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List of all user-created chat rooms #84
Jasmine.xx chat room [public] created by BisexualBrunette
come talk 2 me ;) its too hard wif everybdy private messaging me lol so come in here f yu wana talk and get ta know me :) oh and add me as a friend! x
Pro Ana and being strong chat room [public] created by pinkkickit
this is a place where ana/mia people can exchange advice and be strong with others!
all cute blackk boys chat room [public] created by icemama15
all cute blackk boys come here
jereme4352 chat room [public] created by Jeremy94
come on in and talk or just joke around
13-17 year olds with webcams chat room [public] created by mattsim421
who wants to chat we can use webcams on aim msn or skype
teen puberty tlk chat room [public] created by jb256
fun tlk about anything you want to
gothic rockers chat room [public] created by blakroseprincess
all types accepted, bi-gay-les-straight. talk about rock music all the way to gothic looks and what not.
anamia buddy-finder chat room [public] created by titanscurse
needing a buddy for the impossible
Lubumbashi chat room [public] created by ksnsa
English social chat room for Lubumbashi and Katanga
PENTIUM2 chat room [public] created by pentium2
Silahkan posting dengan arif dan bahasa yang sopan
stoners only123 chat room [public] created by oLS3N420
-lets get fu*kin blitzed, blazed, highed, goned, fu*ked upp.
15-17 flirt chat room [public] created by ninjagirl8
teen flirt, com have a good flirt for both guys and girls of all kinds.
lvrzandfrndz 13 chat room [public] created by lvrzandfrndz13
The people that want to come in here r the people who want my phone number and they just want to talk and we could talk on here to!!!
15-17 flirt talk chat room [public] created by ninjagirl8
teen flirt, com have a good flirt for both guys and girls of all kinds.
2Sweet chat room [private] created by daisy789
private between two adults old men and myself
13-14 yr olds chat room [public] created by tash56
wat it says up the top....................
satanic chat room [public] created by curiouspisser
tell me what satanism is. what is it and why did you join
Ethiopian chat room [public] created by sexforever
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo other citizens
hot chicks looking for hot guys. chat room [public] created by JessicaAnnette
single ladys looking for single men
Hospitality chat room [public] created by mathewkerala
Stuents of hospitality come together for chat
17 year old girl chat room [public] created by ashyam555
nice chatting with 17 year old girl
House For Sale chat room [public] created by MarieMarie43
Anyone who is interested in a Colonial Style 1 1/2 Story 3 BR Home with Central Heat and Window Air located in Belleville Ks may contact the chat room owner @
teens 13 and up ONLYYYYYY chat room [public] created by bREezZyGuH123
where guys and gurrlz tawk and get to kno each other and maybe date each other or make new frands
XxxWERE.EMOxxX chat room [public] created by JustLetMeScream
its just a emo chat room for anything, relationships friendships, and hilarious emo convo's.
luckyoo7 chat room [private] created by luckylovep
i love those who love me??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
NWFP Mansehra Room chat room [public] created by rohail00
All Mansehra or other can join Only Pakistani......
Tacos are chat room [public] created by iloveyehw
Tacos are yummyyy and yeah there reallyy good so yeah yehw can talk about whatever yehw want in this chat room idcaree mmkayy lol add me on myspace
Sold my soul to the devil chat room [public] created by SoldSoul124
.....................................................................Lucifer son of the mornin im gonna chase u out of here
The Death note and everything else chat chat room [public] created by Lightmaster
If you like the anime death note the game pokemon and are tierd of people getting on your nerves just come here and talk about just about everything
caring heart chat room [public] created by stephencare4u
5/9 feet tall.out going fellow.good sense of humor.loving,caring,kind in music,watching of moves,playing football,very optimistic,loyal.
cinsel 18 Chat chat room [public] created by AqireJiyan
Sx Chat Fetish and penis and woooww
looking fo rfun chat room [public] created by devinyadig
if u come in be prepared to flirt all the time
amsterdam memorys chat room [public] created by steviefloyd75
just people who have been to amsterdam and want to talk bout different things they done while there
the room of awzome chat room [public] created by breanak3
this is a chat room 4ppl if u not not a person then ur out of luck sorry
Pictures chat room [public] created by red4921
Exchange pictures via email, chat, dirty secrets, anything goes!
