
u r all welcome we can chill out and flirt and do anything u wont. just reamber be kool.
emo goth punk chat room [public] created by emotive
this chat roomis al about EMO and PUNK OR Gothic style and who like to be PUNK Gothic EMO ALL wallcome to join say anything what u like be cool ║◙▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒◙║ ║◙▒▒ĶAll What You have To Do Is chat that it :)
mature erotic chat chat room [public] created by lx90
looking to chat with mature married ladies over 35 for erotic chat
English Learning chat room [public] created by FastCrash
English Learning chat room. I'd like to study english, coz i wanna fly in UK and live there... that's why i need to learn it, if u will speak with me, i will learn it faster
Hot teen singles 14-17 years chat room [public] created by knovotny
for single teens 14, 15, 16, 17 years old to come meet other hot singles
Iris chat room [private] created by dibika
Iris yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
jijo chat room [private] created by jijo76
welcome to chat .try to know each other.
cute girls only chat room [public] created by gloryall3x
I'm bi and like girls so any cute girls out there come on in and make a convo <3 make it hot
handsome man chat room [public] created by joethongchaihi5com
who is a beautiful girl please come here
LuxuryHeavenLife chat room [private] created by LuxuryLady
Join In this room if you like to have a heaven Life with me..
angara chat room [private] created by saudager
this is a chat room inviting only vergin girls
Arab people chat room [public] created by wdoutname
for all arab people only :egypt,sudan,KSA,UAE,Qatar,Palestine,.....ETC
EmoAllowed chat room [public] created by XDaniXTheXGothX
For emos and goths allowed! Come here to chat, rp talk about music! Do what you want and chill! No rules or anything!
Ottawa Room chat room [public] created by phunguy
A chat room for people from Ottawa
iyklee chat room [public] created by mushow
I'm Iyklee nice to meet as best friend,love,in all intertainment iven when the sky's blue,
GUITARISTS chat room [public] created by bigmarcus
For all types of guitar players & musicians to swap ideas , tips ,music ect
Kuties chat room [private] created by Daysimondragon
its for single people looking for a boy frend or girl frend
marshall islands chat room [public] created by YOKWE123
marshallese people YOKWE YUK come in and have a good time please do not talk bad to each other and respect please KOMMOL
chat for 14year olds chat room [public] created by HannahBabex
people who are 14 boys and girls to date and miz aswell xx
freely chat for any one chat room [public] created by sexytina198
a place where u can come and talk about any thing to any one and be open about feelings and relationships if u need help ask me and i can give u some advice.
kid chat room [public] created by way2kool4u
jhjuhh hgbvgb gvg tbnjthj6ub5hrtbpuhybhr bhpuftbhuthhbdbhbh6uijhoij[ijjpihjygygfyuv gyvgf yghhgftgvtyftfitfifiov igghfith gifigg gfggtfvgtftyfgvb giyfigbvtfgviytfiftftffrtfifrtf tftfr
somalia gabdho iyo wiilal chat room [public] created by mohamedyare
somalia ayaan ugu talagalay reer xamar wixii somalia sheegta oo dhan
Sports International chat chat room [public] created by jbaby2222
this room is for just a great chat about the fav teams and maybe much more. Maybe you will find that it is much more than just a sports chat! hope you will enjoy this:)
world of warcraft 413 chat room [public] created by badboy413
having convo. about how good the game is and give info to others that maybe they dont know
people who actually want to talk chat room [public] created by hollywoodundeadpwns
for people who actually want to talk rather than just spam
connect 2 married chat room [public] created by mrband
all the pp interessed just plz for merried
sudanese at uae chat room [public] created by ramitai
all sudanese at uae girls and boys sooooooooo come here now
MUSE MUSE MUSE chat room [public] created by animaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
For anyone who loves muse and matthew bellamy!
