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List of all user-created chat rooms #540
girls who hv been raped chat room [public] created by xxEmo07259xx
if ur a victim join this let all of ur emotions out I know I need 2 ever since I was raped I don't trust anyone n still think he is after me
No English Speaking chat room [public] created by ayarobat
Please dont speak english use other rooms for that
kik and skype chat room [public] created by male22ky
Share your kik and Skype information
fun chat whatever u want chat room [public] created by awesomeness1029
talk about whatever and have fun
alistair11 chat room [public] created by alistair22
Good day pretty lady, I am Captain Alistair McLundie 48 yrs of age, I have two sons. I am from the United Kingdom of Great British and i live in London, My wife dead for past three years ago in auto clash I have been moving all over the world as Ship Captain And i want you to be my next wife to take care of my loving two sons,please i want you to add me on skype now........(alistair.mclundie1) or you mail me with this. alistairmclundie@yahoo.com,Thank you,waiting to see you
kevlar427 chat room [private] created by kevlar427
Only for 123Randomness! WHy does the description have to be 30 characters? lol
Skype if you are bored chat room [public] created by brandjoseph
if you want to find someone to Skype with and you're up late and are bored, come here
talking about relationships chat room [public] created by kim2981
talking about relationships...
telugu hyd chat chat room [public] created by venkatesh30
telugu persons chat room andhrapradesh boy girs evarina chat cheyandi
wisconsin offroad chat room [public] created by backwoodrootdown
Automotive, atv, offroad, car stereo, jeeps, garage
Erotic Text Sex chat room [public] created by shadowfax21
Use this room to arose each other. If the chemistry is right, go private
webcom chat room [public] created by sudheer4897
Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely against the use of SMS messaging, email, Facebook, MySpace
im a skype users chat room [public] created by blackrilow17
people can tell there skype names to make it easier to see and talk to the other users
paltalk chat room [public] created by saamiya10
treycoolchatroom chat room [public] created by treycool13yearsold
any 13 years old girls that are cue
business and investment chat room [public] created by tess2005
business topics, investment opportunities
Gangbang us chat room [public] created by Playfulalex
Yes lets get a big chat on some dirty dirty
emochatroom for singles chat room [public] created by brainmead
This is a chat room for emo singles to find new emo relationships!!!!=()
The fuglys..lol chat room [public] created by Chris98wiley
For people who want to make friends
blabbing room chat room [private] created by lil02girl
talk... blab and blab... hog the room if you want... but be sure that you won't be killed... >:P
sup NlGGERS chat room [public] created by ContessaofK
sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup sup
Licking people chat room [public] created by LlCKME
Please lick everyone. anyone who comes in will be licked
XxX SexXx chat room [public] created by DeadSetDella
Sex only. no fuking though please
Black-white 254 chat room [public] created by kastone
where white and black mingle and get to know more of other.
gamer fever chat room [public] created by gamergirl122
talk about games and what they did today and nobody over the age 35 thanks you gamergirl122
jess private dance chat room [public] created by booboo86
a provacative and sensual lap dance
thenew guy5555 chat room [private] created by DaftX
just chatting and making friends
Georgia 2 chat room [public] created by kevin86999
chat from Georgia be polite and respectful but have fun also im pretty lienient
club cooee chat room [private] created by blackop12
club cooee 1212345678r76e56t76r5e6rt765r66464646465655774747474646567574646465745747474754
gayxxx pic trade chat room [public] created by letstradexxxpix
trade your nude pics with other guys
Credit Card Hackers chat room [public] created by BigAl17
people who sell trade and give Card advicde
crying room chat room [public] created by keekee11
to take about sex and to talk about relationship
Gaming-TV-Cartoons-Videos chat room [public] created by GoldenDaze
This is a chat room for anyone to go on! Especially gamers and People who like Cartoons/Videos! This is not a Romantic chat room so no trying to get on a date with someone!
