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List of all user-created chat rooms #316
BullyRebellion chat room [public] created by BullyRebellion
here to help those who are being bullied and keep them from suicidal thoughts and actions.
Smell Fetish chat room [public] created by hyrdro
for anyone who has a smell fetish of any kind.and wants to have a dirty sex chat about it.lol
Threesome - Couple looking for male to chat with chat room [public] created by cnm69
Fun couple looking for a guy to join in on a chat..
Dom sub life chat room [public] created by thekidbx
A room for dom/subs so come, talk like normal people trade helpful advice and just have some fun
teen chatb chat room [public] created by bevandd
for teens and girls who like to party
malaysian made chat room [public] created by dunhill91
all malaysian or singaporen peeps
mine rooms chat room [public] created by jodiemarie7
i gotz bored lolz please come talk with me hahahahha please please plesae dngksn;sk;ldnmv;nscmsz;gjms
spanish chatroom chat room [public] created by Marie9455
only speak spanish no other language
ladies join with boys chat room [public] created by peter143
chennai girls .............come to this chat room to chat each other
flirt and anything else chat room [public] created by coltybach
can talk about stuff flirt hook up or try to get someone
Geek-O-Rama chat room [public] created by Ogglebee
Talk about all things geek/nerd here, Movies, Video Games, Software, Your favorite Pi, Sci-fi. Just have fun with your fellow nerds.
Vast Grassland chat room [private] created by KrowCrimson
A massive field of grass with a view of the ocean on one side and a forest on the other. A very windy area.
13 year old gays chat room [public] created by Jsamuels99
This is for all people who are 13 and are gay looking for an online relationship hope this helps you gays out there
13 TO 15 YR OLD SINGLES chat room [public] created by TheFemaleGlizzy
Come In Chate Get To Know Eachother...HAVE FUN!!!
Sexting for girls chat room [public] created by Fangdang15
I am a highschool boy, if a girl wants to sext hit me up
Bi Teenagers chat room [public] created by Puppylove8379
For any teenagers that are bi, and want to chat to another teenager who is also bi. Please join also if you are looking for love, either girl+girl, boy+boy or even just girl+boy
Midwest Goth and Rock chat room [public] created by Ladelthia
A chat room for all the goths and rockers in the Midwestern USA.
rAnDoM rOoM x3 chat room [public] created by CharlotteLUV
Talk about anything you want in random, for all the moderators care we can talk about Fish!
OFWGKTA chat room [public] created by AlvinandTheChipmunks
Official Discussion chat room for Odd Future fans!
wolex chat room [public] created by donwilly
A caring man,very intelligent and romantic man
Need Help from someone in Korea chat room [public] created by alicawonder
I need some one in korea to validate their phone number for me. It's for a game...
horny homos and bitchy trolls chat room [public] created by youngrick
just like the title says, DONT report anyone here for hurting ur feelings u little P?SSY
travel to korean chat room [public] created by Rhidden
how was your last trip?what is your idea about korea .
my haters and lovers chat room [public] created by awsome12345
Finity forever chat room [public] created by Finity056
HOT RAJ chat room [private] created by handsomeRaj
i am very very hot and too handsome
FInityXoxo chat room [private] created by Finity056
GL getting in :) Females are only allowed and the correct ones are rare :)
punks room chat room [public] created by masturbatorX
nothing but just looking for punk love
killer sex chat room [public] created by killerpunk
have fun don't sweat and chat its all about sex
Sinagpore chats chat room [public] created by wisdom1987
HI pals................................ ............................................................................................
punk love chat room [public] created by masturbatorX
nothing else but just looking for love
sex chat whole day chat room [public] created by Jordyn22
talk about sex and love the whole damn day and you'll have so much fun
chikni chameli chat room [private] created by ankit21
no rules no regulations but respect for ladies but maximum sex and nothing else
bi gay dubia chat room [public] created by harvey34
for bi and gay guys in dubia looking for fun locally
good frieds chat room [private] created by sanjaysaahu
here only for gud and nice friends
Bilal chat room [public] created by Bilalahmad119
Friends join this room and chat with me plz send me sms on +923016804969
12 - 17 Year Old Chat Rooms chat room [public] created by shanniemclannie
Fun for 12 - 17 year olds , if your overaged, you will be banned c: Thankyou for choosing this chat room 12 - 17 year olds!
