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List of all user-created chat rooms #85
the fun chat room chat room [public] created by xXxBrittamazing58xXx
awesomeness it not boring like da others are
Random chat for everyone chat room [public] created by miragedelage
who cares, it's not like you are here for dating advice!
hot milfs atlanta chat room [public] created by gregoryhndrx
hot older women wanted that are from Atlanta. Its something new lets see i have to type like thirty words;
LoversofChampayo chat room [private] created by champayo
Lets get together as one and have fun
Agony Aunt - Let me try and help chat room [public] created by AuntJulie
Agony Aunt Chat Room, Let me try and help with any problems that you have, or just for a general positive chat!
muslimschat chat room [public] created by omarfriday
all the muslims will go to the paradise
Indonesian people only... chat room [public] created by zakonwai
sini sini ayo chat bersama...have fun!!
c2c rooms chat room [public] created by benperry
ladies come and chat to male 26 uk xxx
making love chat chat room [public] created by nickSEXY
chat about getting laid relationships or anything.
ohmahgaa chat room [private] created by squarefool
for suki n friends....yup...whoo hoo.....that will b all
Sk8tersOnly chat room [public] created by Sk8terBabe3000
To use this room you must: #1 have a skateboard,#2 have a bad rep.,#3 be a punk a.k.a.(not listening to anyone especially your parents)O_o
Dadys room chat room [public] created by Kim42020
bad realtionship chat room [public] created by NerdChick93
A place for people who have been in bad relationships or had bad break ups to come and talk to people who have been through the same thing
girls only made by the lez chat room [public] created by emzbi
hi people have a good time chating
Emo Anime Chat chat room [public] created by XxEmoGir666xX
this is for only emo anime lovers who dont give a shit about anyone if you want to "F"ing join just join but u better not be prep or anything liek that thank you goodbye ^.^
Emo Psycho chat chat room [public] created by XxEmoGir666xX
anyone messes with me is going to be slaughtered ^.^
beccas hotline muahhh chat room [public] created by BeCcAbOoLoVeSu
this is chat room that allow people to chat with one another and get to know each other her in the weird town chat lines
love shack chat room [public] created by colt200910
come here to meet your soulmate or meet the person you might fall in love with. or just flirt.
brazil and UZbek chat room [public] created by ExtrovertUZ
for meetingjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
Indie Chat chat room [public] created by SummerBliss
Indie kids, metal heads and rockers come chat :)
sweety my gal chat room [private] created by kisshore
letz do da romance darling.. come on sweety..
bi chat 2.0 chat room [public] created by applegurl
for bi ppl.i would like for any1 2 join
NJ chat room [public] created by SAHHHAR
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ccccccccccccccccccccccccc
daddyslittlegirl chat room [public] created by daddydoesyoungdau
this is for anyone who is into fam
music hehe chat room [private] created by Lisa245
lawl i created this chat so i can talk with nice ppl =P
15-19 chat room [public] created by roberto114
single? turned on? talk to hot teens between 15 and 19
Geek for Geeks chat room [public] created by akumaking13
for dudes and girls that like things like anime,manga but not only limited to that other things as well
4g63 evolution chat room [public] created by alimoosa
mitsubishi lancer evolution owners
Bliss chat room [public] created by SummerBliss
indie kids, metal heads and rockers come talk !!
Tickler to Ticklee chat room [public] created by meatlocker
Lets talk tickle tickler fantasies and ticklee fantasies
Maci Chat chat room [private] created by macispot
For friends of mine who dont like the bigg public chat rooms and want to talk to people they know!
Lesbians in LA chat room [public] created by Anasana
Lesbians who live in Los Angeles!
