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List of all user-created chat rooms #681
Room Just You And Me chat room [private] created by zhaki
Hei, I Love U.. ^_^ I Love U, You Love Me, problem? :D LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP, Problem? :D
LESBiians chat room [public] created by hydmnr14
Tonelove chat room [public] created by minneso90
My soulmate should be a smart, cheerful, interesting, ambitious man, who loves children and knows how to live. You must deeply love my soul and I will do the same. He must know meaning of these 3 words, trust, respect and comitment because without them there cannot be love. Find me and I will be yours.
Friends chat only chat room [public] created by fafa11032000
loveus chat room [public] created by jitenpinki
couple for chat available online on webcam
Doctor Patient Roleplay stomach ache chat room [public] created by gametkd
I could be the patient and you'll be the doctor.
Mastermind Mine chat room [public] created by Ellace
Let your chill mind open up and expand. Be yourself, Be Kind, Let it ooze.
john444 chat room [private] created by johnson243
cool and nice honest handsome love friends and nice with girl open mind
FIND SEX chat room [public] created by wantasexbuddy
Come here to find someone who wants to have sex and will meet you. Preferably for teens ages 13-15.
gregs room chat room [public] created by gregmm88
for cool ausiiies and people who care a bit abiout the world , and other stuff
FunHere chat room [private] created by Lifeishell
Just enjoy chatting and have fun meeting new people and chat with old friends
NC420 chat room [public] created by SxiBlaqDreadz910
for those in the 910 area that smoke good
silly gregs room chat room [public] created by gregmm88
about silly things people say and do in ever da y life basically for fools who are funny
borroom chat room [public] created by gregmm88
super boring for boring people who disliked being bored out of there wits
gregggs mm88 room with colours chat room [public] created by gregmm88
a silly room created to view every thing but green
porn hour chat room [public] created by sexycat10
show yourself send photos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toneone chat room [public] created by Tonegril90
I am not looking for perfection, or a billionaire or for a movie star. But I am definitely looking for a responsible, reliable and faithful man who is really family-oriented. If you know how to love sincerely and passionately giving all your heart to your second half and if you are ready for it - write me, because it means that we are looking for the same! And if you really want it to happen as soon as possible, if you dream about having a family based on love, trust, respect and mutual understanding - I don't care about your height, weight, age and snoring at night. Life gives us chances right now so let's use it! If you recognize yourself in this description, don't hesitate to contact me!
Only1 chat room [public] created by TheTrueBeliever
Daughter of zion 1310 chat room [public] created by mmmmgan33
a chat that brings an unorthdox process of change to the people...In the name of our lord and Friend Jesus christ,together we can rebuild Jerusalem.
ALL GOOD THINGS ALL GOOD THINGS chat room [public] created by savagemonkey25
Welcome to my chat room, where you will be able to speak with people who do not say profanity.
jjjjjjjjjjjjj chat room [public] created by zamerwill2
hi people im looking for a hot a cute girl
indian chatting app chat room [public] created by binit02
only indians allowed in this group
True Dom True Dommies and True Sub chat room [public] created by Puck4646
This room is for True Dom's, True Dommies and True Sub how wish to talk and meet other True Dom's, True Dommies and True Subs like themselves.
Slovakia Czech room chat room [public] created by DarkButterfly13
Slováci a Če?i sem. Témy sú rôzne, jedlo, hudba, koníčky, ?kola, chudnutie, zvieratá, inernet - v?eličo. 13 a viac rokov. :) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Reborn Gametesters for hire Not paid chat room [public] created by DevilForge
Hiring gametesters, don't expect payment, since it's only a mod for Minecraft.
financial dom 4 me chat room [public] created by wheezymollababe
Guess what? You work so hard on making all this money, and now I?m taking it! Just like that. How does that make you feel? I want your $$, send your tribute and hard earned $$ to me to make me feel good. Spoil me rotten.
Moms and Pregnants chat room [public] created by PregnantRachel
Moms and Pregnant women come here to chat.
