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List of all user-created chat rooms #678
Belly Button Fetish chat room [public] created by TheWardenEternal
read title..........................................
alpha chat room [public] created by petterxxx
i want real person that has a web cam .i want real person that has a web cam i want real person that has a web cam i want real person that has a web cam i want real person that has a web cam i want real person that has a web cam i want real person that has a web cam i want real person that has a web cam i want real person that has a web cam
GLFFL Fantasy Football chat room [public] created by GLFFLCommish
Talk about the Great Lakes Fantasy Football League
cam show 32 chat room [private] created by donna301987
for matured adults only. just for fun and no offensive languages. remember I'm still a lady no matter what
HumChat4All chat room [public] created by Hunter2017
Girls and Boys Make New Friends Decent PAKISTANIS & INDIANS Chat Room & All Other Nationality are Welcome We R hosting RJ show, enjoy back to back music masti, chit chat and much more with many RJs over India and Pakistan.
fucyouceddy chat room [public] created by fucyouceddy
just because I can so be it and no ceddys aloud
Faultyttowers chat room [private] created by Faultytowers
Hello anyone free to chat desperate
Egyptian looking for a girl for long chat room [public] created by Snakey1337
Hello Every Body Iwanna To Know My Girl Friend السلام عليكم ورحمت الله وبركاته
Role Play Chat Open chat room [public] created by xDaddyDarkx
Want someone to role play a number of scenarios? You have come to the right place!
Peverts only chat room [public] created by ZenDaDemon
a place where everyone can unlesh their darkside without being judged please be respectful and enjoy
Perverts only chat room [public] created by kawwaiipanda
perverts bad naughty stuff no goody goodys
if you like to play with your daughter chat room [public] created by babyblues15003
come in my room you can do anything to your little girl be nasty and rough to her,Don't hold anything back
Prada 38 chat room [private] created by Sexytwin1995
Just for us to chat and get to know each other and maybe more haha!
CAJUNCHAT chat room [public] created by firefoxmary71
BrightonUk chat room [public] created by Ricky24680
For Brighton people looking to meet up
ciara chat room [public] created by ciara121
I want to make friends and looking for boyfriend cute.
Savageness chat room [public] created by Jayleee
Everyone can come! As long as you stay cool 👌, but don't be offensive or mean, just have some fun 😊 and also no sexual stuff 😑
Minecraft Fanssssssss chat room [public] created by CutiePie991
Anyone With An Interest In Minecraft Can Join And Talk
Dirty Skype ID Swap chat room [public] created by jrrrinu25
Swap Skype ID's. Let others know when your available. If ur uncomfortable with this room let me know.
Baby on board chat room [public] created by Givemelife
Looking for help through my pregnancy
Talk Dirty 101 chat room [public] created by DangerouslyAmazingg
Single married all welcome this a dirty talk chat room just to spice thing up Anybody welcome
dirty talk 199 chat room [public] created by DangerouslyAmazingg
talk dirty and have fun this is a place to drink and text the most nasty thing you can think of i made this to make sure everyone is busting a nut
Femdom UK 21 chat room [public] created by philmck21
Women who want to tell guys what to do (sexual)
horny teens only 210 chat room [public] created by luckymale15
I want people to show nudes to each other and have some fun since we teens y.o.l.o!!!!!!😛😏😏😄😄
Rockford Only chat room [public] created by KiLyha
NSA casual dating, rockford, IL residence only. Shorting the search
greek lyfe chat room [public] created by Vergass
Anything can happen :) #dicksoutforharambe
Make Money selling Energy chat room [public] created by wharfy2
My Company will be setting up in Ontario, Canada in early March! This will allow Mr. and Mrs. Everyone to save money,... make money... and get their Energy bill paid " up to free"! Take advantage of setting up your own personal online store that definitely can in time give you financial freedom! Sound good?
single and ready chat room [public] created by sonyagurl
ONLY FOR SINGLE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO FIND A REALATIONSHIP!!!!!!!! (Boys and Girls Welcome)............
wife chat filth chat room [public] created by juleshubby
cuckold talk and experiences with ones partners exchange your thrills and spills
boys 13 nad up chat room [public] created by robi15
just for boys nice boys cute boys and curious
Hippie Haven chat room [public] created by LilaHyde
For all those peaceful stoners who just want to talk about their random thoughts
Vancouver chat1 chat room [public] created by DarthRichith
For people to chat with each other in Vancouver, B.C.
