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List of all user-created chat rooms #317
roja chat room [private] created by baulu
for long chating with fine heart
SceneBeansonlehhh chat room [public] created by LizzieVilano
a room for cool kids only c: lkuergg jfglkfgklfjgdkf jgfsdkljgfdujfgldjfhsdg lkuyhgfsdjlkfgkdjfhgsdkf kjyfgksduyfgsdklyfgsd kuydskudgklufhjdsgkfhd kjyfkdsjfhgkdsjfgsdf kljyfhgdskjhgdshjsdg jhgfljsdgdjshgfsd lkjhgfsdjhgfds ludyhfgsdju
Rhode Island Adults chat room [public] created by sunnyblonde
for all adults from new england states,no foul language or get bounced?
Colorado-CO chat room [public] created by SingleAndReady2Mingl
For people whom live is colorado, USA
lesbian chat girls only chat room [public] created by LauraRussell
females wishing to talk to other females
adult spanking chat room [public] created by ronaldo6969
for adults male or female who feel they need a dose of corporal punishment no immature members
Fredoom to speak chat chat room [public] created by CrazyNeNe
freedom to discuss what ever seems need to be discussed
heyppl just have fun chat room [private] created by cuty2ty
just have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hot 13 or 14 year old boys and girls chat room [public] created by unicornlover55
have fun chat with other hot people get peoples #'s or add them on fb
Gay chat room 123 chat room [public] created by blakel1999
Gay chat room just to chat or hook up ;)
Love To Talk chat room [public] created by ThatDudeGuy
Come, chat, find a partner to private chat with. Say whatever comes to mind.
The Shit chat room [public] created by MadamKeena
People who are cool laid back and awesome should chat in this room becasue im bored and want to meet other people in the world
gay or bisexual teens 13-18 chat room [public] created by mrteek99
This chatroom is for teens 13 to 18 any teens can join :)
sexy mama chat room [public] created by dougiefresh777
horny, people, boobs, ass, tits, licking ,
male escort chat room [public] created by husu27
hi iam in dubai if any interested chat with me only girls
Idc Whateva chat room [public] created by xxxChamilexxx
Idc._. for people who just make up topis
1 on 1 im a guy chat room [public] created by brianflora198
guy with girl chat talk bout anything you want!!
Tequilla Friends chat room [public] created by SUSHANT09
for all my friends....and anyone who is interested..spammers get banned,pervs get banned.,erotic banned..,friends are always welcome
chit thu yinn kyaun chat room [public] created by kopyae1998
i am looking for a girl who please me.
a2 chat room [private] created by Reator12
FUN TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poanamia Chat chat room [public] created by LoriSkinny
just proana people. Talk about resisting urges
Graphics chat room [public] created by Menphies
I do graphics,complimentary cards, business cards,picture slide shows convert to video,website developing,lets share some love.
fonsex room chat room [public] created by mysystem
untuk mereka yang inginkan fonsex silalah ke room ini
S E X Chat Room chat room [public] created by xunit079
only for fun and enjoy time and for all person who miss feeling and love
adult 12 chat room [private] created by ndy123
You must enter usernames of other members to allow them to use your private room
1995-1996-1997-1998 chat room [public] created by Mohammed96
Come Heree :)) If you Born In 95-96-97-98
BLACK OPS CHATXD chat room [public] created by kamikaze123
COD 7 chat room 4 gamers add me on psn NOT XBOX nukemonkey360
sexyyyyyyyy chat room [public] created by paulprince15
we will enjoy we will enjoywe will enjoywe will enjoywe will enjoywe will enjoywe will enjoywe will enjoywe will enjoywe will enjoywe will enjoywe will enjoy
Funs Room chat room [public] created by xunit079
who wanna have sex chat i just made sex chat room plz join us
West Wing Hospital chat room [public] created by ZanzaxThexBlade420
.........................................What do you think
adult flingz n such chat room [public] created by austy909090
adult situations and content viewer discretion advised
raja babu chat room [private] created by Rajababu36
Girls onnly chat room [public] created by SexiiLove18
Fun chat for Girlz only!!! Have fun mwah!!
