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List of all user-created chat rooms #318
doggy sex chat room [public] created by timbo1986
anything from giving blow j's to getting tied with doggy knots
uae girl only chat room [public] created by abudhabiboy1
Please come this room iam waiting for you
Pokemon Role Play chat room [public] created by Sifler
Read The Name Or Just Ask me about How to play
My Bedroom z . z chat room [private] created by ZanzaxThexBlade420
The Grassy Plains chat room [public] created by Akizuki
A roleplay room created to host a fight.
Indy 420 chat room [public] created by missnolove88
new to indianapolis, wats up around town!
lovenestforzaheer chat room [private] created by salmanxkhan
for Zaheer008 only. for Zaheer008 only. for Zaheer008 only. for Zaheer008 only.
Search For The End chat room [public] created by xDuskX
this is a minecraft chatroom please dont spam or i will ban you
15-16 year olds only chat room [public] created by coppergirl22
This is only for 15-16 year olds. Plz and who live in Colordo
gay teenaged boys chat room [private] created by brandon1999
boys naked,boys,hot teen boys,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
emo chat room of hell chat room [public] created by abbeydawn189
for people who are emo and in love
emmavixen chat room [private] created by hornytrucker
room so we can b alone tonight
hornyyyyyyyyy chat room [public] created by breelynnn
if you horny come and talk dirtyif you horny come and talk dirtyif you horny come and talk dirtyif you horny come and talk dirtyif you horny come and talk dirtyif you horny come and talk dirty
HaHa-Just random chat room [public] created by DrDrakeW
Welcome to my chat room full of nothing but....wait....nevermind, its not really full of anything. So fill it up with interesting junk! xD
Intelligent chat room [public] created by Sexynerd1314
Let's you to talk to people who, like yourself, can talk about all the things they know without being picked on
Random bored ppl chat room [public] created by TickyTickClock
I don't kno, im just really bored and i wanna talk to some randomm people lol ^_^
teens...... chat room [public] created by jennifer004
have fun talking to teens... which are ages 13-17 i would like to say anyone older please leave because us teens just need time to talk,,
telugu sex talk chat room [public] created by arjundas
telugu people can chat here... all ur thaughts can share here with ur friends
Live Adult Chat Room chat room [public] created by indianbabydoll
Hi sex hungry people, am INDIAN BABYDOLL, the sexiest webcam model from India, you´ll always find me getting fit in Goa Beach here in India. I´m so sexual, can´t spend a day of my life without sex!!! Love all shorts of sexual stuff, anal, double finger penetrations, just getting horny thinking about it Join My Room
pay2play1 chat room [public] created by mzpinky69
Sexy fun hot wet tight juicy nasty $$$
trs chat room [private] created by trs333
hi frnds dis is ramesh inm very frankely and stright forward ,cool man
KaileyStuff chat room [private] created by KaileyRez
British imformation chat room [public] created by roxylove365
I would like to travel to Europe in particular Britian. I would like to know when the best time to go, places to visit and so on.
parag1975 chat room [private] created by parag1975
wants to chat fr nice relationship mentally and phisically
kim blackwidow chat room [public] created by kineta
love a cock and love having sex all long
16 and up only chat room [public] created by shadow966
must be 16 and up or else ban and no trolls please
Pittsburgh couples therepy chat room [public] created by kinkaliink
I was wondering if anyone in the Pittsburgh Area knew of a good couples' therepist around here, I couldn't find a Pittsburgh chat room, so I figured I'd give this a shot.
restraunt chat room [public] created by edelric2
lies between us chat room [public] created by kidbengala
If sign in.. won't back ago. Surely! I'll keep you surprised to want to be more time multiplied by desire to always return!
all kind of scandal chat room [public] created by rizal5522
kepada saper2 yg mencari scandal dlm chat room, silalah join huhuhu....
talk sex make me squirm chat room [private] created by sexysweet72
I love to talk dirty it turns me on and makes me feel tinggly and numb inside
-VideoGame chat room [public] created by SuperMario123
I laik cookies so yeah. chat room [public] created by shadowfangs
Haters haters hater haters haters y u be hatin
kingkhan817 chat room [public] created by kingkhan817
hi my name iz khan . i m new here . i have just created account here
90s Kids chat room [public] created by CoolStoryBroTiA
Room for all the kids born in the 90's. We talk about 90's shows, 90's music, 90's clothes etc.