Hangout and talk about shit chat room [public] created by kyleeyoutube
idc what you say here so it doesn't matter
The trancy manor chat room [public] created by xXAloisTrancy
Welcome to my manor don't mind the webs
Vegas Straight PnP chat room [public] created by GucciSpun
Men and Women in Vegas Looking to hookup, get spun and have sex
Marks chat room [private] created by Keso101
Just cant wait to chat with you! I will not tolerate any means of harassment, bullying, and most things that would hurt people.
xbox and ps4 games chat room [public] created by alliac
any recomendations for new ps4 or xbox games ?
Quantum Magic and Supernatural Awaken Your Mind chat room [public] created by Kanaka1blood
Feel free to Discuss and Share Ideas!
omic book chat chat room [public] created by secretzfan
A place to chill and talk superhero comics
the neko chat room [private] created by nekochan2
for all my furry friends and i! make sure to post and read my daily positive quotes!
entreprenariat chat room [public] created by amallimem
discuter du vente directe marketing relationnel et les bonnes opportunités
sandrasroom chat room [public] created by sandra1990su
private chat for use with those who wold like to get to no me
naughtywife2016 chat room [public] created by naughtywife2016
just a naughty room to chat in
bound chat room [public] created by jedjed
All about sex , love , style of sex and another about sex
ahhhhhhhhh bosan chat room [public] created by ifan01
Chat jom . Bosan la skrg ni .. Mana tau leh jumpa ka nnti
All good people inside. chat room [public] created by ArrowFoxlyn29980
It's a wonderul World happy happy happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy hour chat room chat room [public] created by looking4love1970
this room is where anythings possible just please go with the name and be kind and friendly and dont let the bouncer bounce you out lol
FUN 83 chat room [private] created by elisaveta83
lesbian girls12345 chat room [public] created by SHALYNNBLACKWELL
hey im bi and im looking for another female l bi to talk to.....
Making Some New Friends chat room [public] created by SkylovesCreepypasta
I'm new to this website so I'm trying to make some new friends on here.
Walking Dead Heads chat room [public] created by Sandrande
For fans of the #1 show on TV! Let's chat!
Codys Private Room chat room [private] created by CrazyCody1009
This is a private room only for Cody and friends
hookup pinay girls chat room [public] created by fubu1992
looking for hookups, manila philippines area only. join here
nazis only chat room [public] created by nazistormtrooper64
this is a room for Nazis only if you want to be a Nazi than join the room and become part of the chat-Nazis-program by asking and talking to me about it
gandibaatonlyinhindi chat room [public] created by mannu128
specialy for indians who speak hindi and use hindi for sex chat
Roleplay Pavilion chat room [public] created by nekochan2
here is the roleplay pavilion, its a separate room from the rest, i hope everyone enjoys this one...
Please teach me in English chat room [public] created by endlessme
Let's talk and teach me in English
find your dream crush chat room [public] created by candyOMG
Find your dream crush here and give a description of your self too so the boy or girl knows what you like, also, If you want, you Dont have to do this, but you could message that person in IMs. Happy chatting.
roleplay chatroom with me chat room [public] created by hottiechick23
have fun with me and the rest and roleplay and chat meet ppl
multicultural talk chat room [public] created by otheniel
how to live together with different back ground
naked chat 4.0 chat room [public] created by jimbojo234
Hacking chatT chat room [public] created by GodWar
Hello World Today i create To Meet Partners For Some reasons If you know About Deep Web Or Dark Web. Hacking Programs And Other Enjoy! and Friends
Relationship Advice 2.0 chat room [public] created by neatMango3122
I have been with this guy for 2 years, and I think that I love him but I really don't know. We were planning on moving in together, but only as roommates he said he didn't want to, and now he has changed his mind but now I am unsure. Help! Anyone with problems is welcome.