Indian N Panjapi In UAE chat room [public] created by ANNA887
This rooom is just for indian and pakistani residents of united arab emirates. welcamooo :))
for lonely people chat room [public] created by b0o1
feel lonely? just join. because so are we, and we can just have a blant together.
talking to lisa Room chat room [private] created by 22Michael22
just talking to lisa, she's beautiful
m4m maryland chat room [public] created by pureevil76
a room for guys to hook up and meet from md
just my private room chat room [private] created by 22Michael22
just for talking and so on , lalalala
maryland gay chat chat room [public] created by pureevil76
italia-cuba chat room [public] created by claudiocayodelegati
italia-cuba: para encuentrarse hablando de todo en inetrcambio cultural
private room darling chat room [public] created by 22Michael22
juist for chatting and talking and so on on
fast easy weight loss chat room [public] created by brandoncody
I can help any one committed to lose weight and make lots of money.
teen chat10198767 chat room [public] created by coles30
teens come chat and find new friends
Find the one chat room [public] created by 10123
Find the person u think u will like to talk
People in LA chat room [public] created by 10123
Talk to people in LA. And find the person u will like to meet!
gay male teen chat chat room [public] created by redgar1013
lets get all those gay male teens to get together and talk about life!
fix me chat room [public] created by hUbzzz
,'..(("v")) v fix this h3eart!!!><>>
Rpplzatleasttryit chat room [public] created by funkeys5
Rp anyway you want! um im new here so... yeah.... please try to ineract with everyone not just one person. =-o and if theres a person acting stupied just ignore them.
REALLY FUN RP plz come I begg of you chat room [public] created by funkeys5
.... yeah just rp ok? Be nice ineract with other ppl not just one person.... um.... We'll be describing how are characters like in the rp.... and well yeah... thats pretty much it........
adult topics room chat room [public] created by jessicacayly
for h*** peoples for all ages and for those who wanna have fun..
HATCHET LOVE chat room [public] created by lette22
come on in juggalos and juggalettes, get your wicked on!!!!!!!!!!!
coolcrew chat room [public] created by funnygurl12
cool room where u can do anything u want
well mannered singles chat room chat room [private] created by Switguest
Hello my people...would like 2 chat with wel mannered people
well mannered singles chat room [private] created by Switguest
hello gud people....want 2 chat with well mannered male singles
ashpher chat room [public] created by ashpher
hi everyone how r you?please will you be my friend and i'm looking for true friend by whome i can share evrything if you r so please ur most welcome
Spiritual room chat room [public] created by Djabmar
Surrounded with spirits we must reach them
Psychology chat room [public] created by Djabmar
Let's try to chat about the creation of our life
ppl who trust in luv chat room [public] created by fraaa
guys give respect n gain respect
iSLAND LOViN chat room [public] created by LiLMiCRO
hackers chat room chat room [public] created by tshops
hello, just want to chat with hackers
women chat chat room [public] created by tshops
hi, just wanan chat with new friends
girls feel hot come chat room [public] created by dragoon123
come here is for girl feel hot to find their man to play talk or chat!
Aussi Girls chat room [public] created by mariaritz
the bahamas chat room [public] created by nardo313
this a place were dreams come tru
derryladyandbadger chat room [private] created by Badger464
Good times for me and derrylady
boredtiziam chat room [public] created by Scottyboi69
if ur bored and just want to chat about random shit you can come here............
Pr chat room [private] created by praneshnan
UAE LIFE and about how peoples are living in ?UAE
GAYSAIGOBOY chat room [public] created by gaysaigonboy
Welcome to room chat, this room is created by GAYSAIGONBOY.I think this room will be more enjoyable because of your attention!
random 14-16 year olds chat room [public] created by Nikkikathleen
Talk about anything you want. Be random, be funny, be cute, be anything! This chat room should be for 14-16 year olds.
uae adult businessman chat room [private] created by sak110
simple decent and honest plus he has business in dubai so i can ask them for job
Animanga Luverz chat room [public] created by FullMetal13
It's for all those anime lovers that just want to talk about anime and chill with other people that like anime
cute 1 4 Year Old Boys that are single chat room [private] created by ambylynn9
for men who want to meet me and who like to have fun all the time. make sure ur cute
Abudhabi chat room [public] created by samglu
Chat in abudhabi and find your partner
eMoXsCeNe chat room [public] created by xXxemoXrawrxXx
funn romm for all emo and scene guys n girls to hang
Married in Illinois chat room [public] created by justme1651
For the action users......come on in we will make you feel at home
H. O. R. N. Y. People Room chat room [public] created by rams18
its for H. O. R. N. Y. people trying to find friends. It is the best!
cool peeps chat chat room [public] created by imissedmyself
no nasty chatting its all clean
incst lovers welcome chat room [public] created by symun1982
family love, all are wlcome! If you've ever considered fking a family memeber then you've come to the right place
ALEX and Friends chat room [private] created by Alex0is0hot
for me and ma peeps............................................