telugu singles chat room [private] created by arjundas
mee istaistaalu meeku nachina vaallatho panchukodaniki idi oka manchi place... u can free with others here
TorysHideout chat room [private] created by Mstory
Don't play games with a girl thats been played with before... Chances are she already knows the rules and will beat you at your own game ..
viva polska chat room [public] created by mohanad10
viva polsk : Meaningful chat every Polish citizen living on Polish soil free
Starfleet Command chat room [public] created by AdmiralJTKirk
Chat about anything!!. Nerds only please!!! Startrek !!!
bishop timothy john chat room [public] created by timothy2010
anyone wants to help for poverty people please, join with me and I am timothy john from India. send your email address. my email: timothyjohn1992@yahoo.com
italian room skype chat room [public] created by pearljam79
everyone who wants to know me and my italain culture!!
qatar chat chat room [public] created by ebbin
hi guys n gals... anyone in qatar can come up2 dis chat room and be frenz or share ur views!!!!
flirt gilrs chat room [public] created by king1995
those can come and have a fun and make it more fun
ALL 13 YEARS OLD CHAT chat room [public] created by daniell4d
welcome to the 13 years old chat room girls and boys welcome and left 4 dead fans are mostly welcomed
Only sex10 chat room [private] created by Maddy2play
Oly girls can cum..more preferrence 2 indian girl:) who likes to av sex chat
For guys chat room [public] created by MandaJulijana
Hi, it's for guys of 20 years old, all country, and thoughtfulness, please
italian room skype 79 chat room [public] created by pearljam79
it's welcomed everyone that wants to chat and enjoy itself with smart peolple!!!!
my own chat room scotty1818 chat room [private] created by scotty1818
just bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111111
16plus chat and date room chat room [public] created by rabbit90
just chill and have fun any disrespect to other members will be band any one under 16 will be band and do not talk dirty in main lobby
girls lsb storylines - 1 chat room [public] created by ticklishDina
girls Q and A storylines and ordeals...
Budapest lovers chat room [public] created by Taher911
this a chat room for people who lives in Budapest and able to have a friendly chat and meets
girls lsb storylines - 2 chat room [public] created by ticklishDina
girls Q and A storylines and ordeals...
Exceptions chat room [private] created by Alawooz
Only great minds, souls and personalities... Not looking for high numbers of people, just the quality of them, so you're welcome !
Belgiums House Hetalia chat room [public] created by Belgiumwafflelover
You all should know the rules.... Just respect one another :D
chinese-turkish-english chat room [private] created by woshilanren
hmmm..dont know what to write in here....
twensa kahaw chat room [public] created by 3azefElLil
All Tunisians od5lou na3mlou a7la jaw
IT NEVER ENDS chat room [public] created by marca744
for epic people who like Bring Me the Horizon
SamanthaMaslow chat room [public] created by SamanthaTomlinson
James Maslow`s gf plz enter <3
webcam sexy time chat room [public] created by boreddane
boys and girls excange webcam info and then chat with each other
djrana chat room [public] created by ranaalig
i love to meet with new friend.
The Jedi Lounge chat room [public] created by JediPilot
All Star Wars talk and maybe a little of everything else. No trolling, perverted talk, asking for cams or sex. It's all prohibited and you will be banned!
samsamnlf chat room [public] created by samsamnlf
funny room for ladies and gentelmen looking for friendship
single ladies 12 chat room [public] created by darrenH123
any single girls up for a chat
Lesbians and Gays chat room [public] created by Dilse81
Looking for friends..? dating..? intimate encounter..? Enter here...over 18 please, no men!
telugu sexchatting chat room [public] created by arjundas
plz come to this room...............................................................
crazy and happy chat room [private] created by ohjo
just for laughing plus all the crazy things and all happiness in life.
JOB SEEKER chat room [public] created by Moneymakerx
Come to this chat room if you are seeking a job or need something that you can do, like a business to make you money.
The Atom Lounge chat room [public] created by crow0boy
The most f*cking awesome, incredible, sexy, magnificent, psychedelic, amazing did I mention awesome? chat room ever conceived.
cool5 chat room [private] created by noom123
no thanks i like video chat in passing time n boring time
1as chat room [private] created by indiancool88
b\hi i am santhosh searching for a friend
telugu friends chat room [public] created by arjundas
telugu sex chat..............................................................................................