panwar chat room [public] created by panwar47
hey i m boy and i wanna a girlfrnd any one interted.......???????? i m simple guy...name nishant
anioo chat room [public] created by panwar47
hey i m boy and i wanna a girlfrnd any one interted.......???????? i m simple guy...name nishant
nightous chat room [public] created by nightous
serious marriage Room chat room [public] created by noelelito
here is a serious chat room peoples and matures only please
Webcam Chat Roomm chat room [public] created by ladyt1ffany
asdlfakjsdlaksflajfasdka jsd askda jsldka jsldk jasldkajs dlasjdalkdjalf as daslk jasldkj asld jasld jasld ja
Freaky Gay Chat chat room [public] created by Joshua300
Gay chat where you can talk about ANYTHING!
Ladys onlly chat room [public] created by SexiiLove18
HI im bi nd girls help me bye....
malaysia hongkong indonesia chat room [public] created by suprii
gabung yukk...di ruang chat ini....mari kita ceritakn pngalaman slama kita ada di negri orang.....??
The Twilight Realm chat room [private] created by Aydiz
This is where dark and light meet. Where my powers can truly be unleashed and where you will die.
My Room yeaaa chat room [public] created by kalebwilliams79
I will allow u in if i have talked to u first boys and girls lol well thanks for coming n have a good day
durgesh chat room [private] created by durgeshgupta
just talk about entairtment, education
k9 people chat room [public] created by slipperywhenwet84
people who LOVE animals female or male couples
rock suni chat room [public] created by sunilbk222
hi,,,,,,,,,this is my chat room i am getting in this roo u can c me in hear
matures chat Room chat room [public] created by noelelito
if you mature,from 30years going and need clean chat, come to this room
sex room 5 chat room [public] created by gomoo
free to all, who like sex,come and enjoy
Egyption Hack Chat room chat room [public] created by AdminCzar
Welcame to admin Room ......................
IRISH FUN chat room [public] created by TrojanTank
ddd chat room [public] created by deeshaka
ANUANAND chat room [public] created by ANUANAND
ChatCraft chat room [public] created by jnde011
This is a minecraft chat server you may to talk to fellow minecraftians and tell server ips to play whit other people. Please follow the following rules. No swearing No giving away hack clients download links No Spamming Please use an account for ChatCraft (optional) Enjoy!
sexy horny chat room [public] created by eddiewalters
sexy and horny people come chat to each other
pantat chat room [public] created by KyUm93
only adult only..18sx..yg melayu gatal wajib msok oky..klu yg agak2 alim jgn lah..wt semak jew
Buffalonians chat room [public] created by Nyphyre
People from Western Ny specifically. Lets keep it local.
sharize for friends only chat room [private] created by Sharize
Just Friendly Chat with Friends
chat2dafullest chat room [public] created by jepetiom
meet new people just have fun and chat away...
Im Sexi and i know ir chat room [public] created by mayabro
For people who are sexy and the know it and would like to talk about it.
Shes fckin perfect chat room [private] created by BisexualPrincess101
i'm jenna i'm a teen i love football and volleyball but most imporantly baseball. HMU:)
shes mt everythin chat room [private] created by BisexualPrincess101
Im jenna i play baseball and football. wanna know more ask. HMU:)
vin chat room [public] created by vin9904
sext chat with me and enjoy the fisicaly life
malam2 chat room [public] created by amirzul97
Fems n studs chat room [public] created by BiGBOOTiE12
Dis rm is only for fems n studs only
Nude pic trading chat room [public] created by Gabe1334
Nude pic trading. If u can't trade over this use email or phone whatever you like to use any ethnicity can join male or female.
Nepal Chat Room chat room [public] created by kanchaboy
Only for Nepalese Boys and Girls.No foreigners allowed
O3O chat room [public] created by catieinblack
skskkakjkjska chat room [private] created by arshad1927
chat year chat room [public] created by nooty432
purple and blue stripes no people thats 20 or older and have a profile
virginbiboys chat room [public] created by virginbiboygappeme
Thisis us ho want to get laid and are a little bit perv c2c or name it here are the perv boys ho are getting gaped
Derpiest Place Ever chat room [public] created by XxZoricxX
You can talk about anything but dont fight!!!!