I love Devon chat room [private] created by iloveyehw
jacobs chat room [public] created by jacobs5
Every one is welcome to this chat room. big up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fox and sarahs chat chat room [public] created by bellaswan06
light skinned boys chat room [public] created by mixedgurl95
any light skin black boyss 13-16
only 4 people tat like fat people chat room [public] created by shiangel
tis only 4 people tat like big people
for xxx chat room [public] created by cutman26
Mind over Matter chat room [public] created by Zendigo
Philosphy and psychology discussion.
LATIN LOVERS chat room [public] created by SARYTHA
Welcome All Latin Lovers!!!! this is a chat room for all the people that is looking for real heat, romance, passion and on their lifes.. only as we can do it..
fun for everyone chat room [public] created by Golferdave20
fun for everyone! anyone and everyone can join, as long as your not a 40 year old guy!
hot Bi Gurls chat room [public] created by mandienichole10
for HOT girls looking to have fun meet friends nothing serious, and want to have a FUN time!!!
Chat with friends meet tons of new people chat room [public] created by dancegirl34
. this is where new people may meet and may create new bonds and friendships towards one another
blunt blowers chat room [public] created by SmokeyDBandit
Pot heads weed smokers an BLUNT BLOWERS CHAT about what els ......WEED!!!!!!!!!!!
10 11 12 chat room [public] created by cocoaluver1234
YOUNG KIDS TO CHAT PLUS ME LOL LOLI AM SO FUNNY I AM A GIRL ALSO ...............................................................................................................................................................................10...............................IS...MY...AGE.......................................................................
phlilppines chat room [public] created by orbit17
room for filipinos all over the world
Role play room chat room [public] created by SukhonValkyrie
come and role play!Anyone can come you HAVE to be a creature
i am hott lol 21 male usa chat room [public] created by redsoxfan4444
i am prob only normal guy on here lol
Erotic Bliss chat room [public] created by freakQLibrium
girls that want to work in the adult industry.and get paid to talk dirty working from home Phone s_x.
women who love firefighters chat room [public] created by rescueme3772
for women who appreciate firefighters who put their lives on the line everyday
Gay Teens 13-19 chat room [public] created by LoganAlexander
For Gay Teens 13-19......................
Singles Club chat room [public] created by islandgal25
For all the singles to mingle around the world...
anime for life chat room [public] created by jacobc258
if u wont to talk about anime or what ever jest got to be an anime fan (:
emo XD chat room [public] created by emochikka
any age must be emo no posers! emo,scene,punk or sk8rs onlyy!!
kidz chat room [public] created by emochikka
10-14 wanna talk here the place
loven chat room [public] created by lucyransome
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what the fackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
..... chat room [public] created by hardstyl3r
chat room for anyone dnt get this but most of its borin so make this chat half decent
dumanT chat room [public] created by dumanT
ETHIOPIANS CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by danet12345
Saber Marionette chat room [public] created by ztm
A discussion about a legendary anime saber marionette
CraZy NighT chat room [public] created by sweetcrazydude
This room allows you to chat make friends and date friends and most of alll its a crazy room talk chat
TomsNewTeenChat chat room [public] created by CrackTheSky
Come all teens! tom wants all the teens to himself and is getting tired of teen-hunter competition.. screw them and come to my chat! im the nicest teen-hunter in town!
TheBabysRoom chat room [private] created by BabyCayden
WARNING VAMPIRES WITH VENOM Hi, I am Alice Cayden's mother and I am Jasper Cayden's father. Cayden is a newborn baby vampire and is venomous.
miley cyrus fans xxxxx chat room [public] created by astonishot23
miley cyrus and taylor and cheryl cole fans forever xxxxxxxxx
xx13 years old rooooom chat room [public] created by astonishot23
this for 13 years old xxxxxxxxx yayyyy
the beast chat room [public] created by Bog23
tons of people lots of fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
diya89 chatroom chat room [public] created by diya89
all r welcome here in my chatroom.............