TheCollective chat room [public] created by WeepingAngel
All for one, and one for ... DAMN wrong quote.. Nevermind.
hes cheating on me chat room [public] created by precious0924
I looged in his fb and found out he cheating on me.....he has gf in another state!.....and he talks to others girls like hes single and he always tell me he would never marry me......i dont know wat to do help
12-16 year olds chat room [public] created by Rubensetp610
For 12 to 16 year oldboys and girls who want to make friends their own age
bacon chat room [public] created by Wolfie666
peolpe who live in georgia chat room [public] created by mikey243
talk about anything you want doent matter
kerala malayalee chat room [public] created by vineshkallathu
nil nil nilmnio;lmdkfjdsoifnil
single mothers chat chat room [public] created by San118
a rom were single mothers can get together and just talk about life as a single mom and have some fun at the same time
girls only1980 chat room [public] created by yoyo1980
Graffiti guys chat room [public] created by AlexBMX
Not just for graffiti also for skaters and people that ride BMX'S and like graffiti... freestep... etc
CHiiiiiiLL. chat room [public] created by fckthisshet
Place where COOL people meet, chill, and chat. (:
Married but looking 1 chat room [public] created by tntrucker123
Married people looking for other partners
i want girls chat room [public] created by nandhuchowdary
only come girls only.i am very intresting girls
girls that wanna skype dirty chat room [public] created by skylax47
girls that wanna add me on skype so we can do cam to cam dirty
horny girls that wanna skype chat room [public] created by skylax47
girls taht wanna meet up on skype and get dirty
Best Days in Bangalore chat room [public] created by Ajisbt
Bangalore's best days. Bangalore is beautiful.
MalesForOldLadies chat room [public] created by FreeMaleForU
Young Males For Old Ladies. This room is for -->All nice elder ladies who are looking young males
cool-guys-chat-room chat room [private] created by heart123456789
chat....chat & only chat. u chat wid me i chat wid u..!!! chat is chat ..but i m not chat...????
The Island Of Night chat room [public] created by XJedaHyugaX
RP Only! be at your game and be friendly to other rp's. There are ten islands all: my home (main), meadow, beach, town, governmaent (jail court, ect), school, cafe, cabins, mall, and outer boaders (Enemy of my lands where my arch enemy cloud lives. DO NOT GO UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE KILLED!). Please feel free to rp any subject. no sexual content! do that somewhere eles! thaks.
dragonhard chat room [private] created by dragonheart123
looking to make love with horny sexy girls in copenhagen
Home Of Honda chat room [public] created by TadakatsuHonda
this is my home you are welcome
Dragonball- Z-GT-KAI chat room [public] created by SaiyanWannaBee
this is a chatroom only for people who wish to come together and discuss the dragonball series. so please understand that if you use this chat room u are responsible for everything you say and can be removed if you break any violations
Spanking Parents chat room [public] created by LovinMomSpanks
Moms and Dads and others that feel spanking should make a comeback.
DontSayStupidThings chat room [public] created by DontTalkLikeThat
say stupid things lol its awesome to be funny not to be mean hiii bye bla bla bla!!
bluebuttons3555555 room chat room [public] created by bluebuttons3555555
wanna talk about stuff talk to me bluebuttons3555555
sensual talk chat room [private] created by curve36appreciator
What makes you tick? What makes you feel good? What hits the spot? How open are you? How far wil you go?
girls lsb storylines - 3 chat room [public] created by ticklishDina
girls Q and A storylines and ordeals...
serious dudes chat room [public] created by lovelymama272
must be serious to chatt in here
just cam2cam chat room [public] created by secretcam
smigle08 chat room [private] created by smigle08
male like to discover about the world
DXL chat room [private] created by chol
Always Open for all and all can come in any enjoy as you like
Madz worLDZ chat room [public] created by NiiRAV
Welcome to mad world and itz only for good peoplez.letz rockkkk
Kinkiest Roleplay Room chat room [public] created by ExperimentalMaster
A room for everyone who has difficulty finding others who share enjoyment in some of the more 'controversial' sexual kinks.
Webcam Strip Game chat room [public] created by lawrz19
Anybody want to play a strip game via webcam?
Advisory chat room [public] created by MarBasDuinn
Come for advice on love, hate, revenge, peace, or any of the various shades of grey. Start bullying someone, though, and you'll be banned. I don't care if you were kidding or not.