One On One Lesbian Chat chat room [private] created by Paolaaaa
This Chat room is to talk to naughty bisexual girl only eight people aloud.
my man is the best chat chat room [public] created by jessicaSmith21
its a room you chat about your man and what have he don to you (good things)
Furry Chat 1 chat room [public] created by WolfOfWind
A chat room for all those furries out there
Looking for a Master chat room [public] created by dthjoey
Looking for a master to Rp with
rainbow power gay pride chat room [public] created by twistedstyx22
for anyone to come and meet new people gay, strait, lesbian, or bi all is welcome no drama cause no one likes a bullie
N.J.Chat chat room [public] created by Nick444
Poeple in nj looking to hook up
Hello Kitty---- chat room [public] created by mca98
random stuff.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
20sHangOut chat room [public] created by curvacioushoneybee
Hang out spot for 20 something's....
flirtxxxroom chat room [public] created by oscar18791
this room is for flirting and a room that you will have fun in try it out
black butler... chat room [public] created by Grellsgirlforeverlol
for everyone who loves anime and black butler...
SlaveandMaster Roleplay chat room [public] created by StellBelle
Bored and H orny(: come join me here
single boys who want are girl friend chat room [public] created by littlemurphy
for single people who want to talk
hairy natural chat room [public] created by mariedcubana26
people who likes non shaved body
FalloutShelter chat room [public] created by Barret50Cal
For those of you who like weird named chat rooms and weird conversations
sexy females 18 or older chat room [public] created by gmoney1986
lookin for some sexy female friends to get to no
BaddBoys2 chat room [public] created by CalijahPeytonn
You have to be a boy that is cute ... That is Badd ! Girls are allowed to !
Single mothers looking for fun chat room [public] created by San118
Single moms who just want to have a fun chat with other moms and other people
Single mothers room chat room [public] created by San118
A room for single mothers to have fun and talk with other mothers with similar lives Fun and more in this room
single hookup chat room [public] created by cortez777
if your a bi/gay male and your single you can come here to get together and hopefully find a date.
llcool j chat room [public] created by jonny1100
cool room sweet nice chill back relax
pokemon henti chat chat room [public] created by kibadude98
lookin for people who want to talk like characters from pokemon
EmoBunny123 chat room [public] created by Connor101
this si for any one tht wants to chat with any one i dont care be u
canadian bi gay lesbian chat chat room [public] created by tiana13
well this is canadian gay bi lesbian and other types to chat here if you wanna meet new peoples who live near you this is the spot well have fun :D
HORNY GIRLS ONLY ONLY ONLY chat room [public] created by xXHotEmoBoiXx
Women .........................
Omega Haven chat room [private] created by xXDakotaXx
Made specifically for the Omega Haven website, only members from the site are allowed. Anyone else, or anyone who is not a wolf will be banned from this chat.
WelcomeHome chat room [public] created by AngelFromTheFlames
Well Hey in knew here welcome me to the game you can role play any way wisperchat me and ill tell you the role play i love!
Real peeps chat room [public] created by BrandenMalik
I need real people with real profile information so that we can actually connect with you.
Hi.... chat room [public] created by AngelFromTheFlames
Hey i'm new come chat with me you cane Role play lol i will tell you the role play i like :D sooo yea lol.
Sexiness900 chatroom chat room [public] created by sexyness900
Just talk as dirty as you want!
S.e.X.y CHAT for me and him chat room [private] created by Allieeboo
Me and his room there will be non clean talk so i reccomend you stay away. So hey and if you say anything mean to me or him I will kick you out. So No caps lock no spamming and no disrespect! WARNING there may be unicorns
frenchinSF chat room [public] created by toyboyfrench
french guy to f*ck in San Francisco
Timmys dirty chat for girls chat room [public] created by Sexdrve78
A man looking to talk dirty to a horny women
Yaoi Chat Room chat room [public] created by SexyboiR
Chat about everything YAOI <3 Manga, anime, movies, fics - anything and everything YAOI!