Lords play room chat room [public] created by Kim42020
I do believe in fairies chat room [public] created by brunettedoll
Hiiii!!...if you are believe in fairies come here...:d
PARTY IN THE USA chat room [public] created by alltheabove
h or ny chat chat room [public] created by chaz111
this chat is for h o rn y pepole and kinky pepole
EVERYONE of MY friends chat room [private] created by StacysGirl
Hey! if you are my friend then come talk
TALK TO A HOT MAN chat room [public] created by DALTON77
yasmin al sham chat room [public] created by Dania5
its a place for firends to meet and get know diifr arab cultures and habits.clean and decent chat is welcome here,so get your coffe and join us!
beautiful girls please come on in chat room [public] created by tonytarko
blah blah, lets get the chattin
Am EMO chat room [public] created by leona14
just be your self be who u are
Alucard chat room [public] created by integrahellsing
anime, like naruto bleach and other things
lord Alucard chat room [public] created by integrahellsing
anime, like naruto bleach and other things
chittagong chat chat room [public] created by ShipBreaker
Would like to contact people from Chittagong
Relationships Singles only chat room [public] created by rams18
Want a loving boy/girl friend? Come here and see if you can find a guy/girl for you.
Talk Town chat room [public] created by parody122
A place were the talkin dont stop.That is till time to hit the hay....
teach me german i need help chat room [public] created by jaredOi
ok so. im trying to learn all the german langauge. so can any of you help me.
THE JERKIN chat room [public] created by GodisLife
ana and mia tips n tricks chat room [private] created by wildflower2391
a room for girls who have ana or mia, and need help hiding it.....not for girls who want to become ana or mia.....
Mr. 12 pack room chat room [public] created by damn17
all ladys and gentlemen that are hornny come on
funtimessuper chat room [public] created by mjack777
super fun happy time yay! come in!!!!!
LOUISIANA B ANDI LESBIAN FEMALES chat room [public] created by cookie37
Teen First Kiss chat room [public] created by heyimsingle911
meet new teens find a love and date! <3 Love is in the air
2 bored chat room [public] created by Cuteanimekitty
for people who are bored but can make a conversation
blkmen4spnshmamis chat room [public] created by dabestest
where the blk men that r looking for the nice mamis can be at
proversal chat room [public] created by vher
anybody wants to join???u can join...
creation chat room [public] created by arlene2010
for all created human beings with good heart and nature
jaipur chat chat room [private] created by vinod15152
only jaipurites re only allowed
Emo or Scene chat room [public] created by KiLLable
4 evy1 datz emo/scene or juz lyk emo/scene. Ppl wit 1) rash hair 2)kool makeup 3)sxii piercings. If ur biachy about diz, then leave, dats so simple <3
single girl lol chat room [public] created by doublebubble09
If you wanna talk to a single girl this is the room to be in
Foot Fetish Chat- FEMALES ONLY chat room [public] created by phillie01
I love womans beautiful feet. Im a young seksii 18 year old Male and Id love to kiss your cute seksii lil toes, =]
chur chat room [public] created by tikz
on girl keen for a good time? if u are feel free to come in if ur near brisbane if not unlucky hope use come in
Roleplaying Fantasy chat room [public] created by SnuggleEmoBoy
This chat room isn't for talking with people. It's a chat room to role play about fantasy. You can role play from vampires/werewolves/fairies/witches. I will kick anyone out who isn't going to role play and wants to chat with people. There are other rooms for that.
americans preferably chat room [public] created by CuteGrl4u
single parents chat room [public] created by GirlPowa
where parents can get together and chat
cougar town chat room [public] created by spade23
older women looking for young men
not-crazy-room chat room [public] created by AfricanGirl21
For anyone who doesnt feel like talking to people...that are just addicted to the computer and online relationships! lol Just regular talk
Yugioh Duelists chat room [public] created by WhiteFox01
Chatting for Yugioh lovers here! All ages!