Boredom Society chat room [public] created by DaniiOVOXO
Chat to people that's just as bored as you or trying to get out of their boredom
salina kansas chat room chat room [public] created by looking4love1970
anyone looking for a relationship or friends with benefits in the salina region are welcome
SOMALI LESBIANS ROOM chat room [public] created by LEEFAAYE
FemmeFatale chat room [public] created by FeminineFatale
Are you looking for trouble? xD
single women seeking for love chat room [public] created by veronicebanini
for only matured peoples.. for hookups only adults
MeetLisa chat room [public] created by Lisaclimber144
Hi looking for real people to chat with
Sleeping chat room [public] created by Laceyen
Public room - Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
onlyfun chat room [public] created by marcojager
only fun juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Conshy chat room [public] created by Mrs4Mr4Ms
Conshohocken, pa perverts and freaks. Girls or boys. Don't be chicken
Tri State fun Ideas chat room [public] created by Caribbeanangel04
Not for anyone looking for hookups, You will be blocked if out of line. This is a chat room for anyone from the Tri State area that knows of any great places ( sightseeing, restaurants, club etc..) and of course decent conversation.
Grenadian chat room [public] created by kiteoo7
Spice island grenada chat have fun everyone
metalsroom chat room [private] created by ryansocal
this room is for only who i invite hit me up and ill see if i wanna let u in sorry but thats the rule
Young girls and boys chat room [public] created by Youngandjucie
A place for young people to talk
Straight teen sext chat room [public] created by Camnaka13
Sextig, messaging, straight, lets have soe fun, kik me, snapchat me
Mythology chat room [public] created by CuteZach
This iis fornanyone who likes myths. No cursing, bulying, harassment, hazing, or threat-making of any kind. Fist Offence: Warning; Second Offence: Kicked out; aThir(and FINAL) Offence: Banned!
Sub looking for dom.... chat room [public] created by Ladie1988
Looking for a dom come join......
RedPill chat room [public] created by 1488PraiseKek
For based fashy goys, ANTIFA BTFO. Shadilay, bois.
Hello Person for chat chat room [private] created by frankidet
Dear You, I hate that I feel weird calling this a love letter. I hate that society has made it so that expression of love between two friends ? no matter how close they are ? always feels a bit odd, as though ?love? should be reserved for the people you sleep with. There is no part of our love that is lesser or unimportant because it?s platonic. In fact, I think our love is one of the most transformative we can experience. We?ve had over a decade of knowing each other, enjoying one another?s company, and yet releasing the other to the men who came and went from our lives. We weren?t selfish, never demanded that the other should be someone they are not, or change to fit our needs and schedules. There has been no other love in my life that was that pure, that free of ego. We?ve fought, of course, and I regret it. I always do. I get angry at you just like we get angry at any person who loves us unconditionally: we are irrational, and take our frustrations out on them because we know that they?re there to absorb it. We always fight over stupid things, but it always goes away. One of us cracks a joke, and neither can be mad anymore. We both realize how stupid it is to stay upset with someone just to keep your pride when there is so much fun to be having with them. But I want to say that I?m sorry for any time I?ve been mean to you. I?m sorry that I sometimes didn?t give you the benefit of the doubt, that I didn?t take your calls to passive-aggressively get your attention. It?s always been funny how closely our friendship resembles a relationship. We?ve traveled the world with each other, stayed up all night talking and passing a wine bottle back and forth, slept in the same bed multiple nights in a row. We fielded the ?Are you lesbians?? comments, like any two women as close as we are do, and laughed them off. As though there would be anything insulting about that if it were true. As though two women couldn?t love each other deeply without having sex with each other. We always reserved the time and energy for each other that people are so used to associating with romantic relationships. We defied the rules about what you do with your friends, and what you do with your partners. In many ways, we have been partners. We?ve supported and cared for one another more deeply than a lot of our ?real? relationships. And now we?re coming to that unsure, thrilling, devastating moment in our lives. We?re both going off in our own directions, no longer able to follow one another, or happen to be in the same city out of convenience or further delaying of adulthood. We have to get on with things, and take the jobs offered to us, and start putting down roots in places that make sense for what we want. And those places are not the same. We don?t live just down the street from one another, and we can?t cut out weeks of time to go on trips like we used to. Our lives demand ? as most lives do, with any measure of success ? that we separate. It?s terrible. I miss you, all the time. When something funny happens, I still look around for your confirmation, so that we can laugh ourselves into tears while no one else quite understands what is going on. I still think to call you in the middle of the day for no reason, and am still reminding myself that I can?t, because we are both grown-ups now, with jobs and responsibilities and schedules. Now we have to strategically find time to talk, a Gchat in the afternoon, a phone call on Sunday morning, plans we make months in advance to come stay at one another?s apartments. It?s the life that we should be happy about ? we?ve made it, we?ve found careers, we?ve found the places we should be ? and yet there is something palpably missing. There is something that prevents it all from feeling quite right, and it?s your absence. You have always been a constant in my life, and I hope that I have been in yours. My best friend was always there, always a text message and a short trip away. And now I have
Middle school sexting chat room [public] created by Bisexuwhale
Join to make private sexting chats
Over 50 release is mandatory.. chat room [private] created by fergusonandy
Skype is fun , Nasty ,C@B slave . Cum am see. I like to play copycat .