Sabrinas private room chat room [private] created by SabrinaSabrina
My Chats with Friends only. Im just finding it easier to keep my friends in one place than keep looking for them all the time
hornykids chat room [public] created by Jacktuner12
a place for teens who are horny
Bisexuals 10108 chat room [public] created by Prettily1356
Room is for freaky bisexuals😋
wetandjuicylucy chat room [public] created by wetandjuicylucy
chat to me here instead of dozens of messages
single 14-15 year olds chat room [public] created by thelegend27
this chat room is only for single 14-15 year old people
fatgirls chat room [public] created by wabi33
welcome to my page looking for good
lovers to each other chat room [public] created by otaku19
are you dating? looking to date? well this is the chatroom to choose
french-english chat room [public] created by sadigimam
it is only for straight ones, for friendship, love and fun
Relationship Seeking. chat room [public] created by redgray3
Looking for partners to converse with.
Loli Chat 7 chat room [public] created by truthOrDareGrl14
Loli Chat for fun and Play AP and RP and Pic & Vid Trading - Fantasy Play
sex hamtragch bolon group sex chat room [public] created by jaraahai
mongol busguichuud bolon group sex hiih hench bsan bugdiig urij bna
Non Toxic Anime and Shit chat room [public] created by ZexTheRevived
Just a place to chill and shit
Rose Garden Meetings chat room [private] created by RavenSight93
Private introductions, and place to speak freely
aveilibel ada chat room [public] created by blondiada
place to degredate me. and meet frends. and were i answer evrytings honsty evrytime. kissess
djmradio chat room [public] created by djomlamlaki
djm radio chat .. uzivajte caskajuci i slusajuci najbolje hitove
DMV hookup chat room [public] created by FreakySwerve
Occasionally flings. All ladies from Va Maryland and DC. No serious relations just all fun for everyone
Hookup Up Room chat room [public] created by Tracy1804
Hi there.Im looking for Hookup, if you are looking for a woman to help your horny side ? so Como'n Let's meet and hookup .
relationship room chat chat room [public] created by tf111760
can do anything that involves love
roleplay for all chat room [public] created by 13girl5543
this room is only for people who wants to roleplay with other people if you don't want that don't join
13 to 15 is cool chat room [public] created by babygirllovekiss
it for all people but under then 15 is no aloud
popeye 1 chat room [private] created by jonnyvee
private so others cannot butt in while talking only freckles76jj is invited
goddessfindom chat room [public] created by goddessT
sexy lady here ready to take advantage of some stupid loser have those wallets ready piggy bitches
Southern Chat Yall chat room [public] created by SouthernBoy03
chat for proud southerners that want to talk.
Malaysian Chat ..omokokok chat room [public] created by ZackRule
tok dak2 melayu :),..................................................................................................
Teen chatroom 14-17 chat room [public] created by lunaxmarie
Do whatever but anyone over the age of 17 will be banned
Bipolar self harm chat room [public] created by newdarkworld
Talk to people that selfharm to help each other
Cuttiing for blood... chat room [public] created by newdarkworld
Talk to people that have the same problems
chatting with flirts chat room [private] created by Heyalove
love chat and love to flirt well then this for you
sexy pictures chat chat room [private] created by msmonique23
Got to be cool in real love to take care of there lady if you fake don't get on here
GEHENNA chat room [public] created by Damoniii
D a d d y chat room [public] created by Daddy4YoungCutie
This is the place for cute young girls to have fun with a man of experience!
Whatever you want to talk about chat room [public] created by TurtlyConverse
No rules just don't get really crazy
only 13 to 14 chat room [public] created by Elie130
looking to talk with people so i can no them better
Gaming101 chat room [public] created by Aaron007M
For everything gaming. Help, tips and walkthroughs.
12-14 year old dating chat room or loners chat room [public] created by Annidathao
find your perfect match or love one.. or chat if you're lonely..