DFW CHAT 18 yrs Up Only chat room [public] created by markramirez817
This is a chat room for people in the Dallas Fort Worth area that are 18 and up.
anyone live in la chat room [public] created by bigirlaj16
16-20 looking for interesting friends
All my bitches love me. chat room [public] created by Needsomefaith
Metalfans chat room [public] created by onepiece366
anyone join i am as bored as hell so i made this
for cool ppl only haha open 2 anyone chat room [public] created by onedirection2341
if u r cool come join.. everyone invited expesscially hot guys around 16
st louis 123 chat room [public] created by busterj100
Anybody thats in st louis !! missori
Girls that want a nice BF blond hair girls please chat room [public] created by danko187
a place for a blond girl in the us that wants a bf
xHellox chat room [public] created by OpenMeUpLikeAPresint
Hey how are you join if you want!!
Finding the one chat room [public] created by sw33titea
Casual conversation, and perhaps find a special relationship?
Girls and Guys with Skype chat room [public] created by TenaciousD18
You don't want to comb through multiple chat rooms looking for girls/guys with skype who want to chat. Come right here. Stay here, this is all the fun you'll want.
semua0rang chat room [private] created by jammose
jom borak2...apa2 shje boleh..
Come in Party chat room [public] created by CupidsLover
:P im bored wanna join any one ?
hyderabadies-india chat room [public] created by kumarskum
for Hyderabad people who can meet here and make new friends.
blackberry bbm chat room [public] created by Zavi1018
share yur bbm pin lalalallallalalallalalallalalalalalallalalalalal
Ohioian Chat chat room [public] created by AntK5
People who live in OHIO only host: AntK5
seenu chat room [public] created by rajseenu
Simple i want friends to chat i need true girls
ramin chat room [public] created by raminramish
ramin, a young boy 27 years old. job buisness man solar businss from India and China
true pain of love chat room [public] created by saravanan24
hai use my chat room only for desent and friendship .. chatting , fun , share experions , learn about world as well as indian culture and languges exct....
hot bad girls chat room [public] created by rabbit123
hot girl guy can date to have long durty or nice talks
LGB and bicurious chat room [public] created by kylarose1999
saintsrow fan chat room [public] created by onepiece366
i made this chat room because i was bored as hell
Minecraft12 chat room [public] created by Minecraft678
People who like minecraft and want to talk about it
Nikeeeee XD chat room [public] created by lorettalynn
boys being a dick to your girls won't make yours any bigger
bi teenager friendship and love room chat room [public] created by samantha1997
for any teenager who is bi and is looking for love or just friendship of any kind, if you not bi or lesiban,or even gay stay out of this chat room
saintsrow fan366 chat room [public] created by onepiece366
i made this because i am bored
Texas2012 chat room [public] created by babygirl1357
looking for conversations from the texans people
Texas204 chat room [public] created by babygirl1357
looking for conversations from texans
Random Chat Room 1632 chat room [public] created by tbonilla1632
Anyone can come its for a random reason cause im new and only trying to learn my way around this site
Forever bored-Entertain me bruh. chat room [public] created by marquette616
Just for those who are awake at 2am and are bored as shit.
Tylers room chat room [public] created by tylerluvsyou
A place where i can talk to people that i know i can trust and the really want to talk to me back
self injury and depression chat room [public] created by isothien
If you have or currently are engaging in self harm or are depressed this is the place for you
Desolation Row chat room [public] created by anenome
After decades of searching...there are just way to many rules and a lack of nonconformists or individuals who question authority. If you agree, then this is the place. Haven't been here long, but thought I'd try. Here, you MUST be open-minded and respect others opinions as they should yours..BUT NO PREACHING PLEASE! Discuss anything from mental illness to politics to physics to religion to spirituality...anything goes, but must be open-minded and not easily offended!! Women especially invited...I find them to be much more intelligent; realistic; non-judgmental; open-minded; more common sense; compassionate, etc. than men. Not that men are not invited, this is a place open to ANYTHING, except stupidity and closed-mindedness. Besides, ignorance can be taught, I nor anyone else can fix stupid! Even all musical taste..from Mozart to Marley to Talking Heads to Dead Kennedys...you get the picture...just please take mainstream elsewhere if you tend to get offended or go manic! I don't even mind drug talk. I did it, but over 30 years ago. Now they are legal, cheaper, and better...one of the advantages of getting older and sicker. I don't mind age, but find people closer to my age tend to be more spontaneous and understanding in their conversations...40's, but even the younger may need to vent. What can I say, I had my 60's/70's moment of many drugs and Dead shows, but grew out of it. Just say what is on your mind, but try to remember the practice of compassion, kindness and respect. I am also guilty of this myself, but try to think before talking/reacting and take others feelings into consideration. Fair???? If so, let's get it going!! P.S. I told you about the sex talk...not really interested, and don't try to sell drugs etc., but if sick and need help, there are plenty of resources out there i am sure someone could guide you towards or have direct experience with. Hope to hear from you!