incentive chat room [private] created by inc3ntiv3
for chat for mature ladies and so so so so so
pink to chat room chat room [public] created by to11
all subject math subject animal subject
humiliation room chat room [public] created by raverst
get humiliated, loose control...
just want a boyfriend chat room [public] created by Alannah0907
all i want is a boyfriend but since i have never had one i want it to be perfect with love compasion and stability!
the non kreeper room chat room [public] created by katelyngr
fun kind caring funny not kreeperish joyfull happy
horny.teens chat room [public] created by emmanuelex
talk dirty and webcam...............................................
tiffs lezbians chat room [public] created by tiffanyamber69
girls who are single, cute, fun to talk to, and who live close to acworth. Ima lot of fun and i never judge and i looking for a serious relationship
WOW only number 1 chat room [private] created by Dehzyre
our room to talk and stuff YAY! ok lame discriptive alright gotcha momomo
Showgirls chat room [public] created by ShesGotLegs
This is a strip club for girls who want to dance on the table and men who want to watch them.
Battlefield Sigma chat room [private] created by Aydiz
Face the wrath of darkness and accept your fate.
hhs chat chat room [public] created by nimbuswav128
hawick high school chat for only hawick high
ONguampeeps chat room [public] created by juslvnlife
sky is the limit, fun , relaxing, heart throbing, anything goes oooohhhh, yeah
kenya nigeria adult dating chat room [private] created by 86angel86
only kenyan and nigerian ppl can chat here
Porn Xxx chat chat room [public] created by Ronbacks
Hi its for adults all u gotta do is keep on chat
cute 13-15 year old guy chat chat room [public] created by Mermaidmagic01
cute guys only peace love and happiness
TEEN MSN SWAP chat room [public] created by michaelsimmons16
chat room for teens to swap msn addys.
loversolutioner chat room [public] created by lovesolutioner
love 2 all............................................................................................
Love Gayss chat room [public] created by MsStarr
Thiis iS For All The Gays Who Dont Get To Tell Their Story
cool peoples only chat room [public] created by katelyngr
cool fun intertaning none kreepers
Bi-Married Men in Louisiana chat room [public] created by dane824
Those men that are married, and wish to keep it that way, however they realize they have a need and that only another man can take care of it....
Canadian and US Only chat room [public] created by canadianguy75
This is for Only Canadian and US
Skype coyotedh3 chat room [public] created by Ryandh3
Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3Any girls with skype add: coyotedh3
hooking up chat1991 chat room [public] created by shortmans
love and respect chat with trust and not for african people
Indian boys chat room [private] created by KavyaKat
It only for boys....n pron males.....
funny group chat room [private] created by cynthie2
here for friends only, people who are here to make friends come here
Claires chatroom chat room [public] created by claire1001
Please come and chat do what ever I don't mind what about JUST TALK TALK TALK please
Kpoplove chat room [public] created by Chloeee16
For people who are interested in or like kpop! Haha we can all spaz about our idols together ^^
13-14 Year Old People Only chat room [public] created by Lupitaa99
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect. Again, You will get banned. - If u r 13,cute, a boy, and from Arlington, Texas, USA.. IM me
Unicorns chat room [private] created by BlackVeilBridexo
Anyone who isn't on my friends list WILL be kicked out. Its not a pick up room
A random chat room [public] created by BlackVeilBridexo
Perverts will be blocked and banned.
Decision Making 101 chat room [public] created by sadgirl1284
Chat room for women who need advice in their marriage. All trolls will be blocked immediately. This is for women, like myself, who seriously need to talk in confidentiality, and figure things out before making the next decision.
borred as fuccc chat room [public] created by rayraywifee143
12-13 hook up chat room [public] created by Whiplash12000
A chat room for kids between the ages of 12 and 13 to hook up.
smart2121 chat room [private] created by anuragco2010
join this chat club if you love anime or anything Indian
teenage island chat room [public] created by hardcandy2011
this is just for teens if you are 13 to 16
pro ana miaa chat room [public] created by iamsmall
urm looooooooooool yeah the title says all
mami chat room [private] created by BESOS813
Girlz looking to meet and greet girlz.