FLIRTLICIOUS chat room [public] created by AaChae
Come and flirt or what not... or dont come in dont care just respect each otfer
23 me looking for older women chat room [public] created by meowzor123
23 male looking for older women to talk with and maybe other stuff.... ; p
joyec chat room [public] created by joyec123
hello am joyec from usa but now in ghana
Life at 50 chat room [public] created by amit1211g
For all above 50 to chat and become frinds
girls date girls chat room [public] created by horsegirl113
this is for gays 11-13. im looking for a girlfriend so i want no one to feel my pain
Only feggets allowed chat room [public] created by BringMilaTheHorizon
sohies321 chat room [private] created by sophie321
FAITHSOULSURVIVOR chat room [public] created by Measurable4U
This is a chatroom that supports nonprofit organizations,speak about the sick,the poor,the elderly and the struggles in the world. Do not enter if you are under 18,want to be nasty,rude,aggressive,disrespectful or right out over the line.
gay 13 and 14 boys chat room [public] created by joeyboy12343
gay boys 13 to 14 only funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy timeeeeeeeee
bengal chat room [public] created by bengal123
looking for womanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hiya lets chat chat room [public] created by smn222
Group to chat where u can talk to me and get to know me
the creepy pasta chat chat room [public] created by janetehkiller
hi guys! this chat is for anyone who loves creepy pasta or wants to find out about it! hope you guys like it!
detergent suicide chat room [public] created by sumsum12
detergent suicide method/japanese chemical suicide
joyec2 chat room [public] created by joyec123
am joyec from usa but now in ghana
fun123 chat room [public] created by saraahdaniellaa
make a new relation with other people. know each other more often
Singles - Only chat room [public] created by ollyowen
You Must Be Single To Enter... And You Must Live In Surrey
Country Chat 4 Fun chat room [public] created by CountryGirl4Life326
Have fun and chat but you should be UNDER 18.
looking cool chat room [public] created by mikaelal05
hi this group is public and i love new people
Adults over 20 chat room [public] created by inloveldy143
no teenagers, no drama, no trying to get a fling.
personnxxx18 chat room [private] created by diplexx
come on girlss i waitt u :) if u wantt
23 m here chat room [public] created by dreadsp0t
just newbie here... just looking around ^_^
Naughty Skype 420 chat room [public] created by guy1420
Anyone interested in having some fun on skype?
lolololololololol chat room [private] created by germanshepherd
a private chat room for invite only. not open to public access owner jayden james enders ==== jay bird
TalkingOnly chat room [public] created by RedHazeX
Sorting things that need sorting
care love chat room [private] created by estherasanti
love must be truthful and real not saying anything bad about the other one must learn to forgive and forget
Show and Tell 2 chat room [public] created by rno69
lets see those private pics! people
unicorn chat room [public] created by samthing
better than you! verry better than your mothers son!
music fever chat room [public] created by gamergirl122
talk how you want but mosy be clean you talk dirty you get kicked out
The Weird and Wacky chat room [public] created by LilEmoKitten
a place to be yourself and if you judge ima kick your ass out
skype and yahoo msg chat room chat room [public] created by Grey111410
friendly chat .. anyone have skype and yahoo msg ..welome in chat room
SEXXXXXX chat chat room [public] created by KeeliUSA
Any good looking people are welcome lol. :P
Non-weirdos chat room [public] created by Lazylinz
Um, no weird people and Idk the description has to be 30 characters so yeeaahh...
all ours chat room [private] created by justsexme4eva
just for me and u to get away from the confusion
bifem and f2f chat room [public] created by ackhishi
para sa mga bisexual welcome po ang fem at bifem
FRIENDS LOL chat room [private] created by MiN3CRAFTJUNKi3
lolololololo chat room [private] created by MiN3CRAFTJUNKi3
Newcomers and Hopefuls to Florida chat room [public] created by F4MNotUsed2Dating
For anyone who wants to make friends with people in Florida, especially those who hope to relo there.