Lezzies chat room [public] created by Sofia19f
all lezzies all the time, for hook up, pic trade, or cyber fun!
friendroom chat room [private] created by lalyacool123
for friends to hang out and talk
SmexiiPPlOnLy chat room [public] created by sexykelsey74
this is for the smexii ppl only not just looks but smexii personalities lol but no pervers <3 ily
juggalos and ettes chat room [public] created by rexyboy
hard core juggalos juggalos 4 life haters hate lovers love F*** YOUR REBEL FLAG
Lesbian Domination Roleplay chat room [public] created by bodymistress
I enjoy controlling other females and roleplaying I can alter their bodies and change them as I like, make them be anything to please me
The Cool Kids Club chat room [public] created by sawahh5
10.18.06<3 i love you bestie! ha! i made this in honor of my friendd. ! :D
Rilies Room chat room [public] created by sexiirilie69
Holla at peoples in here!..............................................................
edmonton -flirt chat room [public] created by canadahung
looking for action? try your luck here
cutepie chat room [private] created by sexyangel10222
only to c2c,and see each other and nobody bothering us
ALEX123 chat room [public] created by Alex0is0hot
horney and bored chat room [public] created by iblaze247
the name says it all come enjoy and maybe meet a new fun buddy...
milfs chat room [public] created by comechatwithme
if your old join :) we shallchat!
teens who need love chat room [public] created by shelbi1219
come here to talk dirtyy and get your flirt on
Lesbians that wanna talk dirty chat room [public] created by kallianne
all lesbians who wanna talk clean or preferably dirty. just join the chat room and kallianne will give out her number and anything else you want. litteraly ANYTHING
r18 chat chat room [public] created by Kieren88
r18 chat only no stupid stuff or you will be kicked
thresomes chat room [private] created by one4three
hook up and f$@ 22222222222222nnnniiitttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
only for woman 30s and above chat room [public] created by lordoftheock
It is about sharing and to make cyber meeting with 30 s, 40 s and 50 s, mommy, aunty or other to have fun in cam with younger guy 18 to 28
little hot loving love room chat room [public] created by cometdreamer
have fun, enjoy the room, you may find something that you are looking for
winnipeg room chat room [public] created by chester2010
winnipeg people to meet and talk to locals
little hot loving love room1 chat room [public] created by cometdreamer
check it out, you might like it
the prince chat room [public] created by miroprince
no description no description no description no description no description no description
bruno chat room [public] created by thomas2008
i am a man of 22 yrs old am in the gambia i am here for friendship
little hot loving love room 3 chat room [public] created by cometdreamer
for those that love the young and beautiful of all
little hot loving room 4 chat room [public] created by cometdreamer
hear her cry out in loving bliss
chat for teens only chat room [public] created by MACDADDY318
for teens 13-17 only!!!!!!!! i created this so if u do something i dont like i will kick u out for not being a teen too!!!!!!!!!!
only thoses who knoiw me plz chat room [private] created by imasexichick
just beacuse ..................................
ketan room chat room [public] created by ketankharwa
only for chatting and for flerting
bhai-behan chat room [public] created by hot4usis
behan aur bhai ke beech mast pyaar
Penis PICS chat room [public] created by JCS77
Who ever wants to email penis pics to each other
my own horezon chat room [public] created by lolleta
if u wanna know me ... sign here
Shona chat room [private] created by ripeshcalls
It's about the people i have met.. I don't know what i am writing...
private for me and.... chat room [private] created by Alex0is0hot
...............................................................................................................................................for people i meet in chat rooms.