17 AND UNDER. CHAT ROOMS chat room [public] created by DesiraeCheyenne
jesus is lord chat room [public] created by milland
i have see that yahoo have taking everybody so far more grace to god for given them the srength to descuver
looking in Pa chat room [public] created by HorneyJohn28
Looking to meet up with people in Pennsylvania for some kinky fun.
japann chat room [public] created by brahim066
this room is for the old world and exactly girls and women japonais
Worcester united kingdoms chat room [public] created by karl89uk
Worcestershire in the united kingdom only
Chat for Taboo Fetish Roleplayers chat room [public] created by Brie23
Taboo fetish anyone? Aubrie23 here, looking for a good rp "keep it in the family" is my motto. Got a dirty fantasy about little sis, or dear mom? Even your auntie with the nice rack. I'm up for it.
Chat room for teen that want a relationship chat room [public] created by Foxygirl111
its for u to find young love and for u to find that girl/guy that u need and it is not for any sick people
-glare- chat room [private] created by CaptainHitsugaya
scene rainbow chat chat room [public] created by loveissuicide
just go and find out and this place is awesome and im a guy who just likes to be myself and dont judge u r who u r
k9luv chat room [public] created by Jet69
for anyone inti or curious about k9 luv
Arizona in the desert chat room [public] created by sweetpea3180
I'm in Arizona, where are you?
Chat Rat chat room [public] created by MOUZEY
for 12-15 year old singles wanting to hook up
Korean superjunior chat room [public] created by kangin
anyone who like korea star such as superjunior or u are korean
Roleplay - Dirty talk chat room [public] created by daddyxx
Roleplay naughty talk - enter if you dare
Scene Chatzzz chat room [public] created by preciouspro
If you have the scene style this is definately the room for you :) ;)
zolika88 chat room [public] created by zolika88
hy cam masztiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Bi hook up chat room [public] created by sexc1ne
Meet somone you might like, and see where it takes you. Who knows what could happen.
lebanese mennnn only chat room [public] created by patricianurse
looking for hot candian lebanese men
sensuall chat chat room [public] created by kyree78
here for people who love to talk about pleasure
Shameless Pleasure chat room [private] created by Kuronue
Do you like what you see or do you wish it was me?
real lover guys chat room [public] created by Shirzada
i want to find my dreamgirl who will be that lady you you you or you
pfc adams chat room [private] created by pfcadams
just to talk and get to no eachother
lovepasker chat room [public] created by lovepasker
i love from a women that need real love
Wifeand husband sharing chat room [public] created by mattking
for guys who like to share or woman who have husbands that talk about sharing them
el lugar de natasha chat room [public] created by natashakaljanova
para hablantes del espaņol. Vamos a conocernos. No estais de acuerdo?
young4mature chat room [public] created by niceguy21m
This is a chatroom for the young who loves matures men.Enjoy
Just Chat-NC chat room [public] created by jamcloset
Just people getting to know one-another. Preferably in NC.
girls looking for older men chat room [public] created by shaun4yng
a chat room for girls looking for men not boys
LA people chat room [public] created by 14yearoldchristina
this room is for teens only!!! this is 4 teens in LA who wanna talk join now!!!
emo and goths chat room [public] created by xXemoXsjhXx
this chat room is for emo and goths only but that only if u want to chat here
tony rooooooooooooooom chat room [public] created by tony58100
hi to all ... I don’t wanna make you face this world alone
cool people only that means you chat room [public] created by hssroro
cool peoples only that means you chat room [public] created by hssroro
nintendo ds chatroom chat room [public] created by Tjonline1991
post your friend codes here. finally theres a chat for the nintendo ds.
hor ny girls chat room [public] created by hornykiara
a room for hor ny hot singal girls lookin for hor ny guys
For t33ns only chat room [public] created by xxxluckyduckyxx
This room is for teens only to chill,talk,and meet new people. Anyone over 18 will be kicked out. There are really no rules just try to be kinda nice.
Chat with Young teens chat room [public] created by creativehealer
Talk with 14-16 year olds..Please do not give a fake age, this is for 14 to 16 year olds...Thank you
Jrock room chat room [public] created by Deluhigurl
room to talk about jrock...-nods-
kute boiz only chat room [public] created by sxybeast14
kuteboiz get to chat to a hot gurl (meh)
utah only chat room [public] created by alexlikefixies
come say hi and dont be gay on me guys
TN-KY chat room [public] created by itsan83
this is for us to play with....................