SHEMALES XXX chat room [public] created by THEORiGiNALHORSECOK
HORNY SHEMALES ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
patches chat room [public] created by kalacake
looking for nice girl that will treat me good,
groupsexwithneha chat room [public] created by naughtyneha92
Enjoy with. Me because I love group sex
oldermen chat room [public] created by pipper01
im looking for people to talk `dirty with` or just chat
Willys chat room [public] created by Mrlonelybottom
Anyone's welcome, don't judge based on what you read please
toobomb16 chat room [private] created by toobomb16
My shit ahaha no jk just come here and have fun
KennyKoh chat room [private] created by Kennykoh89
Rude people stay out, this is just for us
Michiganders Only chat room [public] created by SWSGirl13
Michigan guys and girls only!!!!!!!
ballbust chat room [public] created by amanda4753
a group for girls and women to talk about groin kicking
47905 chat room [public] created by rexjei
anyone living in the 47905 area
bored people bbbooorrreeeddd chat room [public] created by elle2468
this is for bored people only like people who are rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bored ok!!
development chat room [public] created by development
سنابل المحبة والسلام أصدق من قنابل الحرب ودخان الموت - هكذا قيل
Naughty chat 360 chat room [public] created by Halk36017
Flirting, sexting, and fun welcome to any one come on let's have fun
boys and girls age 12 to 13 chat room [private] created by emmalovespups
if your looking for relantionship or bff or best buddies then come here to meet your future love or freind
come back and stay chat room [public] created by wizzyyyyy
all the old weirdtowners come back and make this room light up :)
XXXDARRXXXS CHAT ROOM chat room [private] created by XXXDARRXXX
MY ROOM-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dont get the boot
10 year old dates chat room [public] created by xakiedoo12
hey i need a girl in south carolina
The Sex room chat room chat room [public] created by iwantass123
its cool for sex tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Boy dutch chat room [public] created by Arno1309
Girls?? :) Please only girls here,
hook up and make out chat room [public] created by joewood
anybody that wants to meet somebody
Mongolian chat room chat room [private] created by TMN34
hi mongolian guys.... ishadkahsdaskldh;ahfa;sdfasf
bbbbbbbbboooooooooooorrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeddddddd chat room [public] created by elle2468
qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjkl;zxcvbnm,<QWAZDCTBK,P[DRFG UYIHJKL;zwxectvbynumi,op.asdfghjkzwxecrtbynuim,osdfghjsdfghjklzxevtbymui,osdfghj<qzwecrtbynmi,osdfghjqzwexcrtbynumzwxevtbynmisdfghjklsdfghjk
w11ak11ieee chat room [public] created by amberiscool14
im boared who wants to talk? :)))))))))))))))))))
jjjjj chat room [private] created by jesusnerd5
Welcome to all ladies chat room [public] created by Anyamsuresh
Any one can chat except boys,i am friendly
13 and 14 years here only chat room [public] created by starrjoy
if not 13 of 14 you get booted out
Ro0m chat room [public] created by Klayton2025
Slave House-were looking for masters- chat room [public] created by kk9911
For Every one. For Slaves And Master When YOu Enter Please say what your looking for and your Gender. Thank you.
lizzie room chat room [public] created by lizziepooh123
im ready to mingle girls and boys so come at me im bi so girls can flirt with me but u cant be older than 14
girls ang guys that are single chat room [public] created by 234567alex
single girls and guys talking to each other
vero beach florida chat chat room [public] created by pringlesguy69
wheres all the hottie girls at
ni jao chat room [public] created by xfoo19
Hello what's how is it going for yall out there join my room and lets start talking.and have a good time
Your anime rp room chat room [public] created by SerenAlcari
Come in and have some fun! Anything you can think of, go ahead and try.
Some random room chat room [public] created by Shizuryuu
BBW Appreciation chat room [public] created by yuyacoola
This room is for REAL Big Beautiful Women and their Appreciators - NOT for players who are just horny and superficial. If you can truly appreciate the beauty, this room is for you.
girls wanting to date chat room [private] created by Snowsface
i have been wanting to date for a long time.
addahleti chat room [public] created by addahleti
I am a blonde with blue eyes, fragile, nice, gentle, sweet, and very kind. I am not aggressive, do not like fights and try not to argue with people, I always try to be in harmony with the surrounding world.I am purposeful and sincere, caring and respective, love life and would love to create a family.