Candys PlayHouse chat room [private] created by CandyJade25
Come Play with Candy Im Wet and Sticky lol
the loners chat room [public] created by sassybanana
just to talk to someone would be nice , got to make something of my time
FNAF FANS ONLY chat room [public] created by Adventurefoxy223
And people who like korn, supermariologan,
maysville daddy chat room [public] created by Notmuchbetterreally
Well that seems pretty easy. Looking for or looking to be found. Luck
JustBored chat room [public] created by FaithRayne
anyone bored out of their minds is allowed to join, have fun
Fandom Paradise chat room [public] created by SomeCleverName
If you're in any sort of fandom, you're welcome to come here and find someone in the same Fandom, or maybe find a new Fandom to join! Please be kind to one another here, May the only Fandom Wars be playful ones.
UNLOCKING MOBILE PONES chat room [public] created by fastgsm
hot mom chat room [public] created by accdvace
chit chat chit chat chit chat chit chat chit chat chit chat chit chat chit chat chit chat
INDIGO special chat room [public] created by dominikcro
so i just came for meeting, ima 18 yo guy from croatia having problems with reality.kinda want a girl to meet here .not gf, jut a girl to talk to:)) i have bad things in past with girls so:D
naughtychik chat room [private] created by Geetu44
hi i welcome u all for this chat. love u gentlemen
ethical hackers chat room [public] created by kabbadikaz
chat with hackers i want someone who can help me out on an ethical mission. you/we can really profit
Hot Boxers chat room [public] created by BoxzersToughr
watch my boxers on skype, warm thick one
malaysian tamil chat chat room [public] created by vickynes
hi friends u all can enjoy with your friends ,but make sure do follow the rules n respected . u can invite your friend n enjoy with chatting and dating ,n finally i love u all friends
13 and funny chat room [public] created by savannagardner13
Funny,kind,love animals,friendly
Favor4Favor chat room [public] created by Ariannah14
Do something for me i do something for you, pretty simple
sundar chandra Bhattarai chat room [private] created by sundar37
I am promoting my self written biography "Loser, Winner and Heroism" mainly driven by 4 and half years of Sydney visit. Please look at it in {Kindle book store} and spend $3 for it. Please I need money for my medical treatment and to look after 1o years old son and old parents. Thank you. God bless you.
Rich Club chat room [public] created by Manchido
How to make $5000 every month on online job
sarahs place chat room [private] created by SarahH15
my own room for me n my friends. invite only
anime fun chat chat room [public] created by lightwindfreak
all anime fun talking about anime no nasty
CPA chat room [public] created by os090
any one interested in cpa join NOW !!!
TBILISIIII chat room [public] created by shotaaax
georgiatbilisi chat room [public] created by shotaaax
im a savge chat room [private] created by byonce890
a place to mingle and get to know eachother
im a savage chat room [public] created by byonce890
nice i soooooooooooo many way come see it
Pot-head chat room [public] created by AndrewStonebridge
This Chat Room Is For Pot-Heads Only.
Colorado Chat 2 chat room [public] created by 13mbi2343
Only People from Colorado..............................................................................................
Naughty Naked chat room [public] created by zupermanuk
clothes are optional extra. Nothing to hide
Gulfport mississippi chat room [public] created by shorty308
chat and lots of fun in our great state..
Really bored... chat room [public] created by manicpotato
no description available, I am just bored
Wolf pack . chat room [public] created by Trey5723
A place to relax and have "fun" if you catch my meaning ;)
Rosas Chat Room chat room [private] created by RosaLikesKittens
just a chat room for friends to hangout and talk at..
bored wives1 chat room [public] created by ilsda
bored .....................................................................................................................................
need dirty girls to come chat room [public] created by bigsticks
hey are there any dirty girls willing to chat?
looking for a girl i am 14 chat room [public] created by fycwerewolf
looking for a relationship if u want a relationship join in the chat room
singles 14 chat room [public] created by lewis4321551414
i am looking 14 year olds that are single near shiermoor :)
boyfirend and girlfriends chat room [public] created by stephen2121
for anyone who is a fifteen year old girl and wants a boyfriend or message me privately one of the two
sex chat room for ages 13 to 15 chat room [public] created by stephen2121
if u want a boyfriend and u are the ages I said u can talk to me
ProAnaBulimia chat room [public] created by KristineSkinny
This is a room for everyone! Here we share tips, ideas, and stories. And the stuff we talk about in here wil ALWAYS stay private! Have a good time :) XOXO- KristineSkinny <3
Fun games chat room [public] created by daddysprincess222
come have fun with me!! we can play together
Good Souls Unite chat room [public] created by Smh7411
International honest chat, friendly banter, sentimental, build great friendships.
dnd chat room [private] created by Debilove
private room for us to have some quiet time and talk ab out whatever we wang cause we can . dont want to be disturbed by any one else at this time.