12yr olds ONLY chat room [public] created by HoneyPie44
anyone 12 may enter, over 12, your out.
sugar babies chat room [public] created by slimnaughty2
this room is simply for sugar babies and sugar daddies
meeting exciting ppl chat room [public] created by romansorokin21
Start talking if interested... that all!
cool kids. chat room [public] created by ilovepokemonxx
uhh, the kids that are cool? lmfao xD
Singles 4 interests chat room [public] created by romansorokin21
Talk about interests.........+..........
11andupSingles only chat room [public] created by MrSwaggMan11
Only 11 12 and 13 years old singles can chat you dont have to hide your age
Dubstep and hippie rooms chat room [public] created by jroms18
A room about music and fesivals and goodies;)
No Adultry chat room [public] created by monafantasy
No sex, no sucking of fu@king, just good decent talk
RCCG Christians chat room [public] created by oaksnigeria
A Room for all those that are born again
progressive metal chat room [public] created by mindcrime1986
vandem plas ,pagans mind ,dream theater
lesbian studs only chat room [public] created by shyliyah
this chatroom is fro lesbian studs only and u have to be sexy and no dudes
boys who want a mexican girl chat room [public] created by laurenkassidy
i am 11 and looking for a boy who wants to date me im half mexican and half white. :) if you dont want to date me that is okay. when you come type date for date and friend for friend any mean comments you will be blocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011george chat room [public] created by 2011George
teenager chat room/ girls only whom are interested in chatting with george 18/m denmark
crossover metal and punk chat room [public] created by mindcrime1986
for all you hardcore peoples lets get it on
dylonbabe chat room [private] created by dylonbriggs
symbol of love. chat room [public] created by Behedges
Am available for you anytime just knock the door of my heart and it will be open for you because Benson is a free man and i do care for everybody, i dont discriminate.
Lesbians onlyyyyyy chat room [public] created by catimck
bluebuttons3555555 chat room [public] created by bluebuttons3555555
want talk about stuff bluebuttons3555555
Ouran Roleplay Chat chat room [public] created by HikaruHitachiin69
Rp about ouranhighschoolhostclub!!!!! And have fun!!!
The beast room chat room [public] created by Beast20
we talk about everything and dont come in hhere and cuss out every cause if you do you are a nube and a no life loser
JTrains Room chat room [private] created by TessaM
free lancing chat room [private] created by herculess
epiphanies transcribed into spontaneity(.poetry or anything with a rhythm and RHYME to it)
bluebuttons3555555 chat room chat room [public] created by bluebuttons3555555
want to talk to bluebuttons3555555
Angry -Depressed -Lonely chat room [public] created by louise1011
This is not a pick up room,go to Adult Chat for that.This is a chat for people with problems & wanna talk about it with others without being put down.All comments are to be respected & not offensive to others.If you have a problem with someone put them on block.No spammers & no caps .You will be banned.
Axa Room chat room [private] created by JTrain777
11-16 chat room [public] created by Brandi12354
if u 11 to 16 come on in and chat! Plz dont ask nu.de pics its perverted aIm 12 in augest and i wnt to see you in this chat room :) jk but come in any way!!
Country talking chat room [public] created by fatkevin
Lets talk about our country of residence and the ethnics and way of living
over 40 risque chat room [public] created by loulovesyou
naughtys ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
kuroshitsuji -black butler- chat chat room [public] created by CielPhantomhive69
chat, rp/roleplay, whatever just have fun XD
THE FUNNY ROOM chat room [public] created by jada2443
this room is so funny when it wants to be
THIS IS MY PRIVATE ROOM chat room [private] created by ej827
xbox live chatroom chat room [public] created by drewkennedy1
only for people on xbox live who want to play xboxlive!
Meeting room mas de 40 chat room [public] created by CanarioBoricua
Sala para mayores de 40, charlas de amistad y conversación
Gangster chatroom chat room [public] created by lilrascal818
az1234 chat room [private] created by cutedoggyboy
jrijyiejthjrtihnjrehgerhrejhj gbjkehgjer venbgerbhgkjerhgje nefbgkjehgk vndefbgjkf
3sume chat room [private] created by iwantmyoldnameback
tupaclover chat room [private] created by Chanelll1
if you like r&b and hiphop and rap like the old time tupac biggie ..