Anorexia buddies chat room [public] created by AlexSenpai
Come here to find ana buddies to help you fast and help you lose weight!
M4M Seattle chat room [public] created by kraj808080
meet and greet friends in Seattle
how to start online business chat room [public] created by marketingpotions
Are you tired of daily work would you like to work from home and spend more time with your loved ones this is a good chance to make it happen its suitable for beginners and professionals program which provides everything you need to succeed in internet marketing see more my homepage http://bit.ly/marketingpotions
weim talk chat room [public] created by alliedog
I love dog especially weim dogs I had to give my blue weim away because wife left me
SLAVIK CHAT. FAK USA FAK JEW FAK MUSLIMANI. NIGER chat room [public] created by vladko2
Hello Peoples chat room [public] created by JokerMagic88
get to know each other and talk TAlk TALK :P :D :)
havingFUN1 chat room [public] created by JokerMagic88
get to know each other and talk TAlk TALK :P :D :)
Furry chat- but without the Furry chat mods chat room [public] created by LordoftheEdge
If you're currently a mod in furry chat (some exceptions), you'll be banned. <3
Lesbian-Bisexual chat room [public] created by Lesbian1555
Only for Lesbian and Bisexual people
yancers chat room [public] created by yancer
Just bc I'm bored and I need someone to talk to bc I'm a single Pringle forever
Boys that like sports chat room [public] created by KatieRichards
Boys that like football and basketball
AustinTX. chat room [public] created by nolanspost
TX! Everythings bigger in TX. Lets chat.
LIberian in Norway chat room [public] created by garpue
Chat room for all especially for Liberians in Norway
egypiton dick chat room [private] created by Pharaoh55655
egypiton. dick chat room [public] created by Pharaoh55655
Gay teamviewer chat room [public] created by Bodolf
Anyone who is interested in be using their computer on Teamviewer. Message me at bodolf12 on kik or @bodolf on telegram
am new here chat room [public] created by Nanakua90
i want more friends because am new on this platform
Pyromaniacs chat room [public] created by Mattew420
If u suffer from pyromania like i do, come on this chat.
hello welcome chat room [public] created by coriej
chat group anyone can join here and meet more friends
3some finder chat room [public] created by artistinluv
Wanna have a 3some?? Join and meet new people!
MPD and interesting people chat room [public] created by RRRLC
i am here to talk and give advice for people with MPD
Freedom with an Asterisk chat room [public] created by GremlinsBane
Say whatever you want. As long as you follow the rules, don't hurt anyone's feelings and don't start an uproar by mentioning jeebus chrust.
Gay teen dating site chat room [public] created by Thatunicorn101
This chat room allows you to find someone near by that you can hopefully get together with.