BRISTOL UK 1 chat room [public] created by tomf79
I invite hungry girls perverted that want passionate sex right
BRISTOL UK 11 chat room [public] created by tomf79
Sensations are my passion and fantasy I cannot conquer. Within the walls of My realm you will encounter a myriad of sensations that will envelop your physical, emotional and psychological self
Milfs and boys looking for fun chat room [public] created by McSexyBoy
any women over 20 and boys looking for fun can come here to meet and more
PewDiePies barreles chat room [public] created by PewdiepieandMe
Welcome PewDiePie lovers! (writes more charecters because there must be 30 lol)
Missouri People Chat chat room [public] created by inLoveWihSp33dy
Just for peoples from Missouri (or IL, AK) Well, No pervs or creeps, you will be banned. Spammers are warned, if you continue, you are banned.
Mad World chat room [public] created by lightraven
We are all mad here in this world let us mad people have a tea party
roleplaying romance chat room [public] created by EnovaSin13
its a place were you can come and be someone you have always wanted to be with no one to make fun of you (want to be a vampire pirate) or a fai with the power of a god come play with us we will welcome all so long as they can play the game
private us chat room [private] created by digimonmaster
JoeyMaren. leave us alone please people
ps3 cam chat room [public] created by monstesr1989
if anyone have a ps3 with a cam can join
Real lesbians no fakes just real chat room [private] created by yologrl11
For the real lezbos. If u wanna have fun thn im eachother just have fun to talking to girl on girl convos
cam on cam chat chat room [public] created by mattyd93
come join will be alot of fun :)))))))))))))))))))))
flashfunarcade.com chat room [public] created by flashfunarcade
Welcome to FlashFunArcade.com! The best online gaming site for free flash games! We always have the newest and most popular games in all the best categories. Hang out, play a few games, visit our forums, make a new friend, join in on a contest or two. It's up to you! - See more at: http://flashfunarcade.com/
sex in beach chat room [public] created by sainju
dirty talk and enjoy with naughty hings. share your sexual experience and ask other........................
indian tamil people chat room [public] created by selvarajm
hi,wellcome my all dear frind's
miera chat room [public] created by mierasyg
hai pada sapa2 yg sudi..nk knal sy kew boleh jew dialu2kan..
AJ000777 chat room [public] created by ajain000777
hello this is my chat room...invt to all..
NO GAYS chat room [public] created by MulattoNiqqa
pachi chat room [public] created by Middleageman
Hi. Any women can freely chat with me and it may be personal also. Welcome friends.
teluguhotrooms chat room [public] created by sudheerfun
hi all telugu ppl can comen enjoy hot chat voice cam kasiga chedmau
ADD WHATSAPP FREIND chat room [public] created by Bobhansom
Add new whatsapp freind and drop you Mobil number
sameer singh chat room [private] created by sameer99909
i want a friendship. i m swe8 simple and n honest person of india .
gay dutch chat room [public] created by gayboy14woerden
gay people from the Netherlands can chat here, it does not matter how old you are
Do Not Enter . chat room [public] created by xXgamerxchickXx
love traveling chat room [public] created by toanThang
find somewhere to go and introduce your country :)
real time for the game chat room [public] created by felicitylove
chatting, meeting the right person for date
naida chat room [public] created by merciaben
Hello Dear Let me start by saying i thank god i found your profile my name is Tracy and New on this dating site.I must confess,your profile has really captured my attention and i will love to share in the joy of your life,in fact i want to get to know you if you don't mind.I will be glad if we get to know each other and become friends.You never know we could become the next success story on here as good couples.I want to find someone to be in Good Relationship with that right person.Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.A relationship is a two way street. It's never all your fault or the other persons.If you like,you can reach me by messenger or E-mail at ( l a d y b l i n k i n g 4 u @ y a h o o . c o m ) and write me there privately so i will surely send you my pictures.Hope to hear from you soon. Am online right now ladyblinking4@gmail.com E-mail Address: l a d y b l i n k i n g 4 u @ y a h o o .c o m Yahoo messenger ID: ladyblinking4u
Mendtheheart chat room [public] created by BVBsoldier12
if you need some reassurance, just come here. it will be okay darlings.