New Chat chat room [public] created by prabha1912
i m learning French , Anyone who knows french and can help me to learn french better can chat with me
Kalash Yunani chat room [public] created by Yunani
All peoples that is fun of Greek culture or Admire the Alexander the Great are welcome.
s. e. x .y people chat room [public] created by misteryriccardo
wee talk about s .e. x...and wee dont like a bad words...
ANTWA chat room [private] created by bunjoallan
Matts Place chat room [private] created by mtech3
My private chat room. Message me to join.
Love and Relationship Chat chat room [public] created by rams18
Are you looking for a guy/girl friend? Come on this chat and find one!
Losers chat room [public] created by adynamite
People who don't have a life. ghwuiegfuiqwgyu2gy3 uy2g3ry12r yftg 457y5468
friendship dating chat room [public] created by ayomide44
for adult under age now i have taken over this room
lesbians and bis only chat room [public] created by leanna2010
this room is where only lesbians and or bis can hook up or have some fun chat
16-20 chat chat room [public] created by Cassiejh
For anyone between the ages 16-+ to come and chat, anyone's welcomed just don't be a jerk or disgusting or you'll be kicked, remember there are young people here.
lesbians bis only chat room [private] created by leanna2010
this room is where only lesbians and or bis can hook up or have some fun chat
GTB n Prettylilcuties Bedroom chat room [private] created by Mi2gti3
A place where GTB & Pretty spend their quality time together ... hehe !!!
florida cam room chat room [public] created by makyboy1234
for people in florida who like to cam and chat
Venting chat room [public] created by JohnnyBoy313
This chat is for those who just can't hold it in anymore. For when you need to scream about something horrible, when you just need to tell someone about something great, or when you need unbiased advice. It's a safe space. No judgment, just venting.
hottub chat room [public] created by lickudrygirl
Dutch Inspiration chat room [public] created by TheFlyingDutchMan2
Im deciding to drop my life in the United States and move to amsterdam and start a completely new life. I need feedback on my decision. Can anyone help
the one love thatt u wish for chat room [public] created by planeBskater4590
The one love that u wish for is u... is the one TRUE love tah u wish for in your life
the one and only chat room [private] created by youngbro
chilling like a friend..........................................................................
only under 16 chat room [public] created by tiny0t
only enter if u are 16 and under
13 chatroom chat room [public] created by cooldude102
were 13 year olds can chat and meet people
Bi Married men in newfoundland chat room [public] created by MARRiEDANDHORNY
A place for Married men who likes to have an ocassional hookup with other married men
james room chat room [public] created by jcrazy13
it could be fun but no gays allowed
Teens dirty talk flash me chat room [public] created by jarri04
How just really and wants to talk............................ ....
texas guys n girls chat room [public] created by corinne68
tlk to ppl in texas baby and all abt anythin n morrr
Florida pms chat room [public] created by notthereeee
local women living in south florida killing time, lesbian and bi's welcomed.
lovers world chat room [private] created by nerdysweetness
for me and my boyfriend and it is our own little world for me and him
Women who want to be with daddy chat room [public] created by kkkk999
Talk about your wants and desires that you can't tell anyone
ssfhtsd chat room [public] created by danieldaw
my room if ur hot u can join in we will hav fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
bi guys nd girls chat chat room [public] created by danieldaw
aaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys nd girls
gay guys chat chat room [public] created by danieldaw
gggggggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ggggggggguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyssssssssssssssssssss only
justmeandu chat room [public] created by VivaFina
just a room where we can get together and have a really good time
lick me chat room [private] created by freakme101
naughty girls come on in and join
Yadda3 chat room [public] created by Yadda3
Club Penguin Chat And Dating Chat For 12-13 maybe 14 year old.
teen chat no bullcrap chat room [public] created by nfsracer
teen chat for teens to chat and talk and get to no each other and just chat
Hotti3s chat room [public] created by Tamelia
Self explanitory.... hott people come to chat.... meet people.... and goof off!