Mythical creatures chat room [public] created by Wolfgirl29
All mythical creatures are welcome, but dont lie about what u are
13-14 Single Chat chat room [public] created by NutterButters561
13-14 year olds come here to meet people.
Kuroshitsuji RP R-rated chat room [public] created by HannahAnnafellows
No nudity or extreme violence/death, other than that go free
This is a name chat room [public] created by Kouhais
The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal bodeboop. A sing lap should be completed every time you hear this sound. ding Remember to run in a straight line and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark. Get ready!? Start. ding
Looking for a Sugar Baby.. chat room [private] created by cookiepiee
Come to my room if your looking for a pretty young thing to spoil.
Looking for a Sugar Daddy.. chat room [private] created by cookiepiee
Come to my room if your looking for a pretty young thing to spoil.
Older horny men Toronto chat room [public] created by fireoftigress
Looking for the companionship of older horny men who are confident of what they need to please themselves. Am a sexxy south asian woman looking for a real man in GTA.
girls only 666 666v66 chat room [public] created by princevegeta99
Very horny any one have psn or xbox I'm looking for 17 to 18 year olds
Group funs chat room [private] created by xhibitgirl
For those who like group fun girl on girl
join this chat room 123 chat room [public] created by cutsdonthurt
anyone can join and help each other
stranger danger free chat room [public] created by candyOMG
for girls only, friendly people that like to chat a LOT and like similar hobbies as each other, or something else.
Flirting for me chat room [public] created by DanteViilamor
One night stand with me , for chatting and meet
racial discremination chat room [public] created by mamfret
just really in need to really know how black are black refugees are treated in praque
annalara chat room [private] created by spectaculara4f
two new friends working on a relationship
Anime roleplayy chat room [public] created by weirdgurl1
uuuhhh-huggles and jumps on your back-
buzzz chat room [public] created by buzzmetoo
hair fetish page where u let it all out
Teen wolf chats chat room [public] created by Timber2001
Teen friends only in this Chat.
chat with the devil chat room [public] created by Kevinall
good and keep it cool and it free to talk like you want to be what you want.
old and young sex chat chat room [public] created by jamiesetchell247
sex chat and vid and old and young chat and vid moms and woman only
find love if you are 13 chat room [public] created by taylorl5
you can find your true love of life the end of time
4blacktops chat room [public] created by wcumdrinker
for black men who love to seat back and have white men suck u off
ariana grande chat room [public] created by marina67968
ariana grande fans are welcome i hope you can join.
finding you chat room [public] created by axe0224
just talk girls and I will listen and maybe we could love each other one day
Flirting-Room chat room [public] created by Brookdione
Come in here and start flirting
TeenLoveHelp chat room [public] created by XxKalystaxX
If you need advice on love come to me and I will help you
RinaRoom chat room [private] created by RinaYY
room that chat with friends and its private
NEWJOURNEY chat room [public] created by beehonni
Share your culture ur tradition ur great place recommendation from all around the world. Any festival? Any Cool or weird celebration pls share us ur story ;) ***u can share ur vdo, ur website or any business related to a room name.
killyourself chat room [public] created by lovergirl438
my life is meaningless so whats the point in living when i know im not gonna be able to enjoy it,oh well
naked chatters chat room [public] created by zupermanuk
clothes optional here, for those that have nothing to hide
iim searching a friend chat room [public] created by legendept
if you are a girl enter this chat
Together Chat chat room [public] created by JJLYNN
You love your girl or boy. Your loving you and your .........finish it.
Extreme Masters and Faggots chat room [public] created by slavemh
This chatroom is here to help you find your gay master or slave.
single male chat room no gay plz chat room [public] created by fr4nk007
im single male im not gay idk what to put here anymore so plz join
for single boys 13-14 chat room [public] created by animaljammer62
I am i n need of a boyfriend my friends have them but i dont
Middle School 8th grade chat room [public] created by Jpst14
Hi, if your in 8th grade do this chat, if your not in 8th grade then okay.