k7raju chat room [public] created by kesavanraju
i like good friends for chat .....................be good and good for ever to every one
Come on guys xxx chat room [public] created by LorcanR
Love guys on cam xxx anyone's welcome to come and chat/video call im horny
video games talk chat room [public] created by gamergirl101
talk about video games no cussing and aanthing nasty
Machinexlove chat room [private] created by BVBsoldier12
you know what this room is. time to have fun (wink wink) , love, or both :). come on in darling don't be shy <3
singaporean only chat room [public] created by darkmagic30
come here if u are staying in singapore :)
girls who like boys chat room [public] created by slimtim231
i is awsome if a girl have a boy
Minecraft Xbox Adventurers chat room [public] created by AHappyFigTree
Looking for anyone interested in joining an Xbox Minecraft Adventure Map session with me.
saint4luv78 chat room [public] created by saint4luv8
I am nice and very funying and jophy, I like making people feel happy
great4real chat room [public] created by saint4luv8
I am nice and very funying and jophy, I like making people feel happy
great4real6 chat room [public] created by saint4luv8
I am nice and very funying and jophy, I like making people feel happy
ehizele4 chat room [public] created by saint4luv8
I am nice and very funying and jophy, I like making people feel happy
liy chat room [public] created by saint4luv8
I am nice and very funying and jophy, I like making people feel happy
kz chat room [public] created by saint4luv8
I am nice and very funying and jophy, I like making people feel happy
great4realzy chat room [public] created by saint4luv8
I am nice and very funying and jophy, I like making people feel happy
good musicccc chat room [public] created by piercethekelsey00
sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, asking alexandria, etc.
Miss Ts Private Room chat room [private] created by MissTattooed
This is Miss t's private Bedroom, if i want you in here, I will invite you
gay interacial chat room [public] created by noidies
for to meet white en asian gay guys,,, how like to hook up,,
Real Nudist Families chat room [public] created by JimWV
For families in which the entire family participates and chats
sex culture chat room [public] created by Born2Dance90
Hello!Come in this chat room to have a beautiful experience chat sex!
Bisexual girls rule chat room [public] created by Kitty0013
Fukk lala lllalaa chat room [public] created by PikaBooHannah
random stuff, when ur bored jus come on in
makallie good room chat room [public] created by makallie
you can talk but no bullying and u cannot talk bad things about other people
Potatonuggets chat room [public] created by Potatonugget
Where me and my friends are gonna mess shit up
45 OR OLDER ROOM chat room [public] created by Marty1966
Im looking to meet a young lady and see what happens
Addiction to Friction chat room [private] created by shatteredlover
I love to make things, especially love, and this is so kinky stuff may take place here. Unfortunately girls only.
horny and sex and kik chat room [public] created by dms383
this is for any one who is horny and wants to send people pics over kik or any other thing u can just talk or send pics to people
ki users that want pics or to talk chat room [public] created by dms383
this is for any one who just wants to talk or has kik or any thing els and wants to send pics to peole
roleplayme chat room [public] created by hall4ever
have a nice conversation with my sexy self
trade chat room chat room [public] created by prettyhelen
about the trade ,you use bath sponge when in shower
horny as xrap chat room [public] created by hyttr
chat with ya girl if you horny
Rainbow unicorns chat room [public] created by Dannyo3o
Random_ness OUO im weird funny looking for friends because im a loner ._.
hyd gay chat room [public] created by krishna46
hyd teen gay people chat with me
wana get lucky chat room [public] created by bigweezy
anything u wana do or say do it cuzz we gana have fun tonight
bored teen chat room chat room [public] created by Firstfemaledoctorwho
I'm a bored teen and you probably are too
Capital Hill Trees chat room [public] created by CapHillEnts
Anyone in the Denver area wann chil, chat, chief?
Dem Cutters chat room [public] created by gwens
for people who just wanna meet people like them
Hyderabad peoples chat room [public] created by skr3303
peoples from hyderabad region are welcomed to join this room, enjoy everybody ...
here just because chat room [public] created by midnight333
A place that anyone can come and be themselves
xxxtalk chat room [private] created by willpotter123
adult talks.. to talk and know about unknown things..
my room ass chat room [private] created by asslicker0
its my room , others dnt come to my room .................