SLAVES INDIA chat room [public] created by krishg22
mistress and slaves mistress and slaves mistress and slaves mistress and slaves mistress and slaves
girls who want to get personal with guys chat room [public] created by candyman591
for girls who wanna text guys and trade pics! dirty chat as well
indian fun on bed chat room [private] created by khanrex68
hi iam khan 4rm india girl join me 4 more fun
kaakben chat room [public] created by kaakben
My name is KAAKBEN a 27 year old young man physically strong from Ghana west Africa
15 year old people in the USA chat room [public] created by mike1013
Its for the people in the USA and people have to be at least 15 years old sorry other people i love this
lil chat room [private] created by lilliooooooooooooooo
Not just a hookup. chat room [public] created by KatieeeC
this is for people looking for something more serious than just a hookup.
KPOP CHAT FOR PEOPLE chat room [public] created by xjhsdjsh654
Talk about kpop and other stuff.
lithaunia gay chat room [public] created by perkuno
hi everbody have fun and enjoy here for all gys from europ . u are welcome
dirty chat with guys chat room [public] created by candyman591
for girls who are willing to swap numbers, trade pics, and dirty chat with guys
VA SEVEN CITY gay chat chat room [public] created by RealistStudEva25
if you live in va's 7 cities and you are a gurl and like gurls or a guy who likes guys
Teen Girl Old Guy chat room [public] created by mer95
For teen girls seeking older men.
sexyyghy chat room [public] created by zak1fg
girls only roomgirls only roomgirls only roomgirls only room
Horny.chat chat room [public] created by emmanuelex
................................................ Get dirty
awesomness chat chat room [public] created by OFWGKTA1
its so awesome in here if u join ur awesome!!!!!
singles 4 singles chat room [public] created by rowdytude
this is a room for singles looking to hook up with other singles and for nothing more if you want so sex chat use yore IM
las vegas lounge chat room [public] created by chips131
Good Times,,,,,Good Times....from nevada
13 year olds that are lesbians chat room [public] created by ayeeluccy
Lesbians [; have to be 13 year olds!
ImASIANandiKnowIT chat room [public] created by macmac11
This Room are for ASIANS only..
ontario bi males chat room [public] created by iL7iNANDBiGGER
for bi males in ontario to chat openly
Dark Empire of Deazaisefyvrion chat room [private] created by Deazaisefyvrion
This be the beginning of my new empire,and none shall end myself.
Atheist United chat room [public] created by AtheistPower
For Atheists all over the world that want to communicateand talk about anything that come to mind.
Homestuck ChatRoom chat room [public] created by grimAuxiliatrix
For Trolls And Humans Only! ((You Must Be A Homestuck Character!))
Summer Fair chat room [public] created by KaroriRikuto
RP only, have fun! 1 Rollercoaster 1 ferrris wheel and a love tunnel with many MANY other rides
gana chat room chat room [public] created by gana1301
Sri lankan Tamil 57 yesr old Lawyer love music singing travelling
18 - 20 chat room [public] created by GohanManuel
welcome to all boys and girls between 18 and 20. can find friendship, dating and / or talk about what they want.
Skyrim nerding chat room [public] created by Conjurer00125
just a room to nerd about skyrim. plz keep all pick up lines and shit out of here.
My Little Pony chat room [public] created by DerpyHooves
MLP FIM is awesome. SO I wanted to create a chat room for all the My Little Pony lovers.
The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry chat room [public] created by Jozamber
Students and Professors come and participate. No limit on roleplay. Be nice unless it's in the fun of HP roleplay.
Sex and cam chat room [public] created by countryboy69360
Come meet exciting individuals for sex based chat and cam
THe sea chat room [public] created by TheGoddess1
this is my home and it is commenly known for a mermaid to live in the sea
Derpy My Little Pony chat room [public] created by DerpyHooves
Derpy Derpy Derpy Derpy Derpy Derpy Derp Derpy Derpy Derpy Derp
18 and under room chat room [public] created by ShowMeTheDarkSide
This room is only for people 18 and under
pick up chat room [public] created by fosco
sexy pick up rooom for people whoo wanna talk and even share number if that wanna
horny 18 chat room [public] created by cummy20
horny 18 year old hornnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
5566 chat room [public] created by egg45
My chat room here where anything can happen
babusam36 chat room [public] created by babusam36
the co0l friendly chat room [public] created by montaka
u wont get banned for saying hi
wetwet2000 chat room [public] created by wetwet2000
All you sexy ass ladys come chat with me
Gay people who wanna send pics or webcam chat room [public] created by Mickeyb1997
This is for anyone who is gay and wants to send pics or go chat
Sizzlingggg chat room [public] created by lizzielex
Close frens only. Chatting about experience in life, and many more.