car chat chat room [public] created by nfsracer
guys or girls to talk about there rides and or wat they with them race them show them anything
young gay chat room [public] created by goodwood94
join if your gay or bi and youre looking to talk to someone and possibly have some private chats. or just talk, whatever
dirty talk only chat room [public] created by hornysex123
dirty talk turns me on so talk dirty
super pro ana chat room [public] created by niki05angel
for serious pro ana chicks who wanna get soo skinny they die
15Teen chat room [public] created by tinish
ONLY FOR 15teens and 14Teens....
romance for paki ladiew in cana chat room [public] created by aftahmed
romantic pakistani females in the world want to come europe usa canada uk swiss.
osaka meet me.. chat room [public] created by nariaki
hello everyone! im frm osaka pls come here and meet me, im nari aki.
fava chat room [public] created by favagirl
any body can enter my room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Free minded chat room [public] created by cherry0
Its for people who can think out of the box and those who know what they want
hot cams chat room [private] created by lessexy
very fun and outgoing , we wil love to chat in this room
hott cams chat room [public] created by lessexy
fun loving and outgoing , you will love this chatroom , come have fun with friends
LESBO HUNT chat room [private] created by wanalesbotonihgt
lesbos only age dont matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xxxbootycall chat room [public] created by supeman201
mingle talk freely have fun and get a bootycall
dubai one chat room [public] created by zmunir
When this room turn into Public everybody wellcome to use this room BUT any chatters who post their email addresses or external links or insulting other chatters is strictly prohibited and any chatters that break the rules will get ban by our moderators
LovE-relasionships-marriage chat room [public] created by SARYTHA
Only for people who is seeking love around the world... serous friendship, relasionships even join us
teens only 13-17 chat room [public] created by cooldude102
cool room for teens only to come and hang and maybe meet new people
jordan chat room [public] created by jordanlawson
girls and men dirty chat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cool and cute guys looking for girls chat room [public] created by fuyuka
for cute guys to meet cute girls like me...XD
cute flirting chat room [public] created by fuyuka
if bored and just wanna have fun but not too freaky
datin boys or men chat room [public] created by Shanna14
lookin for men or boys to date
Ho Bangalolre chat room [public] created by vivekmkl
Hot BangaloreHot BangaloreHot BangaloreHot BangaloreHot BangaloreHot BangaloreHot BangaloreHot BangaloreHot BangaloreHot BangaloreHot BangaloreHot BangaloreHot BangaloreHot Bangalore
I n c e s t baby yeah chat room [public] created by Casanovavw
Its pretty self explanitory...if you do it come talk about it
daytona beach chat room [public] created by full1881
meetting , and making new friends
14 year olds that want bf chat room [public] created by ky14
anyone who wants a boyfriend come in to this chat room
696969 chat room [private] created by ferrari69
just a fun chatroom for my lover n close friends to enjoy
GILRS LOOKING 4 BOYS chat room [public] created by spade23
arabian room chat room [public] created by silenttears
for arab emigrant and friend relationship............................
Hotties with there pics up. chat room [public] created by SethP
good lookin people who have there pic up
sukisyo fans chat chat room [public] created by kittyxuchiha11
ok well i am a huge fan of the show sukisyo and any body else who is a fan of this sjow fell free to come and chat here ^^
FUn PB chat room chat room [private] created by BrokenFeb5
you can have fun here ...but no bad or valguar words .. and be nice ! Start fun...