single girls in the usa looking for a man chat room [public] created by jake20101000
im 17 im 5foot 8 in a half inches i lift weigths and i have a six pack and blue eyes
Lets have some fun in this chat room [public] created by fudgebars101
funtertaining! and yummyful:]
teens and love chat room [public] created by shawty0507
teenagers talking about anything and teens who wants to find a boyfriend or girlfriend
ethio all love chat room [private] created by setano
i am cool ethiopian addis abebakader noor
Gay Blacks in MD chat room [public] created by sexyblk14
singles and cheaters chat room [public] created by rockinjypsy
if ur single u can come in here and talk to guys and girls and if ur a cheater u can come and do the same
4 h0rny t33ns chat room [public] created by KikiT247
teens onli wh0 4 h0rni nd want s3x
tasty chat room [public] created by sexyhottie6969
if you are really really hot and want some chat here.
bilingual room chat room [public] created by kakuijin
A room for folks to chat in whatever language they like.
gang chat chat room [public] created by silkster
talks about rivals and making peace
Abnerio chat room [public] created by abnerio
Man from the caribean looking for man or wooman looking for friendly relation Travel and live in NYC with me you pay the expenses,help me financially (need to finish my masters degree.Would love to get married in Roumania and move to live in USA mainland
every nationality chat room chat room [public] created by heypeople1234
every one come in here! if youre german,american,gay,inlove,brokenhearted,lazy etc. im sure you get the point no one will judge you in here i will make sure of it
k9 luv chat room [public] created by sarahh012
taboo not for wannabees or fainters.. the real thing so please dont lurk
bordum sux chat room [public] created by zoesurfer
single people please. this will be fun to just ralk about random shit, or whatever you want!!
everyones welcome chat room [public] created by zoesurfer
tell me your biggest fantasy.. ;)
USA CHAT ONLY MISSOURI OR ILLINOIS chat room [public] created by THEMACK001
This is at least for ppl in missouri
New Hampsher chat chat room [public] created by Jfixit5185
come one come all nh is the place to be
Tokio Hotel and Cinema Bizarre Chatroom chat room [public] created by Bloodnlove483
Everybody that likes Tokio Hotel and Cinema Bizarre come here to talk about their awesome music, or just socialize with other fans.
JUGGALO420JUGGALETTES chat room [public] created by MMFWCL420
Wii lovers chat room [public] created by Em678
A room for Wii gamers that play all week
GMT-LOYAL chat room [public] created by gmt31
for oll the people from oll the world
Keandre The Great One chat room [public] created by Keandre123
Get yo chat on in dis room and we all stay kool in this chat room no drama allowed in this chatroom all it is just funn in this chatroom and hookups in this chat and dont get freakky in this catroom well not that much keep down som though and HOLD IT DOWN
Madison Peepsx chat room [public] created by Skittlesz
wanna chat wiff ppl in mad-town, gotta be frm mad-town ,, wiscon that iis !
xXxEmo KiddzxXx chat room [public] created by xxEmoBunnyyxx
Emo can comee in peace:) Any haterz wil be blocked haha((:
kiya chat room [private] created by xx099
for everyonellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee
XXSINGLESXX chat room [public] created by XXkelsiXX
Were people who are single can find someone xxx
blood lust chat room [public] created by biteme93
talk to anyone at all about vampires, blood and vamp movies
lonelyppl chat room [public] created by benca2ga
for lonely people who need a frieeend:]
US and Japan anime chat room chat room [public] created by FoxMcCloud121
this is FoxMcCloud121's chat room join the club
US and Japan anime and games chat room [public] created by FoxMcCloud121
This is FoxMcCloud121's chat room join the club
Justin Bieber Love forever chat room [public] created by mrzhollyhorror97
No justin bieber haterz alot of ppl like justin so join if yu like hym
Lame is the new cool chat room [public] created by KaylaKatastraphe
For anyone who has been called lame or just think that lame is the new cool like me :P
Singleee And Looking chat room [public] created by ChloeMayy
For singles and lokgn find ur girrl ;booyy y;)
bay boys chat room [private] created by highlander12
we r boys from the sanfrancisco bay area .......... just want to chat n hav fun........