We drunk chat room [public] created by Vsannn
Im bored and dont know what im doing here ;)
qwewe chat room [private] created by rock1692
ublic room - Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public roo rivate room - You must enter
gigolo 69 chat room [public] created by aseptauzih
buat tante tante yg butuh kehangatan seks hub0857 67029296
bd amar chat room [public] created by nirbak
asun sobai mile amra ek sathe ei desh gori,desh k bachiye rakhi
im horny and need a fuk buddy chat room [public] created by xx0ash0xx
men only, ages 18-21, must have a nice big dick! lets have some good sex talk ;)
hey555 slut room chat room [public] created by lukeaustralia1
haha for all the honry dog turds
IH8Obama chat room [public] created by MaGiCToM24
This is a Chatroom for all the people who have nothing but disgust for our current President. Or It's for people who have nothing but love for our current President and have come here to defend him and his multiple political moves.
Malaysian Girl Chat chat room [public] created by gunungbayu
only allowed to malaysian girl. ty
Searching for body chat room [public] created by danielqaz
be waiting for you to visit my....
1 freaks chat room [public] created by uniqueone23
this place is for freaks only so if ur a freak please do us all a favor and join hope to chat u soon
Jeg Snakker Norsk chat room [public] created by henrikaguiar
This group aims to bring all those who wish to learn the Norwegian language. When it comes to the Norwegian language, we know we have some obstacles to access language, there are few places that are bent on spreading the language.
Jlarbie21 chat room [public] created by Larbie21
I am simple woman who need good gentleman and I am willing to love a faithful man for me.
millitary chat chat room [public] created by millitarymen
come on in even if your not millitary
lesbians and girl bi only chat room [public] created by lolahipp
chat for lesbians and girl bi you are allowed cam but no pervs will be banned
gigolo96969669 chat room [public] created by aseptauzih
saya adalah pemuas seks anda berminat hub ardiyanto909@gmail.com
ILoveToChat chat room [public] created by kings207
please join to my chat room TY
Taboo-unfiltered chat room [public] created by Joshua221
Lets find something about ourselves, that dark little bug that persists until you let it explode in a glorious array of internal honesty
kavithak329 chat room [private] created by tallnhandso2013
hey kavitha its for u... come and chat with me please
teen only530 chat room [public] created by keepcalmandloveme530
you can be 13-17 and have funn
chocoboy chat room [private] created by CHOCOBOY4138
hi dis is chocoboy4136 and i wanna chat withg u
young teen gays chat room [public] created by jdmkelly16
for young gay teens so that people can talk to each other
awwwwwww shiet chat room [public] created by NinjaBrony908
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhh
wanna play alil chat room [public] created by MichelleCeleste16
im a 12 yearold girl who lives in safford az. looking for a 12 or 13 yearold guy to play around with in bed. ;)
rainbow pride in USA chat room [public] created by riahz1
for all the gay people who want another chat room...come in and enjoy and just be urself
Female looking for male chat room [public] created by triniboii45
finding or flirthing group chat
ONLY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS chat room [public] created by ROHANRJ
Hi..guys see here the very very beautiful girls. ..
Elder Scrolls Chat room chat room [public] created by MartinSeptim
For all fans of The Elder Scrolls Series From Arena to Skyrim
Elder Scrolls chat room [public] created by MartinSeptim
For the fans of Tamriel. from Arena to Skyrim were all the same fans. From imperials to StormCloaks were all the same. From Daedra to Aedra were all the same one chat room one Tamriel
Just A Chat.. chat room [public] created by NepetaTheKatLeijon
Title explains it.............
Liverpool chat 5 chat room [public] created by mrebear
liverpool meet people talk meet
LHP Chat chat room [public] created by BeelzebubBabe
Left-hand path, Satanism, occultism chatters are welcome!
just wanna jerk chat room [public] created by jacob91111
guys who like to jerk off together
Blackpool chat uk chat room [public] created by casper56
for ppl who live in blackpool uk and up for fun when eva where eva lol lets have fun
MPD -Multiple Personality Disorder- chat room [public] created by snowstorm231
If you have MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and you want to meet people who have the same problem, or even just make new friends, then welcome! :)
singles play room men and womenstraghts only chat room [public] created by AZTECA510
18 n over allowed for singles kick back lounge adult chat
Wings chat room [public] created by nyx1216
Anyone can start any conversation. No limits. Just feel free to take off.