3sume2 chat room [public] created by iwantmyoldnameback
Bombay chat room [public] created by abhijeet007
Any one can chat and find new contact enjoy the time have fun get along and enjoy the time
teen peeps chat room [public] created by jammer121
hey peeps talk have fun be ya teen self i'm 16 i know what my age says! but anyway fun fun lol :p
Weight gain chat chat room [public] created by tumulus
For all those who love inflation :3 weight gain o3o and of course Just from being plump to round as a ball X3x
Gay chat for Heavier guys chat room [public] created by AgentGibs
This is the place for heavyset gay guys to come chat without having to feel self conscious of other skinner men. No bullying is tolerated.
normal people looking for fun chat room [public] created by thathunterkid
mostly girls, no douche bags. no fakes.
whos trying to skype in rockville MD chat room [public] created by ApatheticComeToMe
*.* im trying to skype see in anyone wants to hang near me
i wont a girl frind cum if u wunt boy frind chat room [public] created by michealachastain
join hot ass girls............................................................................................. .........................................................................................................................................................
Talk dirty with me chat room [public] created by Babiilove561
Lets all talk dirty and have a great time:D
zeesh2012 chat room [public] created by zeesh2012
hello friends i m online can we join us
pinoy big brother room chat room [public] created by jamesyoung
hi welcome to this room hope you enjoy!!:))))))))))))))))))))
teen hang room chat room [public] created by jennifer004
if you're over the age of 21 please don't come. we need people from 13-21 please no older.
ROANOKA VA chat room [public] created by ELMBRED
all for beauty chat room [public] created by Abhishek525
All beauty r welcomed Into one of the sexiest chat room
lets enjoy sex chatting chat room [public] created by king0812
come...,,,,... relax and enjoy...............................................
cheeky69 chat room [public] created by candytoh777
Feel free to chat anything with me. :)
girls lsb storylines - 4 chat room [public] created by ticklishDina
girls Q and A storylines and ordeals...
looking for more chat room [public] created by shaggster1
if u are lookin for a gf/bf/ltr/fwb hit someone up here
Winxclub chat room [public] created by princessniome
Hey everyone If you want Have fun , Chat friendly , Chat lovely come here. By the way this site would be help you to find many friends: www.winxclub.com
lahori singlz chat room [public] created by bilalintownagain
all lahoriz cm n lts nt hide our asl n chat wiv ech odr
Tokyo people chat room [public] created by Mattias1
People from tokyo! comming in!
junaid chat room [public] created by junaidraaz
hii i m junaid raaz i m from bihar india. friendship with me.... i m good lookinggg
tamil jalsa room chat room [public] created by akkhidev
all tamil guys and girls are welcomed.. nalla enjoy pannalaam!!!
cybersex1234567 chat room [private] created by jaytay777
i want to have cybersex with angelyang292
jaytay777 chat room [public] created by jaytay777
maybe it will work now joinnn meeeee angel
aym chat room [private] created by aymoonsun
like for beautifull and intelegant girls
Chat with me i am new chat room [public] created by noorulain
hello,i am new and i want to make friends so coe and saw hi and lets start chit chatting
have fun alot of fun chat room [public] created by selina51
this is all about havibg fun do anything u want
Lesbians and have some fun chat room [public] created by Briisme
for lesbians only so we can have some fun yeaaa
sex horny chat room [public] created by jeff409
for horny people who wanna have sex all night long and dont care what people think
i need relationship help chat room [public] created by Guardian0522
I need help with my relationship and I really need help please only come if you can help me
friend true chat room [private] created by vk1988
hai this is vinith am looking for love and friendship if u like me send a mail to my mail id my id is vinith_1988@ymail.com and my facebook id is also the same
true friend and buddy chat room [public] created by vk1988
hai this is vinith am looking for love and friendship if u like me send a mail to my mail id my id is vinith_1988@ymail.com and my facebook id is also the same
cool usa chat chat room [public] created by xmar48
REDDIT!!! amazing website that thinks that 9GAG sucks just as i think
Lets fack chat room [private] created by MistyLikesCum
i like dressing like a bitch, like getting facked like one
Cougars N Cubs chat room [public] created by yungcash
Find/Meet/Chat with Cougars and Cubs! (Australian Based)
single emos14 chat room [public] created by darkprincess1514
for singles only and any sexual language that i dont like will be kicked out just saying
saysmsa chat room [public] created by saysmsa
Only for Lovers,, and friendship
Malaysia Adult chat room [public] created by PutraSeks
EnJoy Chatting!! looking 4 ur activity partner
Jiyu Shiti chat room [public] created by inuBaka
A thieves paradise, do as you please. ((FIGHTING/KILLING ZONE.))