bay boys from sanfrancisco chat room [public] created by highlander12
hummmmmmmmmmmm annnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh wellllllll lets chat
Live show for 5dollars only chat room [public] created by chrissy311
come and get me~ come and get me~ come and get me~ come and get me~ come and get me~ come and get me~ come and get me~ come and get me~ come and get me~ come and get me~
COPENHAGEN MARCH 14th chat room [public] created by OsloPar
Want to meet a boy in Copenhagen march 14 march
another chat room [private] created by amanuu
DO you understand the difference between chat room?
metal heads chat room [public] created by ghostflower
it's about sharing metal music metal bands metal style
foreign women club i syria chat room [public] created by kadman
this chat room for foreign women how lives in syria all citys
zobry kbeer chat room [public] created by koko2002
zobry kbeer awyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
metal head chat room [public] created by ghostflower
it's about metal music and style of metal
hunting chat room [public] created by sohail707
this s a good chattroom slfk;sdlkfl; f;asdklfl;sdkfl;kf fasdl;f
ceyyu chat room [public] created by ceyyu
ceyyu verry good man,aryo fook
islam and muslims chat room [public] created by amazighe
salam alikom muslims of the world
singless chat chat room [public] created by bethhhx
if youre singlee and want a girlfriend or boyfriend:) or just too flirt
make some dirty talk guys chat room [public] created by katlynharris
for all naughty that can talk dirty here
dubai gaychat chat room [public] created by gayhunk29
For gay guys to meet in dubai !
you make me fall in love chat room [public] created by eddiness
i am a good looking handsome man looking for you,
Fame Chat Room chat room [public] created by ricanbabygurl
A Chat Room the popular and no geeky
ages 14-17 ONLY chat room [public] created by hyperchik
you cant be over this age or younger or you will be kicked out
bernswitzerland chat room [public] created by dpmenic37switzerland
for everybody in bern switzerland
Staging Ground chat room [private] created by NapBon
A Quiet Place For Working and Playing
serious ukraine lady chat room [public] created by cocoaa
looking for married to ukraine lady
Dublin Chat chat room [public] created by yummydublinguy
For Dubs to kick back and enjoy each other!!!
jksdbv chat room [public] created by bejjam
jkbdvhbslbd;ajb ;jnjhvjnh ln mbhv xfhjgc v
Buttercup AKA Miss Red chat room [public] created by buttercup21
fun, creative, energetic, adventurous, and dareing
lets have some .... chat room [public] created by Ddhmm
lets go wild and ..... who knows what wil happen
White chocolate for dark chocolate chat room [public] created by sexybabyk21
White men from whatever country that love them some black girls.
BIS LEZ 18 IN ARIZONA chat room [public] created by BiAmandaAz18
this chatroom is for none judgmentals when its comes to the hardcore injoyment of bi's and happy gay girls and women
spanish in glasgow chat room [public] created by daherra
spanish people who r in glasgow
quebec finest women in the world chat room [public] created by tattoomebaby
anything goes as long as you talk of our beautiful french women
webcamsx users chat room [public] created by ESTguy
Join if you are interested in having a webcam sx!
iiraq chat room [private] created by chatsoul
iiraq chat room for youth, Welcome everybody
bandung chat room [public] created by CKOne1
gay chat room for all to be connected
MSN CAM HOOK-UPZ chat room [public] created by LETOFFWiTNOMASKON
anyone site chat room [public] created by berrypassion12
where you can discuss about anything including relationships, anything you feel like talkin bout you could even use bad words nobody cares
texas ppl chat room [public] created by texasgirl214
pll who is from tx is allowed to be in this chat room oh i forgot u also need to have 13-15 so yea and i hope u like it
Grand Theft Auto IV PS3-Zombies AND Gangs chat room [public] created by SnuggyCakes
I am telling people how to unlock the zombie character for online play on ps3 only, also recruiting people to join my clan on GTA 4---the majestics.
vietnamese in taichung chat room [public] created by cubidonvn
12 through 14 chat room [public] created by shasta785
bored here and need to talk to people im 12 year old ok thay mad this
Any dick chat room [public] created by jake12jj
People who love d and want to f.