Young and old furry chat room [public] created by EchoArt
Just a warm welcome place for young and old furrys to chat
only Gujrati sexx chat room [public] created by SPatel1996
This room is about to sex chat and meetings.
gangangrboy321 chat room [public] created by gangangrboy321
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii helloooooooooooo
dont be shy chat room [public] created by vanished01
there is only one condition and that is to make all feel welcomed.
Wannameetfun chat room [public] created by Homealone69x
I want sex.Party and have some fun response Xkype me here : PoppyHugoo
gay pnp california chat room [public] created by norcalnasty916
looking to hook up? looking to party, looking to get nasty , lets do it then
to find the one chat room [public] created by pz263
it is to only find the girl or boy you are locking for
THE ASSOCIATION OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TOO BORED chat room [public] created by imfullofsh1t
Facesitting men chat room [public] created by Bumface
Above 18 chats want to sit on guys faces.
THE SAFE CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by bugsbunny2003
this room is to help others to feel safe to talking to others,but it is also about trust.
my days chat room [public] created by Sujithbala
chat with me every time aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
teen girls only 1232 chat room [public] created by cayboo
a open room for teen girls only
crossdress canada chat room [public] created by CrossSecret
for crossdressers and lovers in canada
Parents with child chat room [public] created by Human2456
Parents With child in puberty stage
Party Time14 chat room [public] created by BlackRuby52
Time to chill. Teens 12 - 19 can come here. Party all time but no fights please I will Bann if u Do!!
Group Nakal chat room [public] created by SuamiBuas
Jom Bernakal2 semua....have fun same2..jgn malu2 k..sape malu rugi la..hihihihi
Pinoy Tayo chat room [public] created by BlacknotYellow
Open to all Pinoy, Pinoy at heart, curious about Pinoy People. It's HERE!
Horny young girls for old guys chat room [public] created by Nana0912
Come have fun, talk to girls get to know
M4M. masculinity chat room [public] created by Mainebearmeat
Masculine men that like masculine men
badrul123 chat room [public] created by badrul123
love is haven heaven is love llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Destiny love chat room [private] created by Sanchit17
Karma is your destiny. Do always good karma
bemydad chat room [public] created by ToLegit
come and roleplay as my dad!!!!!
Talk to me Daddy chat room [public] created by VanillaSwirl8008
Wanna chat with me and have a good time? Wanna get all hot and bothered? Chat with me Daddy and I'll make sure its worth your time ;)
sex76 chat room [private] created by hotcrosby
want to exchange nudes and have some sex time
jackbox party pack chat room [public] created by jackbox
who wants to play jackbox!!!!!!!!!!
Fun Katie room chat room [public] created by Katie13456
Idk just do whatever and be nice
Intellectual members of society chat room [public] created by Easilyignored
For those who want to have a civil and intelligent conversation, please no bigotry, limited politics, and no fighting. This is meant for discussion, not debating.
HBO BIG LITTLE LIES chat room [public] created by Lala95
Tv show on hbo Discuss you theory
True people chat room [public] created by asdz
love thy selves and others . be true . respect
donmike chat room [public] created by DONMiKE14
Hello Beautiful lady how are you doing.my name is don mike i will like to know you more you can contact me with this number 0620216249 or give me you number i will call you remember age has nothing to do with love
Hedonism chat room [public] created by gabbygabb
Feel free to Share your ideas! Help me with my research too.
be my dad chat room [public] created by ToLegit
you can role play as my dad in this chat room
hey GF M 14 chat room [public] created by EthanCr
Looking for a Gf 14 years old so se you
University Chatroom chat room [public] created by WelshStudent
For university students around the world. Friendly chatroom.
whitches chatroom chat room [public] created by Kilatron06
In this chatroom are witches talking and can practise spells and all stuf that witches like to do
real love only chat room [public] created by pinkbirdie84
This is a place where people that are seriously looking for love in Connecticut or New York
for nekos chat room [public] created by mineingnecko
this is for nekos to chat in or people who want to know what it is like to be a neko
gaddie2 chat room [private] created by jonnyvee
private chat room 4 jonnyvee & freckles76jj so won*t be bothered
Nacked chat room [private] created by zain097
Something for happy, nacked, and fun.