Pro ana mia buddy chat room [public] created by iwanttobepretty
I really need a pro ana/mia texting buddy from the US.. i'm 18, female.. If you don't agree with pro ana then don't waste my time please. k thx bai
UndeadFurry Club chat room [public] created by UndeadCoyMolly
Basically its a bar for those who are undead and are furries. I will have people who work there so that if anyone acts inappropriately the person acting up gets banned. The rules are as follows: there is no yiffing or screwing in the main room. the upper rooms are locked but are private and soundproof. There's no eating the other people there: this rule is for the zombies. No blood sucking unless its wanted: that's for just about anyone.
Classic Chat Room chat room [public] created by YoungJoka
Anyone and everyone can come on in.Lets Get this everyday room bumping!!!
Flirting room for 13 years old kids chat room [public] created by AshleyLamb
Only 13 or 14 years old kids are allowed. Only for us kids to flirt with people we might like, but don't know!!!!!
boy looking for girl or other way around chat room [public] created by austingraves12
Single and lookin for someone teens only chat room [public] created by featherfriends123
This room is only for teens. No other then 16!
CoolStoryBroTIA Chat Room chat room [private] created by CoolStoryBroTiA
Music chat about different kinds of bands and music
nerd room join chat room [public] created by Jenny123987
for nerds to join and talk about themselves
nerd room join now chat room [public] created by Jenny123987
a place for nerds to join and talk about themselves
Kik chat room [public] created by JBRJBR1
For people who want to kik with other people or me.
club g chat room [public] created by gabemane
nothing much but just looking for love and some good sex
younger chat room [public] created by meganhop
young pepole to get on all play nice
13-15 only 2 chat room [public] created by JoeySLP
ONLY for teens trying to hook up
kenosha wisconsin chat chat room [public] created by cozykillacarmine
people who live in kenosha wisconsin derp no ones going to join
Webcam Only chat room [public] created by lucian112
share pics, video and more ;) ...lets have some fun
Lesbians of Wisconsin chat room [public] created by Aimster33
For Lesbians only please and that live in WI
Gurlsquad chat room [private] created by Teatana
Girls only SQUAD!!! Chat here with you BFFS, and become the great gorgeous girl in the team!! TEATANA is your host.
babys only chat room [public] created by yury101
soft as a babys bottom ....................................................................................................................................................
kenosha wisconsin chat room [public] created by cozykillacarmine
Bitches N Hoes chat room [public] created by youngrick
dont matter if you stright or gay if all u come on chat hour for is to talk dirty and make fun of people this is the chat room for you
jjnc chat room [public] created by retracenymph
looking for best female friend
OLD MEN CHAT chat room [public] created by angelmen00
Bondage Fun chat room [public] created by BigFluff93
If u love the bondage world then join:)
The Proud Irish chat room [public] created by coltybach
talk about anything can be about ireland doesnt matter just i might talk alot about irish stuff and might post stuff about stuff like that
Enter If U Have Tattoos chat room [public] created by XxTattooFreakxX
XxTattooFreakxX Is The Bitch!!!
sex room of doom chat room [public] created by joshskellington
come one come all and talk dirty the night away, dont be shy
Titan the Monk chat room [public] created by punemax
Any one who is willing to take a journey to another world. A world of light where darkness cant throw no shadows. Make up your mind, Change your destiny. The weed that makes your week will bring you down but it will open your third eye. A world of intelligence.