Rednecks Meet chat room [public] created by RedneckDarlinKiraa
where the country boys and gals can connect and chat it up.
two sexy girls ready for a good time chat room [public] created by twosexygirlsxo
wanna see a good show ? 2 girls in action for a good price baby . wel show u a good time ;)
Bulgarian Chatroom chat room [public] created by StarFalliLove
This is a chatroom for people who are Bulgarian Nationals or who are Interested in Bulgaria. Please refrain yourself from using offensive words regardless from what type they could be. Enjoy! <3
Master domz pet house chat room [public] created by sheniedoc
We all having fun in here,masters and slave r welcome here.I'm the owner of my slaves and I will be a slave too if i feel like i wanna be.U bitches r welcome here and I cant wait to destroy ur bitch ass
my girls and me chat room [private] created by shemalehot
only for girls and shemales who can chat extreme dirty with me
The Stretch Room chat room [public] created by MrsGarfield
Where Is My "Thick Italian Sausage" ?
my rooooom chat room [public] created by asslicker0
it for my dearest friendssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
for my slaves chat room [public] created by sheniedoc
I have a slave.she is all mine.i wanna dom her in here like never before.she live to serve me.she is just a dirty slave
nepali beauties chat room [public] created by luciferxxxxxx
sex chat here!!!wc here to have sex chat with nepali womens. . . . . . . . .
hotkeys chat room [private] created by hotkeys75
gffdj fgdjdjgfgdfgdsfgsggfgj fgdhgfhgfdghdghfdh jj jg
Demon and slayers chat room [public] created by xxNero
For all the demons who wish to die in this chat an ill remain powerful
sweet room885 chat room [public] created by sweetguy885
im a guy seeking a girlfriend.. Any one there to chat...
Hayden hangout chat room [private] created by HaydenGirlCD
This is just a place to talk and hang out, mess around
wanta sex chat room [public] created by everyones123
deadmaster chat room [public] created by DEADMASTER
welcome to a world of randome shit and other things all credit for soundtrack go to thier owners
dellalicious momas house chat room [public] created by THADESERTPUNK
wanna roleplay come here ps della can suck a synonym for male checken
Music Topic chat room [public] created by wester39
French or english spoken... evryone is welcome
michelle 61 chat room [public] created by michelle61
i decide how it goes, you must obey
You and Others chat room [public] created by KayceeMay22
You Can Just Be You And Thanks For Being You
AMWF relations chat room [public] created by DanVee28
Hello people this chat room is for asian male and white female to come in and have a good time .
sincere77 chat room [public] created by mozes77
i am cool & genuine person honest hates liers,scammers i am a God fearing man very social & hardworking determined for the best !
hotsex4uuu chat room [public] created by hotsex4uuu
seek horny baby.cum,pee,squirt,mmmmmmmmm
burbank chat room [public] created by levlevlev
just wanna meet people around here, guys are girls. meeting new people is always chill
BBW Girl for seriouse relationship. chat room [private] created by eagay
BBW is the most important human on earth.
any girls willing to do dirty stuff chat room [public] created by 66HorniGuy66
i want naked girls and only hot girls 19 to 22
genius chat room [public] created by jtjrox6400
join if ur awesome. if ur not awesome u can still join cuz tha mean i am awesomer dan u
hospital room chat room [public] created by godrabbit
not for pick up, brainless, sexists , racists , etc intended for enjoying melancholy , telling life stories and support each others lonely heart
superfuntimecomedeyroom chat room [public] created by THADESERTPUNK
Med Room chat room [public] created by medangelov
just for love LOve is bad...Gaurav Soni I love my Angel tujhe kabhi main na bhulaunga...Gaurav Chatka The only but often forgotten purpose of living. Love is feelings of mind......Sourav Ghosh. Love is being kept up all night because you cannot think of anything but your hearts desire...Love is one touch leaving you breathless...All you need is LOVE! Love Is My Wife. When there are no bugs the first time you compile the whole project - that is love.
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