LEZ OR BI GIRLS 22 chat room [public] created by 2NJ2
Teens to chat chat room [public] created by Blondie1996
Teens only you get to chat about anything and you can talk to anyone. Sorry adults !!!!!!!
circemcised guys chat room [public] created by Musicman50
this is a room for females who prefer circemcised guys
justice chat room [public] created by lava11
people in that room discussing about justice and truth and faith
truth chat room [public] created by lava11
people in that room discussing about justice and truth and faith
C3x Come To Do It chat room [public] created by S3xy15
come have c3x and it will be a great experience!
bicuriousseriously chat room [public] created by MuffDiver2
well you have to be at least bi to come in to chat it up be cool and not argumentive laid back and talk about whatevers on your mind 16-19
randomness fun chat room [public] created by xx0wintEreYes0xx
this has to be at leat 30 chractters longgggggggggg
my name is winter chat room [public] created by xx0wintEreYes0xx
this has to be at leat 30 chractters longgggggggggg
Just People Who Want To Start A Realtionship chat room [public] created by taygumybear2010
Well this is a chatroom that has to do with regular people or boys who wanna talk to girls and meet them to have a relation come have fun and enjoy yourself!!!
Gay St Louis MO chat room [public] created by bearcumhole
Room for gays in St. Louis, Missouri to hook up.
for super chat room [private] created by Davegilmour
ddhbb cdbbdcbn cjjs cicds cdc nvcujnsiunucnicn ncnsunucnsnocsccn indscsuncscnsocdsn
Music or Misery chat room [public] created by TheParadoxity
Talk about your tastes and your fave bands
WIENER chat room [public] created by Dylanswillan
AWESOME FOR SINGLE CKICKS WHO WANNA TRADE PICS chat room [public] created by louba
invite you to chat on
love room7 chat room [public] created by krisroc86
come and meet new people talk and get into relationships
laugh out loud chat room [public] created by Henion1
cool very good spectacular safe
C-Baby chat room [public] created by Brittyboobaby
Forr my auhhhmmazzziigg andd hott friendds i love you guys(:
littlevoices chat room [public] created by darkoe2lh2k
a place to share our thoughts a safe haven from our loved ones
black or mixed chat room [public] created by XxKJayxX
room for males and females of color...
Party spot chat room [public] created by Hottie410
Talk all night!!! Make friends chat just talk about stuff and everything!!!!!
BI GURL chat room [public] created by biancababy29
pvt dirty chat chat room [public] created by bigdawg132
fun and for any body wanting a good time
GAy Bi StuDS-Girls onli chat room [public] created by keezynbabii
For gays,fems,doms,studs,and bi girls only....
Uk Glasgow chat room [public] created by Chazzawazza16
people form glsgow cn join nd hat to other near them
if ur happy chat room [public] created by tiny0t
if u are happy and want to chat wit other happy pepole come on chat
wwe wrestling stuff chat room [public] created by bi102
if you want to talk about wrestling come here
friendship with me chat room [public] created by pamillia
meeting hounest,true,and real pple all around te world
people of elgin chat chat room [public] created by mastersonic
come and chat to people at elgin
cat room chat room [private] created by jorich
i dont know i dont know what to write on my disciption lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
msn girls chat room [public] created by hornymsnweb
PLease com all honry girls, if u have cam it woud be cooll we coud se ecother;)
grettahatem chat room [public] created by grettahatem
i need a love caring man, who will love me and take care of me
WELL DONE chat room [public] created by SOLOMN
Love143 chat room [private] created by Rana143
The lovers can only join this room.........bcoz this is specially made for them.
original chat room [public] created by morpheuss
come here come here come here come here come here
bear gay chat room [public] created by hoho871
free bear muscule hariy black old guys
HI HI HI chat room [public] created by SOLOMN
WHO - WHO chat room [public] created by SOLOMN
need love chat room [public] created by mohammedr72003
search for ur partener here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!00962788070967
weried teenagers chat room [public] created by chloee1996
for teenagers who want to tlk doefhb fcvdbu b bu bhj lbhj buiolb huiolh uio buio bi8 bi bi bib u7 v8 g8v
Belize Chat chat room [public] created by elmamon
Where people meet to chat about Belize or hook up to have a good time.
lezbian girl chat chat room [public] created by wetq
only lezbians allowed no boys only noughty girls whos looking for girls that love xxx or is sweet
Scene-Emo Loversz chat room [public] created by XxSCENExMUFFiNSZxX
Ihtsz For All yuh Loversz Who Luv Each Othr :D
singel chris chat room [public] created by daine39
my name is chris i do not like females getting abuse i like music,parties,and dogs
Games and anime chat room [public] created by lesterhiggs455
This chat is about you favorite anime show. So come on and make friends with people and talk about any thing and have fun.Also talk about the latest game too.
