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Dear Chat Hour members,

As you can see, Chat Hour is currently unavailable. Because of illegal conversations posted by our users on a different website, which is also owned by our company, our previous web hosting company ( decided to abruptly shut down every project we own including They will not allow us to transfer our data out over the network. The only thing they are offering is for us to pay them to get the hard drives back, which will also take a lot of time to process, ship, and transfer the data to this new server. Unfortunately, our backup data are also with them too. They mentioned that all our data could be wiped/erased within 10 or 15 days. We do not know at this point what we are going to do. Things are not easy for people who operate user-generated content websites. There is so much we have to deal with behind the scene in order to keep our site running over the years. I hope you can understand. We are very sorry that is not up for you to chat with your friends today. Thank you very much for using our site over the years. Please feel free to write to us to share your thoughts at suggest (at) chathour (dot) com. Unfortunately, we might not be able to write back to everyone but we will read all the messages and post any updates here.

New updates on March 2, 2021 at 9:50 PM PST

It's been over 24 hours but the web hosting company never answered anything we asked. Everytime we called them, they kept telling us to wait for them to reply. It is pure frustration when they said they would erase our hard drives within 10 or 15 days. We have been trying to reach out to the CEO of Codero to see if he would help us get our data back quickly but it was impossible to reach him. Some CEOs care a lot about their customers' satisfactions. Anyone here knows Bill King, the CEO of Codero, please let us know. Unfortunately, we did not make a lot from a few ads on Chat Hour. So, it would be difficult to negotiate with them to get our data back quickly. Someone said in one of the messages we received that we should start charging our members but we never intend to do that. We want our chat site to be free. We also received many messages from others. Thank you very much for your words of encouragement and we are very sorry for the ones who got frustrated too. We know you do not want to lose your friends you connected on Chat Hour. I promise I will try to provide a way for everyone who is still around to communicate with one another on here. We are sorry we could not post contacts for everyone who made a request individually. If anyone still has any suggestions or comments, please send your message to the email address listed above. We will post more updates here.

New updates on March 3, 2021 at 10:40 PM PST

People sent us messages asking us what kind of illegal conversations that caused our web hoster to shut down all of our servers. We are going to describe it here. It looked to be some pedophiles posting their contact information to exchange illegal pictures. It was not on Chat Hour but we own the other website. We are in a difficult situation because it was a serious matter. We probably won't have a lot of options here. We are not hopeful about getting our data back soon. Because of that, we are already working on a brand new place similar to Chat Hour. We put together what we still have to make a temporary hangout for our chatters. Everyone will have to create a new account and the site might be a little buggy at first since we are trying to launch it as soon as we can to help people reconnect with their friends. We did receive a lot of messages from those who badly want to hear from their friends. You will have to look for them when the new place is ready. We will post more updates here.
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