Wild Js Room chat room [public] created by wildjmclay
Anyone can join i dont mind who joins just no threats violence or disrespect please thank you have a good time on my chat
BBW Girls And Their Lovers Only chat room [public] created by canadianguy75
This Site is For BBW and for their lovers teenagers please dont enter above 30 years allowed
BLR India chat room [public] created by sakctt
Hello Gilrs, Only Bangalore girls are allowed
girls who crave cock chat room [public] created by matchstickman
say no more,girl who crave cock needs no description.
tamilsex friends chat room [public] created by sanjay431
sexy chat for tamil peoples who can chat with one another and built their relation ship
webcamlucky chat room [private] created by lucky965
any type chat and any female want meet
kuwait only love chat room [public] created by sajidatu
My name is vida and am single female never married and have no kids. I am willing to meet the right man who i can spend the rest of my life with him. I'm tired of being lonely and that's why i decided to join this dating stuff and this is my first time. Well i choose to talk to you because i went through your profile and i really do like your profile that's why i choose to talk to you and i will like it a lot if you .Am hair dresser ..;am that easy going type, adventurous, romantic, ambitious and have a very good sense of humor.....vida.moh419@yahoo.com
Peace not like hippy peace though. chat room [public] created by LilThunderCloud
Hopefully not as many people, for peaceful convo.
paceful people chat room [public] created by josephquiet
no raciste talk free and know more friend girls or boys men or woman
bangalore1223 chat room [public] created by vickeypi
common gals.. chat here with me..
I vs U chat room [private] created by audiA3sport
let have funny,jst chat with a notty guy
Hesam2308759chat room chat room [public] created by Hesam23
If I knew it would be the last time that I'd see you fall asleep I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord, your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time that I see you walk out the door, I would give you a hug and a kiss and call you back for one more.. If I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would video tape each action and word so I could play them back day after day.. if I knew it would be the last time I'd could spare any extra minute, to stop and say" I love you" instead of assuming you would know I do.. If I knew it would be the last time I would be there to share your day well I'm sure you'll have so many more, so I can let just this one slip away.. For surely there's always tomorrow, to make up for an oversight, and we always get a second chance to make everything just right.. There will always be another day to say "I love you", and certainly there's another chance to say our "anything I can do"? But just in case I might be wrong and today is all I get I'd like to say how much I love you and I hope we never forget.. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone young or old a like and today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight.. so. if you're waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today? for if tomorrow never comes, you'll surely regret the day so. hold your loved ones close today and whisper in their ear, tell them how much you loved them and that you'll always hold them dear.. Take time to say" I'm sorry", "please forgive me", "thank you", or "it's ok" and if tomorrow never comes, you'll have no regrets about today!
Toris Play Room chat room [private] created by MiaLovesYou
A private place to go to relieve stress.
cross dresser lover chat room [public] created by mann666
If u are a cross dresser, Come to me
a furry chat room [public] created by bluekight
a place 4 furrys 2 hang out and chat, and get 2 know 1 in other ^^
Kaluchichie chat room [public] created by Mjmmabel
Lets talks and knowing each other,those available,serious in relations.no games plz,gamer stay away from me!
minecraft chat 2012 chat room [public] created by goldsky
come chat about minecraft and just have a fun time
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO.private chat room [private] created by Cherrenne09
Steampunk Lounge chat room [public] created by SteampunkBabe
This chatroom is for all things steampunk. Keep the cussing to a minimal. Have fun!!! And harrassment is NOT tolerated.. Do it once warning. Twice get kicked out of the chat room. Three times You'll get reported for harrassment...
xbox gamer chat room [public] created by number1emo
for people that play xbox so came and chat with other gamer
ashraf456 chat room [public] created by ashraf456
i am ash and u plz what cabn fyge
13 YEAROLDS ONLY chat room [public] created by Z0wAy1X
sharv08 chat room [private] created by sharv08
in this chat room it is a private one and i can only invite someone
SEX ROOM FOR 13 YEAR OLDS chat room [public] created by Z0wAy1X
horney chatroom chat room [public] created by missnaughty10
for old men & more to pay me for sex
horny male hereeeee chat room [public] created by stephon290689
Fun sexual seduction and trading pics
hiiiiiiiiiiiiii chat room [private] created by dey777
my name is raju. my age is thirty four, my home town kolkata.
vellore chat room [public] created by apoorva2000
good girls ad boys are allowed
ashoksimla chat room [private] created by ashoksimla
looking for a life partner chat room [public] created by 44turkishozzimale
hey all i am looking for a wife if there is any one out there that knows of any ladies who needs a husband let me know
jom melancap chat room [public] created by zacklandak
just 4 girl..just untuk aktiviti melancap bersama2..