Single people haha chat room [public] created by lozz14
single? come hook up... for guys and girls have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pro-Ana chat room [public] created by WannabeBeautiful123
To share hints and tips, ask for help and just talk (:
786 chat room [public] created by PrincezzSelina
heyy people come and join maa chat room :)
Are You 13-14 chat room [public] created by BlackBarbiee1
Only For Kids 13 To 15 Or Maybe Higher But The Highest Is 18. Please Try Not To Hate On People , We Came In Here To Make Friends Or Relationship
slychat chat room [public] created by Slality
myroom for all fun muahahahahahahahahahahaha
h0rny people go here chat room [public] created by chilledone
as the name implies asdasd asdasdas asdasdsdas the name implies asdasd asdasdas asdasdsdas the name implies asdasd asdasdas asdasdsdas the name implies asdasd asdasdas asdasdsdas the name implies asdasd asdasdas asdasdsdas the name implies asdasd asdasdas asdasdsdas the name implies asdasd asdasdas asdasdsdas the name implies asdasd asdasdas asdasdsdas the name implies asdasd asdasdas asdasdsdas the name implies asdasd asdasdas asdasdsdas the name implies asdasd asdasdas asdasdsdas the name implies asdasd asdasdas asdasdsdas the name implies asdasd asdasdas asdasdsd
KOSOVOTHANKSYOU chat room [public] created by Syoqeani
Lesbian Chat 4 chat room [public] created by britishhotty
For Girls Who Like Girls To Come To Chat With The Same People!!!
athena11 chat room [public] created by athena11
you want to chat me.,,just join me her in my room.,lets talk about it ok.,.,lol.,
Wheels chat room chat room [public] created by Wheels1990
To have a room where disabled pewople can go to talk to someone who can understand where they are comming from, like myself I'm in a electricwheelchair and was born with Muscular Dystrophy if you want to know more just ask me please..., Thank you
xXkhaotic crazy chatXx chat room [public] created by xXkelseyXkhaosXx
hey people this chat is made by kelsey and for kelsey's friends teehee (:
boys for old ladies chat room [public] created by halfasixpence
for teenboys to chat to hot women over 60
munchy chat room [private] created by bubbles369
who wantzz to be with mii yew kould chat and talk about anything we want to talk with out other ppl lookin at wat we are talkin bout
16 and under chat room [public] created by mikeiscool
16 and under for talking about anything that you want
Nude Ppl chat room [public] created by champstyree
ages 13 to wat ever....u hav to send nude piics
sissy girl chat room [public] created by girltrucker14
anything that is netween me and a guy
i am gay chat room [public] created by mikehotstuff
come talk if you are gay and want to get horney
me and babe chat room [public] created by iamReallyHorny
only for me and my babe...........................................................................................
bi lesiban chat room [public] created by curtsey24
Hi ladies My name is Curtsey check out my profile Its Saturday and all alone bored at home so lets chat Serious Bi and Lesiban Females only
Relationship and Love chat room [public] created by rams18
Looking for a girl/boy friend? Come to this chat and you might find that special guy/girl.
fiji chat room [public] created by jwhs
wow hhhhhhhhhhhaavvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee ffffffuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn
michael jackson fans king of pop chat room [public] created by rarachel
this room is for young and old
send pics chat room [public] created by eric4life
i wanna see some butiful tits and dildos and shit hahaha i dont what to satt
illinios lesbians chat room [public] created by mendojam1265
this room is for people who live in illinios and are here for a good time
Asains chat chat room [public] created by saranghaedanielle
Only asains are allowed lol jk but this is chat room is for asains but all is welcomed
all singles chat chat room [public] created by mendojam1265
must be single and willing to chat with oher singles
islamic scholers from all nation chat room [public] created by abideen
i would like to share my thought to all
gettin freaky...cams chat room [public] created by cards88rams
come and meet someone and talk cam2cam
emo-true-love chat room [private] created by xxxiloveemoboysxxx
have fun ^^ and find your true love ^^
Adoption chat room [public] created by totalksense
Meet singles who are interested in adopting children that having their own bilogical ones.