The Decent Room chat room [public] created by samara93
heyy frnds... all of u out there who are here to find good and swt frnds, here is a room just for u... no b***s*** no vulgarity only frndly chats.... hope u like it
tk8883 chat room [private] created by tarun8883
hi. I am tarun garg. I am a college leacturer. I am from bharatpur rajasthan. I am a married man.
11-13 dateing chat room [public] created by gman109
anything except killlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllling
borrrreeedd chat room [public] created by Moxxey
freez chat room [public] created by BlueMoonMa
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girl needed in aug ga tonight chat room [public] created by vegetashuggy
sex hot and great sex for you and my girl and i my girl is spectacular and sexy and together we will treat you right
HeSaySheSay chat room [public] created by HeSaySheSay
chat room for everyone beside,fakes,trolls,and annoying ppl whom i dislike
Bubu hot talk any chat room [public] created by Bubu701
a girl or women who ve more hot or ve sex that she can touch me
Abu Dhabi Rockers chat room [public] created by pokkzz
Chat Room with Fun,Loveand some Action
for 12-13 boys only chat room [public] created by ppn23
im single and i wanna meet someone from trinity collage gawler or prescott primary only but im at trinity next yr
singles13-22 chat room [public] created by kenzie11
only single girls or boys from 13 to 22
12-13 yr old boys ONLY chat room [public] created by ppn23
If u r from the schools trinity collage gawler or prescott primary northen com in here OR IF I INVITE U IN HERE
2much2mention da best chat room [public] created by jepetiom
if your honest and truth then chat here..but if you a looser dont enter..
The Room6854 chat room [private] created by tradeskill
I really don't know why I need a description here. . . it's private!
Shadow chat room [public] created by MonsterinShadows
Where you end up when you least expect it.
lovefornow chat room [public] created by souman
love room for those who looking for a serious relationship
rape me roleplay fantasy only chat room [public] created by illbeyournaughtygirl
Lets just talk about three rape fantasy.. lets talk about how dirty we are
minecraft pvp chat room [private] created by reddragon1101
Minecraft players on minecraftpvp.pbworks.com are all welcome here.
sadhan chat room [public] created by harishunnao
I like romantic chat. mujhse bate karo ji bhar ke
cam room68 chat room [private] created by jbby123
cam is the only thing i will be using so you should watch?..
entertainment inside chat room [public] created by strongmaan
who all r getting bored cum inside we will find the way
science testing room chat room [public] created by edelric2
where demons are tested to see if it is a half or a full blooded demon they stck you in a cell to be checked on later
aryb chat room [public] created by schwing4
as wersdfsdfsdfsdsgrergrtrghhrfffffffffffffff
sexyroom4us chat room [public] created by mewivu
we can get some privatcy now hunny
Msn Skayp Yahoo chat room [public] created by BoywithBig
Only for cyber sex nd ofcourse need much female
CYBERSEXROOM chat room [public] created by BoywithBig
CYBRSEXROOM for all who have msn skayp or yahoo....relax nd enjoy...
ticklish stories Q-A-5 chat room [public] created by soli2010
to those who have a wide imagination and tell girls a Q&A tickling story.. i.e. the storyline should be told, and the girl replies with her reactions through the storyline actions...