Calculating Madness chat room [private] created by xGin
You're the master and I am craving this disaster.
traveller chat room [public] created by enchanment
who loves to travel .who loves to see new place just join me maybe we all go together
CompuStar chat room [public] created by mahmoudrefaey
chat for all arab and english mem
805 Chat ONLY chat room [public] created by Amber1103
People from the 805 ONLY!!!! That is a Cali Chat ONLY as well. Please be nice, no rudeness, or bad language
China Japan Korea chat room [public] created by katherineCN
Any one interested in China,Korea, Japan.
Girl-Boy stuff in Budapest chat room [public] created by nicolas406
To make easier meeting in Budapest
Clothes free chat room [public] created by nudedazza
For all naturistswho love the freedom of being naked in the great outdoors or indoors,come in and chat with fellow nudists
Beach and home nudists chat room [public] created by nudedazza
for all nudists chat with fellow nudists who know nudism is the ultimate freedom
XxEmoxX chat room [public] created by 07bailch
emo's chat to eachother and make friend and all
Kent Friendships chat room [public] created by LSTea
come meet people in kent, and chat flirt even arrane to meet..
medical chat room [private] created by DON26
ual problems, release stress, how to ensure there are no problems
Darklorddark chat room [public] created by darklordmike
come to have fun and chill.just have fun and no fighting or drama
Cougar Chat69 chat room [public] created by CamGuyMSN
Older Women who love younger men
Where The Scene Is At chat room [public] created by XxxNeoNxNinjAxxX
...Scene People Come And Chat :] Whyy Does Thias Retarted Piece Of Shitt Have To "3O Characters Long" ?? *growls* o_o
cybering only chat room [public] created by monkey210
just for cybering and roll play
party house chat room [public] created by jenny235
anyone over 20. anyone looking 2 have a fun time. and anyone who want 2 party .
girls4boysx chat room [public] created by sexyjessy123
dont come in if ur going to be rude,we shall all have a freindly chat cuz i aint takin no shit from people that cant respect people,treat people how u want to be treated now get da f*ck in and chattttttt love ya xxxx
Mido for Arab guys chat room [public] created by Mido98
What is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me and uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu chat room [private] created by Dreamgirl1011
for people who mant to express their love
random stuff to talk about chat room [public] created by mandypanndy
want to chat with a hot guy chat room [private] created by mattywashere
im a aussy guy that lives in canada, new to this so wat eva goes i guess
POLYNESIAN LUV chat room [public] created by trixie2300
DiS iS 4 aLL dA pOlYz dAt R oN DiZ sHyT && R bOr3D...LOL..SOO POLyZ NiKKaHz && BicTcHeZz tAcKLe DiZ sHyT..LMAO!! jk..WuN LuV!!
13-17 chat room [public] created by kekegurl
for young teens to chat with peoplearound there age
only princess welcome. men off pls chat room [public] created by bicat
respect , fun . chat and friendship
only princess welcome men off plz chat room [public] created by bicat
respect , fun , chat and friendship
Ms Mexi chat room chat room [public] created by MsMexi
hey hey hey im Ms Mexi i wanna make some friwnds i just joined Chat Hour!!!!!
Divorced and Lonely chat room [public] created by mrjack713
A chatroom for divorced people who need someone to talk to. "Lonely people triyin' to reach a little understanding"
vamps chat room [public] created by bloodcrush
for all the vampires or vampire luvers
only for 13 and 14 yerar old chat room [public] created by devontem
When this room turn into Public everybody welcome to use this room BUT any chatters who post their email addresses or external links or insulting other chatters is strictly prohibited and any chatters that break the rules will get ban by our moderators
SportsAreU chat room [public] created by redbrand
The official chatroom for the website
Loves just around the corner chat room [public] created by lambert18
If you want to meet that special someone, then please come here.Im creating this room cuz i know i want to
lez or bi chat room [public] created by amaryrillis1
girls 2 girls chat on msn and be naughty
lezi or bi chat room [public] created by amaryrillis1
girl 2 girl cam 2 cam co me on sxy girls
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