viet chat room [public] created by trang123
dares only viet sorta typed in here
comeinforfun chat room [public] created by chattychic1995
made by chattychic for all guys who wanna have fun and chat
dirty relation chat room [private] created by lover688
chat dirty with all hot women
HEARTKILLER chat room [public] created by MrLuigi
new album...chatroom of the h.i.m.future!
dailygrind chat room [public] created by qxmimiqx
Long live metal mingle to all metal heads.
dailygrind101 chat room [public] created by qxmimiqx
Long live metal mingle to all metal heads.
no smoking area chat room [public] created by MitoLoove
a chat for no smoking people in the world,if you nedeed helpe come with us.
missloney is my name chat room [public] created by bellaswan06
Elemental Sphere chat room [public] created by Zimie
talk 2 me chat room [public] created by s3xyshot
Ever had a thought of suicide? Tlak to me a bout it. I can give you reasons why not to kill yourself.
singaporean chat room chat room [public] created by martin301077
for the singaporean men and ladies to chat and meet up. you can chat about anything you want
beast chat room [public] created by pambi47
dogs and what you can do with them
unpopular potheads chat room [public] created by ogksh
for those who chill and smoke and like to tell funny stories
hang out chat for 13 yea olds chat room [public] created by babyallie727
come chat hang out be nice and do wateve
gay bi les chat room [public] created by XxBlondyxX
if you r gay bi or les you will love this room you can cyber and talk to other gays bis or leses
13 to 15 chat room [public] created by megahottie44
13 to 15 onlee ..... gurlz and boyz,,,(boyz)
cam2camhrny chat room [public] created by M19
cam 2 cam anyone? if you are horney and you know it and you really wanna show it get on cam!
311 Boom Room chat room [public] created by 311RAVE
interesting conversations about 311 shows/moments and daily chatter
Lovebirds chat room [private] created by Nirvana0987
This chat room is here just so I can talk to my love, Latasha
chat on yahoo messenger chat room [public] created by jamesjohnston01
yahoo messenger yahoo messenger
just me and hopefully a guy chat room [public] created by iwantsex11
i want some hot chat with a guy 22 or older
Shit Happens Chat Counseling chat room [public] created by WolfPuppy86
Hey!!! We all have problems sometimes. Come chat with me and some friends and let us help you out. We can really help you out if you need to talk so don't hesitate and come join us!
Gay friends in Mind chat room [public] created by perritobiboy13
For my gay and bi friends only
Lets minqle chat room [public] created by PurpleMan11
Sinqle!!!!!! yu have a myspace add meh soo yahh meet sinqle people who wants to minqle .. qet it [=♥
ABDL chat room [public] created by pamperpuss
ABDL chat. meet fun people online and chat with them
hott up in herrr chat room [public] created by ddomv25
art lover chat room [public] created by spritual
which kind painting Brunei people like to decorate their houses. what is your favorite color and why?
Book chat chat room [public] created by michaelbarry
This room is for those who love books,and want a forum to discus them.
NSW Adult Chat chat room [public] created by chrisrichards00
Aussie people if you wish to have some fun and meet some new people. then enter and meet new people and have fun chattin.
a place 2 chill chat room [public] created by bulldog2201
this room is free for stright and lesbian only and i own this room so if ur gay then back off or u will get booted have fun
rondom chat room [public] created by rosielovesphil
thiss is totally ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iwanmommy chat room [public] created by iwanmymom
I want to have my moms butt. Any moms that want to talk here huh
hmm chat room [private] created by jibbinmathew
am here for good friens for chatting
vinoo chat chat room [public] created by vinoo1981
like to chat private with me and only girls are welcomed
sarhmissloney chat room [public] created by sarhflynn06
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