ticklish stories Q-A-6 chat room [public] created by soli2010
to those who have a wide imagination and tell girls a Q&A tickling story.. i.e. the storyline should be told, and the girl replies with her reactions through the storyline actions...
ticklish stories Q-A-7 chat room [public] created by soli2010
to those who have a wide imagination and tell girls a Q&A tickling story.. i.e. the storyline should be told, and the girl replies with her reactions through the storyline actions...
lonelywebchat chat room [public] created by jeanguy2000
for all you lonely people looking to type less
cyberfking chat room [public] created by missfierce101
this is a room fir pick ups and fun convos (;
videogame chat room [public] created by lyrebard
If you want to have a chat about games then this is the place
Teenage Philippine chat room [public] created by rellikace
For teenage pilipino's who are really bored and got nothing to do...chat chat lang hahahah :3
desiboy99 chat room [public] created by desiboy99
hi iam desi plese sex chat my private room
cebu hookers chat room [public] created by narutowartube
want fun in bed..and be so wild with their partners
Nothing serious chat chat room [public] created by Carlos251
This chat room is for all those people who don't want anything serious and looking for hook ups, no strings attached just chatting.
calicut chat room [public] created by anoop6053
hot chats........cute chiks come on..............................................................
kpop101 chat room [public] created by b1a4fan
love of u-kiss and and shinee and b1a4
emo pplz join chat room [public] created by bigemo134
feel like no one understands u bcuz ur emo talk to every who is emo!
emo talk with other emos chat room [public] created by bigemo134
needsomeone to understand u??? talk to other emos!
bcydal chatt chat room [private] created by BiGGABEST
intense conversations only no bores
ZOMBIE FREAKS chat room [public] created by RAiNMEOW11
a room for people that love zombies and will prepare for the an apocalypse...
Feeling Betrayed chat room [public] created by KerryJA
Ever put out your all into your relationship but get nothing in return? if yes then this is the place to be.
Athletic or Skinny people only chat room [public] created by Hottestgirlever
Straights come meet ur perfact match here.
Green people chat room [public] created by faridgouita
Only Weird people ...we are taking off
Welcome hotties chat room [public] created by punkrebel16
Hot dudes who like russian females
Ganja Room With Amara chat room [public] created by Cruz1313
Hey im amara i like to have fun and this is a room to have fun with me :P
uae abudhabi dubai come on chat room [public] created by abudhabiboy1
hello come here iam wating for you girl only
hal chat room [public] created by sotedelan
endegi dar javani va.........................................
Horney babe only ladies chat room [private] created by anilsai
Horney babe only ladies And girls chat room [private] created by anilsai
Christianity Judaism Islam Atheism chat room [public] created by 69PPeace4lovEE69
All religion Followers are welcome to Clarify there Miss conceptions - with Logic
sex and pallavi chat room [private] created by coolpallavi1990
this is a room for people who like to talk sensible nd be naughty at times...
only MEXICO chat room [public] created by kima20
welcome to hour room, this is a chat for casual conversation n for all, anybody can get in , thank you .
mistery chat room [private] created by Rwawan95
nice room, enjoy your chat with me
look for young crossdressers chat room [private] created by sonny12345
young pretty cross dressers for fun chat and maybe make connection
sianni love chat room [public] created by siannilove
come in and chat... please don't be disrespectful but enjoy and be nice !!
Industrial metalheads chat room [public] created by RammsteinFearFactory
Title pretty much says it. Come here for industrial metal chat.
Luva4lyf chat room [private] created by Luva4lyf
Private chat,personal,fun,romance,discreet relationship
Homestuck chat RP room chat room [public] created by DENMARKhetalia
RP as any homestuck troll, human, OC, whatever, has to be related to homestuck
Pro Ana advice chat room [public] created by Artsypants
This is were people can give advice to others about pro ana tips, plus i need some tips, so its an opportunity to share knowledge
old men young girls chat chat room [public] created by virginkittin
young girls chatting with old horny men
im a girl and i want a bf chat room [public] created by EgGsandBaNnAs
im not despeart or nothing but the dudes here are butheads and there stupid and im looking for someone better come to the chat room to get my number
18 m looking for horny girl chat room [public] created by taricteen
18 m looking for horny girl ;)
under18S chat room [public] created by cuppycakerhirhi
Springfield Missouri 1 chat room [public] created by scout222
Singles from spfd mo come on in and meet friendlies : )
buddiessss chat room [public] created by shantilovesu
i allow the people who want to make frendship with me
Gay 13-16 year old boys chat room Come and get it chat room [public] created by minibox97
Are you horny and young? Wanna cyber with boys? come !