Rebel Bred Chat chat room [public] created by TheRedneck811
This is the rebel's chat where all good country folk come and sit and dip and talk!
hornygirls chat room [public] created by jluoma
Hot and horny girls looking for some run :)
The Light Of The Darkness chat room [private] created by shatteredmemories
Its a chatroom for friends of me only ^^ sorry everyone else ^^
Cool Pervs XD chat room [public] created by xOxRaineexOx
This chatroom is for those "pervs" who rnt actually perverts.. just people who like joking around XD
Linda chat room [public] created by Markvisser22
Chatting and dating for all people in the world. I am often here to let you enjoy !
Melissapointers chat room [public] created by Markvisser22
Hi everyone... Let's have fun on this magnific site !
SPs boyfriend room chat room [private] created by SherlockPond
for me and my online boyfriend
date101 chat room [public] created by cmb334
come and meet outher people and maby hook up
kolkataaaa chat room [public] created by saales
this is a chat for personal chatting for people in kolkata.. for to talk to someone away from the herd..
madu12345 chat room [public] created by madu12345
you talkin to me chat room [public] created by mezstar143
this is the chat room where you can ask like you talikn to me? i'm sure you will like it dont btw noswaer ok im just sayin cos i got no stinking prob!! lol :D
RoomForSex chat room [public] created by joao250
Just talk about sex, and ever else you want
webcam 2012 chat room [public] created by sluttyking
chat room for people who want to webcam with other people.
Rat003 chat room [private] created by Rat003
clear mind.enjoy the beauty of nature.
Homestuck Roleplay chat room [public] created by HeirOfBreath
For shippings, or regular roplay. Topic: Homestuck.
vancouver island chat chat room [public] created by metalbender
singles chat room for vancouver island singles for finding new friends, hook-ups or friends with benefits or just for chat friends or whatever suites your mood or fancy! horny or not horny or I think we have thirty words now so it will start a room lol
For-Horny-Girls-Only chat room [private] created by nastyboydirty
Only For Girls,Women Who are horny and wants to talk Sexy.....
shilpaaaaaaaaapramoddddddddddddddddddddd chat room [public] created by pramodreem
sexting all around bi chatroom chat room [public] created by douglas27
A place for everyone with their mind in a gutter or someone else's pants
canadian lesbians only chat room [public] created by tiana13
just canadians lesbians only have fun. if your looking for a girlfriend or friends to talk to this is the best place to find them here.i hope you guys be nice here and be friendly :D
EveryoneWuvsMusic chat room [public] created by MusicColorz
Music lovers welcome! C: Anime people too! Sporties also! <3
gay room about gay sex chat room [public] created by sexman2323
talk to gay people and talk to them about their body
hyderabad ka badshahs chat room [public] created by tarak9299
the all hyderabadi's can join here and have fun
Private talking room chat room [private] created by MakiKaiser
It's a private chatroom for people i want to talk with
Indonesian Man chat room [public] created by Andwest
Just Indonesian peoples n for share anything. . .
Mynick1 chat room [public] created by Mynick1
If sex is such a natural phenomenon, how come there are so many books on how to do it?
all of my boo friends chat room [public] created by esseboo
i love people who love me so i no if u love me
GAYBISTRAIGHT chat room [public] created by tylerhayes92
Vocaloid Room chat room [public] created by iGakupo
Vocaloid fans/Cosplays come here and chat and hang ^^
Party For Gays chat room [public] created by SexiiBoy21
Just Be Your Self and find Your Bf But Don't Fine Me Have Fun.
text me and have fun chat room [public] created by Eillie33040
lets text and talk and have fun !!!! lets d lots and just like i said have lots of fun
My Bf and I Gay chat room [public] created by SexiiBoy21
U Wanna Talk Private Well Goahead Com In
Add Skype And Chat chat room [public] created by utkubesiktas96
Skype Adrees Add And Chats Room :) Skype Chat Here ...
Teen Green Room chat room [public] created by irishLiam95
Chat room for teens to chat and talk and socialise
All About You chat room [public] created by BaBiixBoo
its really about me <3 lol my description has to be 30 char long...