Dennis Miller chat room [public] created by dennismiller
I am a honest man to the Extent
South Tennessee chat room [public] created by Boosie4943
Tennessee locals from Chattanooga and Cleveland and Nort Georgia
SEXCHAT INDONESIA chat room [public] created by AlexHomb
perkumpulan cewe cowo yang memenuhi kebutuhan sex
sex chat with me eric chat room [private] created by eric2999
sex chat porn chat pls write me and pixs are also really cool
lovetochat chat room [public] created by sus242
this is created chat room for anyone to host
Otaku chat - Korean Japanese and English chat room [public] created by BornToShipVicturi
オタクとチャット 오타쿠스와 채팅하다. chat with otaku's
KinkyPeePlay chat room [public] created by BluesJamJim
Yep, everything about wonderful golden showers, pissing, drinking pee, sloppy, spitting, SEX.
Appropriate Chat Room chat room [public] created by superstar15
This is for people who are sick of going on inappropriate chat rooms that all they talk about is dirty stuff. Don't cause any bad behavior please, I please hope you enjoy yourselves here!
death and suicide chat room [public] created by lacey0121
are you suicidal then come and talk yo me
popeye5 chat room [private] created by jonnyvee
private so we won*t be bothered by others only jonnyvee & freckles76jj are allowed
Need boys to date chat room [public] created by DarkAngel5002
I am looking for someone to date
2 on 1 Sexy Chat chat room [private] created by SexyLeia17
You go to this chat room to have a sexy 2 on 1 chat
Chennai Need Aunty Today chat room [public] created by ChilChic
I am free today I need an aunty to have sex
BBW Portland chat room [public] created by erin6777
big beautiful women looking for love of course
Kwentuhan lang bored kasi chat room [public] created by besoyop
You dont have to b horny. just chat and enjoy
CFNM place where Women are in charge chat room [public] created by justmeformoment
Men must ask to join in and must me naked. Women are in charge and must be respected at all times
Huuge chat room [public] created by Huuge
I,m 38 years old and verry horny and tall wit 83 pounds and have a nine inch cock
snuffthisshemaleDoni chat room [public] created by zoeytaylor
torture and snuff me,abuse me,i like cruel dom men
Horny Hookups chat room [public] created by 81rider
This is a room where people who want to hook up can chat and Trade info or link's for personal Media
Snuff Doni The Shemale chat room [public] created by zoeytaylor
sub shemale for dom and dommes please be very cruel to me
Irelands Call chat room [public] created by RenFestLovrr
Just talking about stuff. Keep it clean. Be nice or be kicked out.
Military girlfriend power chat room [public] created by jayla1013
I need some military girlfriend advice!
BOW WOW LOVE chat room [public] created by KarenT39
I love my dog..........................................................don't u
N.DE trading chat room [public] created by Theglass
Trade pics with girls and guys
Bisexuals That Want To Talk chat room [public] created by NikkiLove69
For bisexuals that actually want to talk
Interracial meet and greet chat room [public] created by MRLongTongue
A place where you can meet and connect with someone that might end up being the one
Arisha chat room [public] created by ariadna26
Hello,guys!!! I am looking for my soulmate...Is it possible here?
emo- punk- goth chat room [public] created by AndonForever16
This is where people can come to make friends.
Fck my tits chat room [public] created by Nana0912
A room to have fun and past the time dont let the room die ;)
Ganban rp chat room [private] created by Nana0912
Lets have fun and role play and please me
Abuja girls chat room [public] created by BarbieCute123
itz a room for only girls in abuja.
websites build up chat room [public] created by fulani10
Please we need people who know how to create any website
teens girls chat room [public] created by kissbabygirlaaliyah
Only teens who wanna talk and make friends and who will not be shy or overcome their fear of friends
TeamviewerControl chat room [public] created by naughtySara97
a room for people to find others into using teamviewer or anydesk
sex stories and New hookups chat room [public] created by remidy
People can openly discuss hooking up one way or the other
Latvia Expat Chat chat room [public] created by warine1
English speaking people looking to hookup for fun lives in latvia
Proteus Pack Wolves chat room [private] created by VersipellisWolf
All Lycanthropes and Non-Lycs welcome! Please no Fur Chasers though.