OwO Cookies xD chat room [public] created by irenyoxD
LOL, Horny., single.., 18.., I'm not a virgin but i am, still available. xD
Down and dirty xxx Chat chat room [public] created by CookieRaider
Anyone just feeling to get down and dirty with someone? ALL types aloud...pedo, straight, Gay, or bi!
Cool peoples club chat room [public] created by salem2006
Come chat.......................................... if ur cool anyway
skype chat anyone chat room [public] created by michaelt7h8
For people who want to chat on skype
This is the chat room BOOM chat room [public] created by Paddyishere
I'm single looking for girlfriend close to Chitester or Bognor Regis
Intuitive Advice Chat chat room [public] created by estarr
Looking to receive some advice? Or a free intuitive reading? I'm practicing my skills and I am just looking to see who is up for trying a reading. This is only for fun and no negative things will be said. Don't take it to heart and give it try!
college girls for older men chat room [public] created by suckmytits87
hot young college girls that like to be an older mans dream, and older guys that would love to play with a sexy hot college girl
come and enjoy..... chat room [public] created by roshankhaan
dear guys you can enjoy every second..............
sexy time 123 chat room [public] created by divetribe123
Lets chat random people. Im bored, just got done at le gym and could use sme amusment
Swiss 69 chat room [public] created by hotboy1979
Only for swiss people can come on feel free and happy
all yall country folk chat room [public] created by CountryBoyLover25
come meet fellow red neck country folk
guys into guys feet chat room [public] created by endurance15
for guys that are into other guys feet.
shanika is the best chat room [public] created by shanika1323
I just want a relationship that will a while and will be full of trust and love
Helicopter Priks chat room [public] created by PinkGlitter89
NOT A SEX ROOM!!! Any age welcome. Ignorance not tolerated.
USoA chat room [public] created by LMFAO777
16 and younger from the UNITED STATES of AMERICA
San Antonio horny locals chat room [public] created by Tracey2688
for people who want one night stands and are looking for only fun and erotic pleasure
11-14 teens and preteens chat room [public] created by iheartchu
for preteens and young teens pervs will be banned :o!
horny lesbians round the world chat room [public] created by Bigdzik
only horny girls can join all around the world
Gay Canada 101 chat room [public] created by AnthonyCrow11
Come and join me! we could meet one day!
seks chat........................... chat room [public] created by koffi92
to alll pEOPLE WHO WANT TA FIND frenz....n also open minded
Scandalous Group Chat chat room [public] created by BeccaAshlee
Where you can go to talk, hang out, let off steam, rage, get silly, get sexy, whatever you want. :)
horny lesbians paradise chat room [public] created by shadowedblaze
come in only if u are a girl and you are into roleplay cyber
Self-harm chat room [private] created by kristenlee
for anyone who self-harms, you are not alone.
bored 2 chat room [public] created by muffinman15
for those who are bored and want something to do.
Russian River fun chat room [public] created by LanaLu83
Forum for river parties tips and secrets, and beach access sharing!
Humiliate me now chat room [public] created by NaughtyGurl4Use
Come in and tell me how you humiliate and use me
11 year old boys looking for girl chat room [public] created by SARAHN11Y
Looking for a guy to go out with in Cape Coral, Florida
tamil sex room chat room [private] created by karthick880
coimbatore tirupur girls call me 8807740549
KHDBZ Role Play Chat Room chat room [public] created by Sifler
Role Playing Kingdom Hearts And DBZ
gay tendances chat room [public] created by loverboysky
if u have a lil gay in u show it
Royal Ballroom chat room [public] created by ZanzaxThexBlade420
...........................................Dance the night away.....................................
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