Come talk to me.... chat room [private] created by Gbrinks51
I wanna talk to girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ladies Looking for work chat room [public] created by PrivateGenies
Privategenies is looking for young and enthusiastic women wanting to join our team visit our website at
wanna talk to a hot girl chat room [public] created by SaVvyMin
preety girls ...guys can hit them up!
Scene Kids Gallore chat room [public] created by JacobRay
Chat it up hit on everyone lets do this
soldiers chat room chat room [public] created by murumelifelife
Everybody is welcome,Even ......................
hardcore scene chat room [public] created by johnnysandoval
hardcore kids welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
onlygirls10 chat room [public] created by kamalraj
this room girls only......................................................................................................................
Zoophilic chat room [public] created by Wearybeast
the gentle animal lovers....not the violent ones.
dopest chat room chat room [public] created by jeremy14
AFRICAN ROMANTIC CORNER chat room [public] created by Kofi214
For Africans, African Americans and Friends in the diaspora.
kinky shemale chat chat room [public] created by needsumtinmore
Where kinky shemales and there rock hard lovers can have the best of both worlds
saudi arabian men lounge chat room [public] created by urboytoy101
this is for saudi arabian men only who wishes to find a special friend through flirting
i love mature female chat room [private] created by krishanu1
i like big boobs mom.i like big boobs mom.i like big booi like big i like big boobs mom.boobs mom.i like big boobs momi like big boobs mom..i like big boobs mom.i like big boobs mom.i like big boobs mom.i like big boobs mom.i like big boobs mom.i like big boobs mom.i like big boobs mom.i like big boobs mom.i like big boobs mom.i like big boobs mom.i like big boobs mom.
spearkerbox or thelovebelow chat room [private] created by jumpinjackseattle
private chat room private chat room private chat room
Yakima Wa lets hook up chat room [public] created by onenightonly33
BBW sick of being the good girl and want one night of being bad. Looking to hook up with a few guys for a wild night. Good guys only, come be bad with me!!!
korean naughty chat chat room [public] created by davo88
come in and chat with other koreans, whether your looking for a friend, relationship of just a fun fling
Hook Up In Mississippi chat room [public] created by ShaneCoats
Do Yew Live In Mississippi? Want To Meet Other People In The Area, Lookin Fer A One Night Stand? Well, This Is The Place! =]
Bi or lesbian girls chat room [public] created by BriBi14
just a chat room for girls to find the lesbian girlfriends or just chat lol
blah blah blah chat room [public] created by ThisUsernameisTaken
come here to talk about nothing in particular
Anthem College Online chat room [public] created by JamesParsons
This is a chat room for students and future students of Anthem College Online
frankyoo1 chat room [public] created by franky001
i am here to make you one of the happiest babe in the world, you will regret a minute without thinking about me. love is more than fun lets do it!
so dam bord chat room [private] created by ariana83
well here for friends....well what to chat and meet new people......
so waz sup chat room [public] created by ariana83
well here for friends....well what to chat and meet new people......
heyyyy come chill chat room [public] created by ariana83
well here for friends....well what to chat and meet new people......
sacchi dosti chat room [public] created by akramguru1
i am creating a platfrom where real friend can chat and share there things
lets chilll chat room [public] created by ariana83
sooo waz sup people im so nice i hate it when someone is mean tho soo stay on my nice side cause i can be a b****
rotto money makers chat room [public] created by ducky2009
the name says it all money making conversation only
freak nasty chat room [public] created by thick20redbone
some people are afraid to admit to their freaky side because some people are judge mental.well not here,so feel free to express ur self.only God can judge us.
love 468 chat room [public] created by sexygal6677
4 people that whant to find love
Girls looking for 3some chat room [public] created by coupley
any girl who's looking for a 3some with a couple on real life or webcam
Anything Chatroom chat room [public] created by Jessica0091
any one allowed and talk about anything
wetgirlsallforme chat room [public] created by RollinRock69
mjhzdvjhzbvjhdbv jkxcbk nkxjcvbnsdjkvnkjsd
gay under 20 years chat room [public] created by bertilsson
for gay guys under 20 years old.
drumrd chat room [private] created by drumrdavid
come, talk, get out.. dont like it?? stay out! no dirty crap unless asked!