Proteus Werewolf Pack chat room [public] created by VersipellisWolf
Please feel free to chat about werewolf issues. Please no fur chasers.
AllForPegging chat room [public] created by FlawlessMomma
Everything and anything about pegging fantasy questions stories everything
13 to 16 year olds boys and girls have fun chat room [public] created by Jasonbbcking
Have fun talking to other youth
LIFE AND WAY WAY BEYOND chat room [public] created by Snyder14
Fun and chilled group chat but will most likely be shocked with whats said!!
Naughty 177 chat room [private] created by starlet7
luv only 18 plus may relations.......
Roleplay how W chat room [public] created by ShadowWolf19
Roleplay how ever you want it doesn't matter what it's about
Roleplay however you want chat room [public] created by ShadowWolf19
Roleplay how ever you want it doesn't matter what it's about
18-under gay or bi chat chat room [public] created by acpft
just a chat to have fun and so on
Skype with a female chat room [public] created by Eagle215BP
Looking for females who like to Skype with males
Sherri Gallagher chat room [private] created by Gallaghers
I need you like a heart needs a beat.
for girls who want other girls chat room [public] created by Jessieandskie
for girls who want another girl
sugar daddy spoil me chat room [public] created by izamariie
I need a sugar daddy spoil me I'm worth it all I promise I don't bite ;p
Brondong muda gresik chat room [public] created by Sholeh625
Harus tante tante indonesia surabaya gresik
Young father chat room [public] created by Banditgilmore69
Need help from Mom's, married or single. Questions about having two very young kids
oxycodone users chat room [public] created by turpeny
if you need to get oxy at a good price and reliable, contact will at usrefills@yahoo.com, very good service.
friendshiphi just want to make friends chat room [public] created by harveen7
fun with friends whom i share my feelings
Dale Earnhardt Superfans chat room [public] created by CareBarryStare
A chat room for Dale Earnhardt Superfans
Sex chat active chat room [public] created by Shahsyed786
Sex chat active any girl can send me message about sex and want sex
Lyric Loves Fox chat room [private] created by Asuna101
Hi my name is Lyric and I love my boyfriend Fox
Anchorage AK Gay Hookup chat room [public] created by Dendro
To all the men in anchorage that are looking to hookup, join this room. Maybe we can arrange something. Must be 18+. Not looking for relationships.
kims barbie house chat room [private] created by kimberly84
a place were my friends can come n chat
chat with me b chat room [public] created by WinterSt
i want to talk with people because i'm bored right now
the barbie house chat room [public] created by kimberly84
a place for kims friends to chat
CRUEL MISTRESSES chat room [public] created by 1aks
welcome all mistress and slaves to enjoy your fantasies.....
Addiction chat room chat room [public] created by Kpop1dude
Feel free to talk about your addiction problems here! no matter if its drugs alcohol tobacco our porn this room is a safe zone to freely tell your addiction without anyone judging you
Hot tricks for pleasure chat room [public] created by nikk776
This room is to choose the right pleasure you are looking for?.:)
snuff zoey chat room [public] created by zoeytaylor
I have a snuff fantasy that is very hot to me,i'm very submissive
bely chat room [public] created by 0102be
01YO chat room [private] created by 0102be
ktmp room chat room [public] created by ktmp
No swearing. Nothing mean. You can describe yourself or anything you want.
I get naked on cam chat room [public] created by iPervert
Must have a webcam to join this room. No undercover cops allowed.