8th grade chat room [public] created by Jpst14
if your in 8th grade then check this out
boom chicken soup chat room [public] created by abbymmmm
fun chating chilling and having a lot of fun all night every day
suicidal thought chat room [public] created by Georgemason
for people suffering with any addictions or having any suicidal thoughts
Relationship finding chat room chat room [public] created by California96
Looking for a real relationship
Tyler tylertylertylertyler chat room [private] created by seamonkey12
only our chat room [private] created by malem30
have fun sweetsingle1211...give me some words
Dank meme chat room [public] created by JeremyRivers00
Come talk about some dank memes
supernatural things chat room [public] created by gabriella5647
this room is for strange and awful things,we talk about supernatural things that we seen and they think they are real,i am searching all kinds of that stuff and i have a power maybe you think i am lying sure okey your opinion but it is the truth i can help if you want
Bristol UK xxx chat room [public] created by gurnik
meet people in your town XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Horniest chat room [public] created by Meechie23
Where adults can openly have dirty conversation and meet other horny adults.
10 - 13 year old chat chat room [public] created by elbigset
the diaper nursery chat room [public] created by toddlerkevan
a place where the AB/DL/TB can hang out and chat and role play as much as they want for free! :)
for Helen30 y and mellyybabbee chat room [private] created by WHATEVERUWANTT
for familychat beetween those who want
Get Down Arkansas chat room [public] created by boredashell5150
Arkansas chat room Arkansas chat room Arkansas chat room
Young Nudist Chat chat room [public] created by TheNudeBot
Only persons that enjoy being nude or are interest in nudism. No pervs. All no sexual chat in the public chat.
RP with me chat room [private] created by warioto300
hello am the sexy girl and i love cum inflation
if you want a bf chat room [public] created by lukeisboss1
i want to try and find a girl friend so please join if you want to date
anupaman11 chat room [public] created by anupaman11
Hey come back to me i am here for you guyas
popeye1 chat room [private] created by jonnyvee
private chat room only freckles is invited
Queens NY chat room [public] created by bojkoxmx
Queens NY 30s SINGLES PARTY! males and females queens ny
Otherkin Chat chat room [public] created by kaitheredfox
otherkin says it all
Chatroomchats chat room [private] created by sakura14
Melbourne Aus chat room [public] created by jodiek2017
A Room for people living in Melbourne Australia to communicate
Sad 13 singles chat room [public] created by kawaiiemoheart
queenkristy chat room [public] created by felicito
i love u kristy i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
lift carry chat room [public] created by liftcarrylover
its about lifting and carrying by a female partner
Bekilove chat room [public] created by Bekilove
Hi every lady; this is Beki from Ethiopia.I want to chat with you if u are willing; contact me now
Sports Gear chat room chat room [public] created by adidasUK
A place for chatting about wearing sports gear. Keep it friendly & polite :)
PNP bi GIRLS chat room [public] created by philnupjess
Party and Play! If you don't know what that mean you probably chose the wrong room! This is a judgement free zone...please be nice...but honest! Welcome to the PARTY let PLAY time begin!!
jamaican sex groupchat chat room [public] created by Garvey18
lets hook up and have sum discreet fun.
Chat for 10-11 year olds chat room [public] created by lilypup32
ONLY 10-11 year olds. We dont need no mean gross people either.
Sweet people chat room chat room [public] created by lilypup32
ONLY for people who are nice and dont cuss
Steven universe lovers chatroom chat room [public] created by lilypup32
Calling all steven universe lovers! Come cchat but no gross or cuss words stuff
Love chat join chat room [public] created by Tylerbeams
Please join this chat so you can meet new people
scatlovers chat room [public] created by yamimarik01
scat lover and orgy.. chat for scat. shit poop all make orgasm
The Sex Talk chat room [public] created by PeopleAreMorons
Talk about sex. Why the f-ck not? (Heh, puns.) Intellectually talk about sex or just discuss fetishes and kinks. Whatever works for ya.
12 year olds dating chat chat room [public] created by Tylerbeams
Hi this chat is for 12 year old people looking for a date
Interview ENSO chat room [private] created by christinalee17
This is the interview room from Christina Lee (ENSO)
FaceTime2017 chat room [public] created by KONfuCiOUS
Anybody want to face time? Come in here and share.
she likes bbc chat room [public] created by liketowatchher333
anybody want to talk about being cuckold and watching
Bindaaas but clean chat room chat room [public] created by saha23
clean chat is only allowed Anyone is allowed to use your public room me and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public keep the room clean
hyderabaddating chat room [public] created by ammaikosam
ammailu randi dengichukontam ikada
share wives chat room [public] created by hotwife78
a place to share wives pics, naughtier the better.......lingerie heels, nude, legs spread whatever you got.....also to exchange hot stories about sexcapades with your hot wife
hot wife mfm chat chat room [public] created by hotwife78
a place for guys to come lookat my hiot wife talk about her and get their rocks off!!!