Nosso Girau chat room [private] created by Humminbirb
Cantinho particular do encontro entre o colibri e sua amada orquidea!
Awesome chat room chat room [public] created by tj034
just a chat room what else do you think it is?
BURDWOW chat room [public] created by burdwow
Friend Talk chat room [public] created by GothicVixen35
Looking for good friends , chat here.
nicolesparks chat room [public] created by nicolesparks14
come to myroom then be secure ok
lokin for hot girls chat room [public] created by john156
s girls likin for hot girls here is it girls chat here with bys and have fun guys//////////
xXxX Emo Kids XxXx chat room [public] created by xXDemondsXx
this is just a room for emo kids who want to chat
Anime tavern chat room [public] created by Kenoki
A quaint little tavern on the outside of town. Owner Kenoki
female come to me chat room [private] created by velja73
female to fun come to me and i give you pleasure
cat lovers123 chat room [public] created by chinesegirl123
if your crazy about your cats and you just want to brag about them all day and answer question for people who do have cats but don't know very much about them then hers the room just for you b/c i know i love my kitty!
sillymouth4444 chat room [public] created by chinesegirl123
hey if you heard something or had something that was on your mind that you think is very funny then be free to say the funny feeling in youur head that you whould love to say with others who want to do the same. so laugh&be silly as much as you can
J.foX chat room chat room [public] created by vonfox117
I wanna talk to a sweet asian girl so if u are one feel free to join
texas2 chat room [public] created by vasqueznl10
rio grande valley tx chat n for friends and more
where gurls are everything to me chat room [public] created by diondre12089
like to have fun come to my room oiz
jeffhardy chat room [public] created by richdog1121
if u like wwe u sould chat in here
break up blues chat room [public] created by ocenseeker
for anyone who has had their heart broken,,, lets get through it together
vampire knight chat room [public] created by KanameKuransFiance
anyone who knows about vampire knight and loves only kaname kuran can chat!
bananas room chat room [public] created by banana123456
if u like bananas this is the right place to be
gay lovers chat room [public] created by weirdlove101
any gays that wanna talk to people
only single people chat room [public] created by michalbriggs
a guy looking for single ladies
real seexy room chat room [public] created by SexyGuy52
We discuss seexual topics ONLY. Anyone is welcome, and we may even get some role playing goin on.
Aussie Bi.Lez chat room [public] created by HotKient
australianz bi gay lez watever \\
sibling experiences chat room [public] created by meandsis
place to talk about real experiences between siblings
swat chat room [private] created by swat29
iam looking for dating those who are intrest call...........
Chat 12 years old chat room [public] created by bccocampo2
no disgusting thinggyy please...............................................
Safe Funds chat room [public] created by nwabuzorabiamuwe
Need help with handling your hacked stuff?????
Gaming chat room [public] created by HamburglarHunk
Talk about games, music, whatever really
people from iowa chat chat room [public] created by EmoSkatingGod
people from iowa to chat and meet people
looking for serious chat chat room [private] created by jervy20
looking for a serious chat and a true friend
wajahat chat room [private] created by raja93
this is a chat room for girls only
punkrocker2010 chat room [private] created by punkrocker2010
15yrs old.brown hair,brown geo and music.duhhhh!
hardcore room chat room [public] created by suckerg69
talk about anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Legions Of Chaos chat room [public] created by Chriskungfu
Enjoy chat please be respectful =3
mylord chat room [public] created by realcleety
i need a good female friend that will spen
Ana buddy chat room [public] created by twilight22102
Looking for a place to meet other pro-ana individuals and make some ana-buddies.. this is the place then.