ZoMbIECr3w chat room [public] created by SkuLLz12334
Want to enter Zombie Crew? this is your chat room! we are hackers
Serry chat room [public] created by Sherry32
Well am new on here and what to meet that right man of my life on here well you can if your care to text me at 3395260661
Bros chat room [public] created by Hotty1218
Fun. ljbkytukkkkhfmhghyvyfygufhgyfyfyfyfifkyfjfjyfiyfykvjygkyvjhfkhfykg
Janes roomie chat room [public] created by Janesan
I like stuffs and things :3 Please come here to chat with me.
femdommm chat room [public] created by badGoodBoyM
domination and humiliation for slave subby males
13-14 girls only chat room [public] created by Sepnovaug
Girls that are perverts and want some action
Teen sexual stuff chat room [public] created by Sepnovaug
Just take about sexual stuff like trade nudes or meeting up for blowjob/handjobs
OWN BUSINESS - Malaysia chat room [public] created by thisel
Females aged 22 and above and keen to get started in a business that provides complete training step by step. Housewives, working mothers, employment and income seekers are welcome.
just4ethiopians chat room [public] created by rxn21
lets chillout, take what we don't have and give what we have
Looking for h0rny 13 year old boys chat room [public] created by D1ckrider
Looking to s3x it up with boys I'm a 13 year old girl and my mouth can do a lot
dostii chat room [public] created by kapskapil
finding new love in india for broken heart....
inschoolhelp chat room [public] created by iinotvictoria
im in school lol join ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
love and sex chatroom chat room [public] created by goldiana10
for people who love every one and want to meet and have family with any body
Bangladesh 18 chat room [private] created by praptyislam
a separate chatroom for all the bangladeshi users to gossip and fun
Lit ASF chat room [private] created by itssMeJess
For chill and Lit people only.
wanna trade pics chat room [public] created by Tae13
girls messadge me. if our interested 13-14
Speeds fantasy room chat room [public] created by Speed2454
dog lovers space to chat, have fun, get naughty. Also cd, ts,tv most welcome
AnonimZeus chat room [public] created by Rize1999
A life that lives without doing anything is the same as a slow death.
Loliness chat room [public] created by SkylovesCreepypasta
This Chat Room is for people who are or feel lonely.
Dicks room chat room [public] created by Jglove
Talk about sex and dicks that are big
Dicks chat room [public] created by Jglove
Ttreealk about sex and dicks that are big
I love you irvin chat room [private] created by Faithmarieee
Lets talk about whatever you want lol ... I dont just had to put something
buckeyefans from around the world chat room [private] created by buckeyefan2016
this is a private room for me and bummer 18 from canada
kpop n stuff chat room [public] created by aliveontheoutside
just talk about kpop and stuff no pervs
Ambers Place chat room [private] created by pinkbirdie84
Please enjoy and be nice. I created this room so people can come talk to me and be themselves.
NekoChat II chat room [public] created by KarasuHirano
If your'e a Neko then come chat
Cheesecakes room chat room [public] created by Cheesecake41
Uk Chatrooms please chat and have fun
Cheesecakes Uk room chat room [public] created by Cheesecake41
Uk Chatrooms please chat and have fun
Cheesecakes chat room [public] created by Cheesecake41
Uk Chatrooms please chat and have fun
John and Gina chat room [public] created by Countryclub87
No cussing no fighting hateful speech threats ect
13-14 year old girls chat room [public] created by Jgidrey
That are single and want a boyfriend
thinking of dying chat room [public] created by foreverwandering
a place where people can share their thoughts about dying
desi people desi chat chat room [public] created by OyoBoySotto
Is room mein sabko sirf Hindi bhasha ka upyog karenge. Shukriya.
diemuku chat room [public] created by diemuku
Cool and down to earth. If u are serious to chat meaning fully then you are welcome 😊
PINAY lesbian bi chat room [public] created by reesechoi
mga pinay lang na lesbian/ bi lang dito hahhaha
boxing chat chat room [public] created by anige
talk about your interest and sports you like to do
buckeye2016 chat room [private] created by buckeyefan2016
this room is for me and bummer18 from Canada, only
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