All About U chat room [public] created by BaBiixBoo
spongebob <3 lol randomness chat hour love <3
My user used to be Sprinklezz chat room [public] created by Sparkles101
Come if you used to know the user named "Sprinklezz" I have a new account :)
Sprinklezz chat room [public] created by Sparkles101
Come if you new the user "Sprinklezz" she changed her username and is looking for this one guy.....she cant remember his user name exsactly but she rlly wants to find him!
dirty chat horny people only chat room [public] created by diana789
you can talk dirty to anyone you want
markm chat room [private] created by markyme
am a man I love your chat rooms chat and get to know friends like girls
markme chat room [public] created by markyme
am a man I love your chat rooms chat and get to know friends like girls
sex and advise chat chat room [public] created by simonsez69
let your hornyness flow.love is the meaning of live
Pregnant and considering adoption chat room [public] created by kbag
Looking for support of finding a family to adopt.
11 Year Olds Only Chat Room chat room [public] created by Miracle60
Only 11 year olds are aloud in this chat room! But, be careful because, if you use any bad language, you will be banned from this chat room! But, if you will be nice to others and use good language and not leave anybody out then you are welcome in this chat room! UNLESS YOUR NOT 11!!!
memo1996 chat room [public] created by memo1996
hi cam sex efendy_warior@hotmail.com
Karoris Chan House chat room [public] created by KaroriRikuto
A place where i hangout and watch some stuff~
casual fun and pisstakes chat room [public] created by Teabagging
general light hearted abuse nothing serious.....
Karoris Room chat room [private] created by KaroriRikuto
:D Just watch anime or play the PS2!!!
True Vampire Believers chat room [public] created by DreamingCorpse
A chat for TRUE vampire believers.
Strapon1 chat room [public] created by brucet
for those who love strapons everywhere
XxDerpxX chat room [public] created by XxZoricxX
Feel free to do anything you want but dont fight! Thats all ;p
all gay come in chat room [public] created by rgighufher
for all gays of all for 14 to ?
Chatroom for peeps chat room [private] created by codeblue798
Chat for peeps I would like to talk to quickly.
Friendly Female Fun chat room [public] created by Ningal700
For girls of any age, nationality, ethnicity, or orientation to come talk about whatever and enjoy the company of other women without slander or annoying boys ;P Please don't use if you are under 14 years old.
nederl vrouwgeilen chat room [public] created by 69sandra
lekekr chatten en geilen en chtten met andere kerels over cuckold
hi guys chat room [public] created by julietlim
hi anyone singaporean wan chat ?
girls who r horny ONLY GIRLS PLEASE chat room [public] created by imverybig23
Girls who r horny and wanna sext
Weirdos paradise chat room [public] created by zombiequeen19
If you think or/and feel like a weirdo like me(Zombiequeen19) then you're welcome here!:)
13 -15 chat room ohh yeah chat room [public] created by JoeySLP
For young teens that want my # hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ROCKY LOVE chat room [private] created by RAOrocky
Do yo wanna chat with me call 8930431933
horny teens trading pics chat room [public] created by foxhound988
a place where teens wanting to trade pics can go and dude it without prosecution.
Amazingly Epic Emo People chat room [public] created by BrooHaHa
Well, Haii ;D Uhhm idc if you like hit on someone but now like asking if they wanna see your junk or whatever, just simple chat! If you're some troll hating on EMOS! Then just gtfo
sweetiiee chat room [public] created by ethanloveless
this room is for making friends
MommyHelp chat room [public] created by RaveMommy
Looking for help, a place for mommys to get together and try to help answer questions guess...
Sexting room 69 chat room [public] created by JoeySLP
room for only ppl that want my # and extange naked pics
Bored sexy chat -bi only girls only- chat room [public] created by EmoTayahreadytodie
Just girls that need a gf or some fun i am single
baddass chat room [public] created by hornysexslave6969
rp only dont be a douche or an idiot
pornhub chat room [public] created by hornysexslave6969
porn porn porn porn porn porn porn porn porn
HORNYlesbianChat chat room [public] created by BahjaOMG
Come on lesbians if ur HORNY(:
jess chat room [public] created by jesslynn160
i just want to talk to someone and you can talk to me a lot. i will always be on
ryanshepard chat room [public] created by ryanshepard
a great guy that loves girls only
13 year old and yonger only chat room [public] created by bumblebee403
13 thats it and you have to live in tomball,tx
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