Married Male for Married female chat room [public] created by Thinplaces123
Talk to married ladies that want to talk to married men
Homestucks Chat Room chat room [public] created by truncatedCavalier
For anybody that's interested in finding a friend, or more, that loves Homestuck just as much as you do!
marrie male for married female chat room [public] created by Thinplaces123
Married males and females talking and looking
hot women vagina chat room [public] created by hotwife78
a room to talk vagina....hook up.....get laid......threesomes etc
lakewood ca chat room [public] created by kbeamer18
I am 32 want to party-never have before-want to aware of what it is like
us2 alone chat room [private] created by sally1994
female only wear we can open and e us alone
love shemale chat room [public] created by erotic1993
shemale mfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
loveshemale chat room [public] created by erotic1993
shemale mfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Ludak chat room [public] created by emconi1445
come on girls its bee crazy and go all people hear
god raps fired up chat room [public] created by crazydabeastrapper
we go against eachother and well have judges hopefully and whoever gets most votes wins simple as that
not horny gays chat room [public] created by uriel09
this chat room for those who just want to have nice clean conversations
older for youngerr chat room [public] created by WHATEVERUWANTT
young ladies...come chat to daddy/uncle/teacher etc and tell me what's on your mind..
flirt and sex chat room [public] created by adisahade
let share our experience together and to have more
csfan55 chat room [private] created by breakcool
csfan55 and breakcool only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
chatsales chat room [public] created by millerkate
We are looking for chat sales experts
kerala babes And friends chat room [public] created by georgie2222
hello. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ummmmm...
the pay pig pen chat room [public] created by misslexxi
a place for Findommes and pays pigs to meet
ravi97056 chat room [private] created by ravi97056
hi friends come with me chat and date
CAMMYandJ chat room [private] created by MakeHerCream
matts baes chat room [public] created by Matthewss
im looking for nice girls either for a relationship or just for freinds plz I'm 16 although my profile saYs 19 I'm a nice honest person ps pedos will get banned spam people I will gently give them a slap lol and repeat shall end in ban also I don't like fake people or players hope to here from you ??????lol
Philosophy and Beyond chat room [public] created by MindfulMan
Come on in, let's just dive right in
Kelsey chat room [public] created by kelseybingham
Only 12 year old girls are aloud to come on here
fellow hackers only chat room [private] created by armytough87
a kind of whistle blower chat room its completely safe and anoynonus i took all proper steps to insure that
hackers welcome chat room [public] created by armytough87
this room is for discussion only no illegal programs allowed and trust me ill know i spent healthy carrer learning how to track i have a few programs that will shut you wrong doers out for good so be ware no malware no back door program links no pedophiles...
fellow hackers welcome chat room [public] created by armytough87
no back door programs no illegal infect programs or script rip programs this room is for discussion only i will know if you are slipping ive got a anti rover program to stop you written by yours truly i was in the military for 8 years i have the skills
Board alon an want to chat chat room [public] created by smiley8729
In Ottawa Board alone or looking for a new friend
Try and get a bf or gf chat room [public] created by JessicaMorehouse
you must be 13-14. You can make friends or try to get a bf or gf. NO one is allowed to try to hook up for sex or to try to troll people if you are to comitt these you will be banned. If you try to disrespect someone you will also get banned.
GothicChat chat room [public] created by NattyxBatty
A room welcomed for anyone that has an intrigue towards goth music, art writings, styles or just someone wanting to chat! All people are welcomed but bigotry is not excepted. :)
10 - 15 yr olds only chat room [public] created by Philipinogirl
If your in between 10 and 15 come chat with kids around that age
pnp vegas chat room [public] created by candyblissblisscandy
pnp las vegas! any girls wanna ride a sybian? Any Tgirls wanna come smoke? lets have some fun everyone!
best rooom chat room [public] created by mariuss0
enjoy :) we talk everything :) and meet new friends
Undertale dirty rp chat room [public] created by AstellDremurr
do whatever you want ;) and have fun and no bullying
DominantGirl-SubmissiveBoys chat room [public] created by domejelg
Chat room for anyone interested to femdom, for anyone who is looking for a mistress. Come on slave boys;)
anal rape roleplay chat room [public] created by roughdaddy12
asses will be raped through force,blackmail or submission
Mormon gay chat young chat room [public] created by Lukas2016
Mormon gays dating. If you are gay, and you are part of the lds church, you can find here some nice gays with the same background.