H..O..R..N..E..Y chat room [public] created by balaclava1110
Where anything and everything goes!
young 13 or 14 or 15 chat room [public] created by prettynpnk14
have to be 13 or 14 or 15 and you can not be over 165 because i am only 14 so n nothing dirty but i have msn so...
eritrean chatting chat room [public] created by sawa23
eritreann people,,if you would likee 2 chat, here is a chat room made//availabe,4 you..!!!!
the hardys chat room [public] created by richdog1121
if u like wwe and u like the hardy boyz c hat here who knows i my find someone like u
haiti only chat room chat room [public] created by helphaiti
people from haiti join in help haiti
Pete chat room [public] created by Petereturns
Todos são bem vindos nessa sala!
Super Friends chat room [public] created by Pet007
Todos que querem conhecer novas pessoas, falar sobre arte, música, encontros, passeios, Todos Sejam bem vindos! =) Todos que queiram conhecer novas pessoas, falar sobre arte, música, encontros, passeios, todos são bem-vindos! =)
UH.... chat room [public] created by lizzieLuvsGir
ok fine! emo's arr welcome i guess. i kno how ywe feel. :))) I'm a person ywe can trust. but i dnt belife in labeling so yeeeeaaaa. i guess thats enough description.
Amigos and Friends chat room [public] created by Pet007
All are welcome! this is a space please avoid profanity and insults, okay?!
singles lookin for dirty fun chat room [public] created by crazytim91
This chat room is for any singles lookin for a amazing dirty chats with other singles
Bad People ONLY chat room [public] created by GuamBoy671kc
This is for Bad People ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rains chat room [public] created by MissMellow
This chat room is for anyone who wants to talk about without jugement. say what you want as long as it is not hurtful to anyone else. respect is required among all.
bi VIP lounge chat room [public] created by fallenangl
this is a place where bi people can hang and have friends and maybe relationships.
14-16 year old gay girls chat room [public] created by XxHalliegirlx
this is where gayscan get to know eachother and possibly date.
TRADE PICS 21 chat room [public] created by jessica1414
matures please chat room [public] created by ksea
Matures only for good chat,come on in have a good time. With someone mature like yourself.
young ppl love chat chat room [public] created by naiinaii
i know young ppl place is wack thts why i created one thts not come here if u wanna talk to ur lovers nd friends nd not feel intimidated!!!
bi gay or lez teens from north carolina chat room [public] created by fallenangel150
teens from north carolina thats looking for anotehr bi gay or lez
wwe chat and tna chat room [public] created by rougman992001
chat about wwe..tna..and who you think is the best in the ring.
Shinigami Clan chat room [private] created by thoma19
this is a chat for the members of Shinigami Clan on dino rpg the same rule apply here as they do in Shinigami Clan
baby bears room chat room [public] created by babybear13
fun meet ppl and do stuff u want like say any thing u want
nude pics by email chat room [public] created by jeremy5778
send each other pics and have fun
Meow Meow chat room [public] created by MewMewAngel
girls 18 to 20 only chat room [public] created by hotguy1212
its only girls 18 to 20 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Money slave and pay pigs chat room [public] created by dsflm
for all those pigs who want to pay me.
ill ppl chat room [public] created by cjhance12
this is only for people that live in Illinois!!!
teens who love older men chat room [public] created by youngandfresh
talk about some of the most intimate thoughts or actions with older men even hook up with them
PARA LOS CABRONES PUERTO RICO chat room [public] created by ELBiBON
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public chatroom chat room [public] created by kirtini
Crucifixion chat room [public] created by txgirl15
Room for teens who are interested in crucifixion
dirty n nasty chat chat room [public] created by horny8inch
for people who wanna talk dirty
gangsta natasha chat room [private] created by SEXiiNATASHA
im 16 bout to be 17 so yeah but i hate pplz that wanna start drama with me so yeah but it ok i u girls r hatin on me cuz im pretty
lookin for a fun time chat room [public] created by damassivelavid
come here to talk and have fun
lesbians and bis chat room [public] created by xxkaixx
coming out? meet people. talk about anything. just have fun
KILLABABY chat room [private] created by BiGLOVEOFKiLLA
All the other windows are 2 boring chat room [public] created by bassisbest777
other chat windows are boring lets start a new one thats exciting!
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