Jyushi chat room [public] created by inuBaka
Thieve's paradise, the lawless zone. Mobius Zone Number 7. ((Fighting/Killing zone, come at your own risk, no unfair fights.))
guys that are TEENS chat room [public] created by darkprincess1514
if your not a teen your kicked out. as simple as that
Bangalore30 chat room [public] created by 27Bangalore
This is chat rooms helps easily can chat with banglaorean
dirty slut chat room [public] created by zackh89
have fun do whatever get naked and party show everyone ur not afaid to fack that shit up
Living extreme chat room [public] created by Skierman
Talking on exteremes in life with good friends
all join chat room [public] created by gandmarlu
all need my cock.........................................................................all girls
NaughtyTalk91 chat room [public] created by Vaysnookib
talk dirty make me cumm (; (LESBIANS ONLY 17+)
s3x chat122 chat room [public] created by JS627
vivek chat room [private] created by vivek1511
room created for close friends.........................................................
pilipino in dubai chat room [public] created by aldwin21
all pinoy and pinay kababayans join here
want love chat room [public] created by lordmomo
for single women and men who want friendship
Money Chat Enter Here chat room [public] created by sozke
How to earn $100 a day check out my blog then enter to Room this is my blog :Check this Blog and Earn of Couple of $ a day : http://earnmoneyonlineinneobux.blogspot.com/Check this Blog and Earn of Couple of $ a day : http://earnmoneyonlineinneobux.blogspot.com/
masturbation fun chat room [public] created by thuggin312
chatting while mastubating and getting naughty!
masturbating fun chat room [public] created by thuggin312
masturbation and fun while chatting
sexhanna chat room [public] created by sexhanna
free all in my chat room loyal handsome LTR and rich
Just For Chatting chat room [public] created by TheRachelStyles
If you are really old. DO NOT COME IN THIS ROOM! Enjoy chatting!(:
SANDWICH VPN chat room [public] created by linksman3
a place where u will get a solution to bye-pass any internet access restriction, access any website of your choice and get the online freedom, security and privacy that you deserve. No offensive or illegal activities allowed here
cinta budak melayu chat room [public] created by sisterLia
khas untuk budak atau orang melayu yang tengah bercinta, nak cari cinta, putus cinta, jatuh cinta dan semua la yang berkenaan dengan cinta!
Tn. Chat chat room [public] created by ksmith21093
Chatroom only for people from Tn.!!!
Raj4sex chat room [private] created by raj61985
Chat for friendship, hook up or open relationship.
13-14 year olds xx chat room [public] created by aisha1999
For 13 and 14 year olds to chat
south dakota chat for teens 15 -17 chat room [public] created by isaiah97420
teens come chat espetaly if ur from south dakota cus im bored and stuff
Money Talk. enter here chat room [public] created by sozke
If you want to earn $100 a day Enter this room or Check This Blog http://earnmoneyonlineinneobux.blogspot.com/ http://earnmoneyonlineinneobux.blogspot.com/
Siva332 chat room [private] created by Siva332
Sex Girls is looking. iam a young guy
K-pOpLovers chat room [public] created by parmidaaa
This chatroom is only 4 people who Loves k-pop! if u dont so NO ENTRY!
Lezbo of hotties chat room [public] created by HottLezbo
all lezbos if ur not one dont come
fun day chat room [private] created by tomyfarad
you re here to have fun and chat
destini12 room chat room [public] created by destini12
just here to chill not looking for a rela so dont ask
friendlyyy chat room chat room [public] created by bellehot
no spamming no foul language just for fun ;)
india hyderabad chat room [public] created by coolamer
indian chat room and hyderabad chat room
naughty chat for everyone chat room [public] created by assberry
Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
love chat 212 chat room [public] created by mabetobeinlife
well its a room to meet people to love ig
Friends Lounge chat room [public] created by Br0ski
Come in and have a good time. Chat, make new friends, and just have a good time.