Wanna Learn English here chat room [public] created by Gracciiee
Join us if you want to study english
Friendship chat group chat room [public] created by RuiqiMao
This is the place online where you meet new peoples and friends!
plus size dating chat room [public] created by voluptuous1
living the life of a beautiful plus size
transgender pplz only chat room [public] created by linkinpark1600
this chat is only for ppl 12-14 who r transgender and i dont want any pervs tryna get wit anyone else in hurr
sheffield online chat room [public] created by smaq26
for those in sheffield looking for new friends come on here and talk to eachother
DDLB chat room [public] created by isaac246
a place to chat and play and maybe ever find your little or your daddy
Ass master slaves chat room [public] created by markbro
welcome all slaves cds master daddy and son
Authentic chat room [public] created by CrowSamantha
This site is for spiritual thinkers. We look beyond the superficiality of the world today. Anyone that is NOT afraid to be their true self, please chat.
MN fun chat room [public] created by squerl6
fun at my house with hot tub and sauna
Rockin Out chat room [public] created by MiaraRose572
Place for peps to chill out and talk. Age 13-22 can came hang here. Idc wht u do
RockinOut 14 chat room [public] created by MiaraRose572
Room to chill and talk bout anything. Ages 13-25 Idc wht u talk about
discussion on the constitution of India chat room [public] created by dheerajkurnool
please share your knowledge reg structure of Constitution
Neverland 200 chat room [public] created by Rain200
Hi I'm Lucy and new and trying new things so I decided to create my chat room and why. Not hey ? Hah so everyone is welcome as far you know where the crossing line is. Hoping to have fun and meet new people and learn something new ;)
Anonymous We Stand chat room [public] created by armytough87
see for yourself were here to help
anyone wanna chat or roleplay im 13 chat room [public] created by 13girl554
anyone who wants to chat or roleplay im 13 come on and join dont be scared
3 way in cardiff chat room [public] created by kurtis1997
im 19 Caucasian athletic and haven't been with anyone in 4 months that was my first relationship and last for a long time now its time for some fun with someone over 18 and under 25
army vets welcome chat room [public] created by armytough87
room for army vets like myself as well as marine navy etc
panty play chat room [public] created by dak5555
guy looking for girls who are into panties
random clean and dirty chat room [public] created by ajrhodes
talking anything from sex to music
sex691111 chat room [public] created by ajrhodes
come on lets talk about sex baby
Cupcakerobins chatroom chat room [public] created by Cupcakerobin14
This is a fun chatroom you can get freaky everyone is welcome here but NO DRAMA AT ALL IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM U WILL BE KICKED OUT thank you enjoy!!
sexygirl970000909 chat room [public] created by sexygirl970000909
talk so dirty to me be rough with me
watertown ny chat chat room [public] created by cujo66
meet people here from watertown or surrounding area
Dezzys blackbox chat room [public] created by destneyH
lit people only.. fck the rest of yall
NSA or FWB in Bangalore chat room [public] created by rambokush
Want to create a place for people who are open about casual sex in Bangalore
the sex pit chat room [private] created by Kilteddad
for having fun and cyber if you want to
the sex pit chat room [private] created by Kilteddad
for having sex talk trishataylor
the masters room chat room [public] created by Kilteddad
for doms and thier slaves to chat
Beza chat room [private] created by chibeza37
Come and chat with as guy we gonna have fan
shemalehot chat room [public] created by yuvaraj1991
transgender, cd room to express their feelingbthrough video, skype chat
bored in cardiff chat room [private] created by kurtis1997
i could do with something or someone to do
adore beauty chat room [public] created by Shali121
hello everyone is invited to my chat room
lovechat18 chat room [public] created by otaku19
this is a place where you can talk freely and find love. must be 18 or over to enter
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