sex chat cam2cam chat room [public] created by alvin111a
adult rooms, especially for indian girls to join n have fun with indian boys
Feeling Betrayed........ chat room [public] created by KerryJA
Ever give your all in a relation, but never get the appreciation you deserve,
new york gays chat room [public] created by bottom18x
a place to talk, share stories, hook-up, for all my NY gay guys :)
reannaisawesomer chat room [public] created by reannaisawesomer
for people who arnt pervs and over 25
Smexies Only chat room [public] created by ChrystinaXD
Smexies are only allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dugula chat room [public] created by Purusottam
<table border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0"><tr><td align="center"><a href="http://www.chathour.com" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica; font-size: 12px;">Chat Hour</a> - <a href="http://www.chathour.com" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica; font-size: 12px;">free chat rooms</a></td></tr><tr><td><a href="http://www.chathour.com/profile/online_status?&username=Purusottam"><img src="http://flash.chathour.com/online/Purusottam/basic.gif" border="0"></a></td></tr><tr><td align="center"><a href="http://www.chathour.com/profile/online_status?username=Purusottam" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica; font-size: 12px;">See my chat room now!</a></td></tr></table>
sexters chat room [public] created by eviloquist
We are horny and want to send pics
love game chat chat room [public] created by Lola3338
get in love with someone you dont knowbut dont ask people to go on skype to cyber sex or anything cause its not appropreate!!!!
room600 chat room [private] created by maybe654321
Rawr26 chat room [private] created by Rawr26
Your description must be 30 characters long. Descriptions suck.
IndianLove chat room [public] created by Kishan55
This is for all Indians who are searching for nice friends..
fun sex mati chat room [public] created by wan69
fun loving n sexy friends..................................... ...............................................................
amos chat chat room [public] created by AMOS10
this room is for young boys and girl.
no annoying people1234 chat room [public] created by LaurenSmokesDank
just a chatroom for people who are not annoying
Humiliate and use me chat room [public] created by NaughtyGurl4Use
Come degrade, humiliate, and use this slut
Adults chat room chat room [public] created by Arjan101
Adult chat room for Straight boys and girl 18+ Delhi girls welcome :)
prettykitty1365 chat room [private] created by prettykitty1365
for me and DeathGinger only!! No one else allowed. it is to get to know each other better and have privacy :)
chat for lesbians 12 or 13 chat room [public] created by girllinacworth99
were lesbians can chat 12 or 13 please and cool
telugu friend chat room [public] created by arjundas
hi friends.................................................................................
13-16yr old chat room [public] created by tasha97
only 14-16 year old allowed otherwise you will be kicked out!!!!!
K-poppers chat room [public] created by Salli123
For all K-pops fans and Korean boys and girls:)
Warrior Cat RP chat room [public] created by WynonaPearl
This is a Warrior RP. Its the basic first Forest and the seven clans (Starclan, Thunderclan, Windclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, Skyclan and even Bloodclan). No making up your own clans, no using already made Warrior cats, and no sex-oriented junk, by that I mean talking about sex. No downers please, this is just a random chat room, and please RP right, you may chat about random stuff, but if you do dont interupt the RPers please. Loners, rogues, and Kittypets are available too, you can have "mates" but dont get all specific XD and when you start, other players make sure you give the newcomer some time to "describe" what their character looks like, and no paragraph long descriptions. Thank you and have fun.
Pictradexxx chat room [public] created by Sexyboi1995
Sexting number swap:) I'll send pic of me naked u send me a pic of you naked
wasington chat room [public] created by shaggster1
if u live in the northwest coe on here and talk so we can make more friwnd u can never have enough friends
allnighter93 chat room [public] created by 93chevy
anyone near madera? im looking for 18-25 year old female i am 19 year old male
Yowlumne Chat Den chat room [public] created by AhoteWolf
Chat Den for all members of the Yowlumne Pack.
purn anand chat room [public] created by niceani
hi frnd ur chat w ith me any type
11579 chat room [private] created by arnal
emo texters chat room [public] created by emohotgurl
THIS chat room is used for sending pics u can say ur cute sexy sweet kind or hot but NO pervs U WIL GET BLOCKED ALL NASTY PEOPLE THE AGE RANGE IN THIS GROUP IS 14-17 OVER OR UNDER THE AGE WILL BE BLOCKED
boomboomwow chat room [public] created by lilcory49
this chat room is for 12-14 year olds
50 an hour on cam chat room [private] created by jenx1x
webcam for 50 upfront and i will give u a show u will be dreaming about for a long time
pennsylvania Allentown only chat room [public] created by johnhakan
please don't be rude in the chat room! if you are ill kick you out of chat room. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Alex<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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